SUNY Cortland

EDU 255

 Verbal Transcription of Lab

To Class: Alright if we could all come over here on the grass please.

To Rob: Rob if you would ..all come

To Class: 

-Just bring it in a little more

-Wait for the class

-Alright so my names Miss Lynch and today when you um hear my voice I want everyone to stop what they’re doing and listen for further directions which means I want mouth closed ears open, see my little dog mouth closed ears open.

-So who here has played basketball or football?

-Alright that’s everybody in the class

-Um one of the main components of basket and football is you have to be able to move so pretty much the running game and that’s the same in ultimate Frisbee.

-So today we are going to do a little drill that I call the line drill. And it’s going to get you to catch on the run and its going to get the person throwing to throw to someone on the run.

- So um that’s what we’re going to be doing today. So if I could have someone help me for a demonstration.

-Rob okay

-So actually I need a Frisbee …okay thank you (To whomever handed me a frisbee)

To Rob: so do you want to be the thrower for me?

To Class: 

-Okay so were going to have three stations, three stations of five people each with one throwing at the time

-So the thrower is going to be at the cone, so robs there and um the catcher which is me is going to come out.. take three to five steps fake come back and robs going to throw it on the run.

-Does that make sense to everyone? Okay

-So um what I don’t want to see is I don’t want the runner to have to stop because of the frisbee, I  really want you to really get this on the run

-Um if your catching the frisbee on the run you can fake and get down the field do what you have to do.

-So the groups I already have that set up for you guys is group one at the orange cone: Mark Tj  Laura Ryan and Anthony .

-And if one of your guys could grab a Frisbee on your way over please?

-The Second cone over here we have: Nick Holly Jen Greg and Rob

 -And the Pink cone : Ben Nicole Kevin Andy and Jermey

-So um Lets be very cautious today about everybody around you because we will be throwing on the run.

-And once everyone is out here we only want one thrower and everybody else out here

-So could we have.. Only one thrower over there we need everyone else out here

-Alright so once you catch you become the thrower then the thrower goes to the back of the line so it’s a little cycle or circle.

-So get started.

To Rob: Nice job rob, good throw.

To Anthony: Good job Anthony! You really sold that.

To Jen: is alright Jen you just want your arm to stay straight, point to your target.

To Ryan: You just want to get that a little more outside so he can catch that on the run

To Class: 

-Okay so for 30 seconds let’s see how many you can catch with you group-So let’s get threw this fast

To Andy: Nice job Andy

To Ben: That’s a nice throw out in front of him.

To Professor Yang: Okay, im actually just going to bring them in

To Class: 

-Okay um if we could have everyone come in now

-Okay so sorry about the spacing that was my fault and next time we should spread out so were not hitting each other.

-But other than that we did a really good job today getting the frisbee in front of um the person your passing to so um other than that good job today and I’ll see you next class.

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