“Needs Attention” Meeting 01/26/12

Agenda: As undergraduate and graduate students, establish long term and immediate goals for actions and outreach.

Outcome: We established some immediate goals/plans for action, they are detailed below. We also established a timeline for the near future!


Ongoing~ Get information from students in Humanities and Needs Attention depts at other UCs

Ongoing~ Outreach and smaller actions

02/01~ A public performance will be staged details TBA

02/02~ Draft of a student letter aimed at the Humanities, Dean, Provost, Admin, etc. posted on FB

02/04~ Your feedback on the letter is due!

02/07-02/09~ T-shirt Painting Party accompanied by outreach and possibly a performance!

Immediate Goals/Plans:

1) Info from Other UCs

2) Letter

3) T-Shirts and T-Shirt Party

4) Teach Ins and Outreach

1. Get information from Students at Other UCs

To Do:

Purpose: Network , compare notes and experiences so far, and maybe establish a foundation for collaborative actions/protests/activities/etc. This will help us with consciousness raising at our campus and others.

2. Letter Addressed to the Dean of the Humanities, Provost, etc.

Letter Team: Alexander, Earl, Jennifer, and Cameron.

02/02~ First Draft to be posted on FB

02/04~ Comments Due. What does this mean? We want your feedback on the information presented in the letter, what else we should include, general ethos, etc.

What will this letter include? It is still in process. We want to present our demands and expectations and ensure that they know we are serious about following this letter up with concrete actions (protests, etc.).

Some demands/concerns that were mentioned at the meeting: budget transparency (we want access to “the big spreadsheet”); more classes less construction; concern over competence of those assessing “Needs Attention” departments; reduce overhead of admins; return funding to the Critical Theory Institute; put cap on sections; more foreign language options; tell them to recruit from community colleges…emphasize concrete and meaningful things that reflect everyday life.

3. a) T-Shirts b)T-Shirt Stenciling Party

a) T-Shirts

The idea is for all of us to wear a tshirt with a unifying message on the front on a certain day during the week. We can also wear them when we do outreach and other activities.

The design, as it was imagined at the meeting, will be simple. The front will say “NEEDS ATTENTION” and the back ???

Other ideas brought up: pinning a piece of paper to your clothes relating your experience to the public.

b) T-Shirt Stencil Painting Party Extravaganza

4. Outreach! Spread information, network, reclaim the public space of this university, build towards larger actions in the next few months (and have fun?).

Ideas presented at the meeting:

Come to the next meeting and bring a friend! Build towards March and May activities!