“Animation Sensation” Season Two

                                      Are you the next Animation Sensation?


James Herd/SaigoSentinel

Kyle Wright/Blueman39

Note from the Hosts:

                We were intrigued by the finale of Season one. Not only did we do something impulsive and allow a three-person finale, but the final three were extremely talented and their potential is limitless. For those who did not pay attention to season one, the final three were TheatreBound31, AudreyGoLightly13, and Nori Elle, who emerged the victor. We anticipate the competition this time around, and we expect an even more exciting outcome of it. We hope you will all consider auditioning!

Audition Guidelines:

                Auditions have not changed much since season one. Simply record a 30 second – 1 minute ACAPELLA snippet of a song from any animated feature ever. This includes Disney, Anime, etc. When finished, we ask that you send the .MP3 file to us @ AnimationSensation@Live.com

                We will record an audition episode after every Five (5) auditions we receive. We will be accepting a minimum of 12 participants, and a maximum of 21. The auditions will close once we achieve a number of participants in between the two guidelines mentioned above.

Exceptions to Audition:

                To award the winner of Animation Sensation Season One, Nori Elle, we will be awarding audition immunity to her in the case that she wishes to take part. That being said, we will not show any bias whatsoever towards her if she does choose to compete.

Themes and Immunities

                For those who do not remember season one, this is the basic outline of the show. Each week, those who are accepted past auditions will struggle to stay in the rankings. The different themes paired with each week will need to be abided by in order for our judging to be most accurate. We will provide you with any resources you may need (such as song examples for the most difficult themes), and the rest will be up to you. Immunity rounds are OPTIONAL, and can only help you. They CANNOT hurt you. If you decide to take part in the Immunity Challenge, you stand a chance of becoming immune from elimination for that week’s round ONLY.

So what are the Themes this time around, you ask?

Round One – Competitors Choice

                A Classic; Competitors will be asked to sing a song from any animated feature, WITH music.

                Round Two Immunity – My Little Pony Songs

                            A returning contender from Season One; Competitors will be asked to sing a song from the TV show: “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic”.

Round Two – Childhood Nostalgia

                A similar theme, with a different name; Competitors will be asked to sing a song from any cartoon show that AIRED on TV in the 1990s.

                Round Three Immunity – Born in the Cartoon World

                            A new round; Competitors will be asked to sing a song from a cartoon show that AIRED ON TELEVISION IN THE YEAR IN WHICH YOU WERE BORN.

Round Three – Feature Length Mayhem

                Competitors will be asked to sing a song from any Animated Film that was featured on the Big Screen (in Theatres). This includes Disney (NOT Straight-to-DVD films), Warner Brothers Animated Films, and/but not limited to, Nickelodeon/Cartoon Network films.

                Round Four Immunity – Animate Yourselves!

                            Similar to Competitor’s Choice, choose any cartoon song you want, your goal is to go as crazy and fun as you possibly can. Don’t hold anything back whatsoever! Be a Cartoon Character!!

Round Four – Electro-Static in our Veins

                Competitors will be asked to sing a song from any Video Game. This includes songs that do not originally have lyrics, if you wish to write some for said song.

                Round Five Immunity – Subtitles Required (Reversal)

                            Practically a reversal of Round Five; Competitors will be asked to sing a cartoon song in any language but English.

Round Five – Japan, or Bust!

                Competitors will be asked to sing a song that has been featured as the Opening, Ending, or Insert song to any Anime title. This includes Anime Movies as well as TV series and Original Video Animations.

                Round Six Immunity – Enough Auto tune!!

                            Competitors will be asked to sing a Schmoyoho Song (Auto tune the News/Songify this/Songify the News) in A Cappella styling.

Round Six – Disney Duets

                Another familiar round for those who paid attention to season one; Competitors will be asked to pair up into teams and compose a duet from any Disney Movie or TV show. The song does not originally have to BE a duet, but you must script it so you both have equal time to sing.

                Round Seven Immunity – Three Commercial Jingles Acappella One Take

                            Competitors will be asked to create a medley of three (3) Classic Commercial Jingles and sing them A Cappella, ONE TAKE ONLY.

Round Seven – Internet Sensations

                We’re bringing back another popular round from season one! Internet Sensations! Competitors will be asked to sing a song from any Internet production, be it visual or audial. Thorough examples will be given when the time comes.

Round Eight – Judges’ Choice

                Competitors will be given a choice of song from each judge, and they will be responsible for choosing which song they would like to perform and singing it. More information will be given as we get closer to the time.

A Closing Note from the Hosts

                We are overjoyed that you are considering auditioning for our show. We enjoyed season one because of it’s unbelievable outcome, and we anticipate that season two will be the same. If you have any questions regarding the competition or such, please feel free to shoot an email over to AnimationSensation@Live.com and we’ll do our best to respond in a timely manner. Thank you and we hope to hear from you soon.


Saigo and Blueman39