Greeting RSC Parents & Players,

Mike Clarquist and Steve Strieker have organized a winter indoor futsal soccer league.  For further explanation, please the following websites:

US Youth Fustal

Madison Futsal League

Czech Republic vs Spain

What is Futsal:

Futsal is the only "official form of indoor soccer" as approved by the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA).   Futsal is played all over the world, in over 100 countries, by 12 million players.   This is the game that outdoor soccer players around the globe play when they are indoors to refine and maintain their control skills and touch.  FIFA has made a commitment to promote and structure the sport of futsal globally, by means of competitions, courses and other proactive measures, and to encourage its members to do the same. Click here for more FIFA info on Futsal 

It is a small-sided game (4v4+GK) played on a smaller field (roughly basketball court sized) with a smaller (size 3-4) ball.


The hope is to keep as many of our RSC  traveling players active throughout the winter months as we can.  The more a player touches the ball, the better the player they will become. Giving the players opportunity to play year round will help RSC grow and become more competitive with teams in the Spring and Fall leagues. Steve and Mike ran the summer skills league with success and hope that our players take advantage of this opportunity during the winter months.  This league will be for the players that are already on a recreational or classic level team, ages 7-15. It goes without saying that this will be a lot of fun!  Some of the greatest players to ever play for national and professional teams started as a futsal player.  

“As a little boy in Argentina, I played futsal on the streets and for my club. It was tremendous fun, and it really helped me become who I am today"

 Lionel Messi

“During my childhood in Portugal, all we played was futsal. The small playing area helped me improve my close control, and whenever I played futsal I felt free. If it wasn't for futsal, I wouldn't be the player I am today."  

Cristiano Ronaldo

"I played futsal growing up. In futsal you need to think and play quick so it is easier for you when you move to outdoor soccer."  Pele

"For those who know the game and have coached it, futsal is infinitely better preparation for the outdoor game…futsal really does teach a higher level of skill than whacking the ball off the wall."

Hank Steinbrecher,  former Secretary General of U.S. Soccer


Sessions will be offered two days a week January into March.  We would like to make sure players have a small break between all soccer seasons.   Please make note that there is a need to switch nights and locations a few times. Please see details on the table below:

Calendar Dates,18 Sessions (Dates Tentative)

Session 1 - Sunday, January 5th

Session 2 - Tuesday, January 7th

Session 3 - Sunday, January 12th

Session 4 - Tuesday, January 14th

Session 5 - Sunday, January 19th

Session 6 - Tuesday, January 21st

Session 7 - Sunday, January 26th

Session 8 - Tuesday, January 28th

Session 9 - Sunday, February 2nd

Session 10 - Tuesday, February 4th

Session 11 - Sunday, February 9th

Session 12 - Tuesday, February 11th

Session 13 - Sunday, February 16th

Session 14 - Tuesday, February 18th

Session 15 - Sunday, February 23rd

Session 16 - Tuesday, February 25th

Session 17 - Sunday, March 2nd

Session 18 - Tuesday, March 5th

Tournament, Sunday March 9th (Possibility at this point).  Other clubs that are close by will be invited.

Registration & Fees:

Registration deadline is Friday, November 22nd and payment will be due the first session you attend. For this league to be possible, we need to rent the Parker Fieldhouse and Franklin Gymnasium as well as making some initial equipment purchases. The fee per player will be $75 dollars for 18sessions (2 per week) of play OR $50 for 9 sessions (1 per week). Even if you cannot make all the sessions, this is still a bargain. As a cost comparison, Madison futsal would cost around $100 for just eight sessions.  

Registration: Registration Link will be sent out soon.  Please fill the survey out ASAP.

Session Format

This will be a co-ed league with mixed teams each week. However, players will train and compete with players of similar soccer ability and age. The more players that are registered allows for greater flexibility when grouping players each week. Each session will be a mix of foot skill work & scrimmage games.  It goes without saying, the more players we get signed up the greater the chances of playing with same age groups.  

We plan on doing more of a practice session during the week with more games on the weekend.


The league will supply futsal balls and pinnies for the games, but players will need to wear a pair of sneakers or indoor soccer shoes (that do not get worn outside) and shin guards underneath socks. Players should bring their own soccer ball for skill work.  It is not required, but if you wish to purchase a futsal type ball is one place that you can find them.


Specific rules will be gone over the first week of play.  Here is a link of the rules from the USYF website for your convenience.  This Youtube video will also give you a good idea of how the game is played and what you can expect.

Contact Information:

Please direct any questions or concerns:

Mike Clarquist

Steve Strieker

RSC Futsal League