Vassal's Duty

Eight and a half Tails

Konda, Lord of Eiganjo

Takeno Samurai General

Masako the Humorless

Sensei Golden Tail

Rule of Law x2

Solar Tide

Leonin Abunas

Roar of Reclamation (foil)

Akroma's Vengeance x4

Sunweb x2 (7th)

Master Healer

Selfless Exorcist


Jareth, Leonine Titan x3


Sunstrike Legionnaire

Gustcloak Savior

Sigil of the New Dawn x2

Defender of the Order

Beacon of Destiny

Ancestor's Prophet

Force Bubble

Exiled Doomsayer

Trap Digger

Dimensional Breach

Eternal Dragon x4

Decree of Justice x3

Oracle's Attendant (8th)

Rolling Stone (8th)

Sacred Ground x2 (7th, 8th)

Blessed Reversal x3 (8th)

Blinding Angel (8th)

Leonin Shikari x3

Savannah Lions x4 (8th)

Auriok Steelshaper x3 (1 foil)

Second Sunrise x4

Loxodon Punisher x2

Essence Sliver


Jushi Apprentice/Tomoya the Revealer

Keiga the Tide Star

Time Stop

The Unspeakable

Vedalken Archmage x2

Lumengrid Augur


Cephalid Shrine

Pedantic Learning

Callous Oppressor

Blatant Thivery

Sage of Lat-Nam (8th)

Peer Pressure

Shifting Sky (8th)

Balance of Power (8th)

Mistform Skyreaver


Trade Routes (8th)

Coastal Piracy x2 (8th)

Mistform Ultimus


Day of the Dragon

Riptide Mangler (foil)

Parallel Thoughts

Broodstar x3

Chromescale Drake

Temporal Cascade


Iname, Death Aspect

Myojin of Night's Reach


Kuro, Pitlord

He Who Hungers

Grim Reminder x2 (1 foil)

Endless Whispers

Aether Snap

Greater Harvester

Death Cloud

Warped Devotion (8th)

Words of Waste

Havoc Demon x3

Fallen Angel (set symbol is a mace)

Greed (7th)

Chainer, Dementia MAster

Nantuko Shade

Balthor the Defiled

Call to the Grave x2

Strongarm Tactics x2

Endemic Plague

Gangrenous Goliath

Drinker of Sorrow

Oppression (7th)

Scion of Darkness

Visara the Dreadful

Gravespawn Soverign

Head Games

Phage the Untouchable (foil Legions)

Doomed Necromancer

Final Punishment

Western Paladin (8th)

Grave Pact x2 (8th)

Phyrexian Arena

Lord of the Dead x4 (1 8th, 3 Planeshift)

Underworld Dreams

Toxin Sliver x4

Oversold Cemetary x3

Dross Harvester x2

Seizan, Perverter Of Truth


Soul Blast

Myojin of Infinite Rage

Ben-Ben Akki Hermit x3

Zo-Zu the Punisher x2

Tide of War

Mass Hysteria

Fiery Gambit

Megatog x2

Savage Firecat x4

Ion Storm

Furnace Dragon

Bringer of the Red Dawn

Clickslither x3

Pulse of the Forge x2

Trained Orgg x2 (7th)


Sulfuric Vortex

Seismic Assault

Goblin King (7th)

Mana Clash x3 (2 7th, 1 8th)

Risky Move

Aggravated Assault x2

Unstable Hulk

Dragon Mage x2

Inferno (8th)

Bloodshot Cyclops (8th)

Okk (8th)

Hammer of Bogardan x2 (8th 1 foil)

Rockshard Elemental

Magma Sliver

Furance of Rath x2

Two-Headed Dragon

Planeswalker's Fury


Molder Slug x2

Kodama of the South Tree

Kodama of the North Tree

Budoka the Gardener/Dokai Weaver of Life

Jugan the Rising Star

Iname Life Aspect

Glimpse of Nature

Troll Ascetic

Bringer of the Green Dawn

Ageless Entity x4

Copperhoof Vorrac

Silvos, Rogue Elemental x6

Hum of the Radix

Feral Throwback x2

Squirrell Wrangler

Elder Druid (7th)

Ancient Silverback (7th)

Ivy Elemental

Seton, Krosan Protector

Krosan Colossus

Phantom Nantuko x2

Krosan Cloudscraper

Stag Beetle

Vexing Beetle

Primal Whisperer

Primative Echings

Thorn Elemental

Emperor Crocodile

Rhox x3 (2 8th, 1 foil with axe as symbol)

Animal Magnetism x2

Living Hive x4

Plated Slagwurm x3

Seedborn Muse x4

Fangren Firstborn x4 (1 foil)

Viridian Zealot x4

All Sun's Dawn


Darigaaz the Igniter

Mystic Enforcer

Reckless Assault


Wooded Foothills x3

Untaidake, the Cloud Keeper

Shinka, the Bloodsoaked Keep

Riptide Laboratory


Soul Foundry x4

Oathkeeper, Takeno's Daisho x2

Long-Forgotten Gohei

Tatsumasa, the Dragon's Fang

Shell of the Last Kappa

Tangleroot x2

Psychoghenic Probe

Krark's Thumb

Mesmeric Orb


Shield of Kaldra

Sword of Kaldra

Sculpting Steel

Culling Scales

Tower of Murmurs

Tower of Champions

Tower of Eons

Nightmare Lash

Leonin Sunstandard x2

Timesifter (foil)

Mind's Eye

Blinkmoth Urn

Proteus Staff

Clockwork Dragon x4

Pentavus x3

Leveler x2

Lodestone Myr

Door to Nothingness

Doubling Cube

Silent Arbiter


Gemini Engine x4

Serum Powder

Sword of Light and Shadow x2

Sword of Fire and Ice


Lich's Tomb

Darksteel Forge

Well of Lost Dreams


Dream Chisel


Distorting Lens

Howling Mine

Teferi's Puzzle Box

Cryptic Gateway x4


Nagao, Bound by Honor


Blind Creeper

Spinal Parasite


Krosan Avenger

Ark of Blight

Long-Term Plans

Fierce Empath

Sage Aven

Haunted Cadaver


Solar Blast

Lay Waste

Treespring Lorian

Wirewood Elf

Cloudreach Cavalry

Whipgrass Entangler

Skirk Drill Sergeant

Alpha Status

Guilty Conscience

Tribal Unity

Hishoka's Defiance

Ashen Skin Zubera

Devouring Rage

Harsh Deceiver

Lumengrid Sentinel

Lone Wolf

Vulshok Sorcerer

Blinkmoth Well

Goblin Striker


Opaline Bracers

Elvish Lyrist


Akki Coalflinger

Kami of the Waning Moon

Yambushi's Storm

Eye of Nowhere

Moss Kami

Daru Encampment


Swamp (7th)

Swamp (Champions of Kamigawa)

Swamp (Onslaught x4)

Mountain (Onslaught)

Mountain (Mirrodin)

Island (Onslaught)

Island (Mercadian Masques)

Forest (7th x2)


Skullclamp x4 (uncommon)

Ornithopter x4 (uncommon)

Shrapnel Blast

Lightning Bolt x5

Samurai of the Pale Curtain x4