Part Two;


"My wings are frozen!" lamented Rainbow Dash.

"My HAIR is frozen!" lamented Rarity.

"Pbbhtttpth!" lamented Pinkie Pie behind a numb tongue.

They were getting very high on the mountain now, they would soon reach the summit, and their goal.

"Come on everypony, this was an order straight from the princess, like the dragon. We can handle a little cold right?" Twilight sparkle said between grunts, having difficulty walking against the biting wind.

"MY WINGS ARE FROZEN!" re-asserted Rainbow Dash, a particularly devastating circumstance for such a skilled flyer.

"If princess celestia came all the way from canterlot to give us orders face-to-face, you KNOW it's important! just a little longer girls!" Twilight attempted to console her not-so-merry band. It didn't work very well.

"Well, um, maybe we should...stop?"

The group turned to look at fluttershy, waiting for the rest of this intriguing plan.

"For a little while, anyway...my wings are frozen too."

It was true, her normally pastel wings had mixed with a light blue shade, making a sickly pale green.

"Like i said, we'll stop at the top, and make a BIIG fire." Twilight responded, turning forward again.

The rest of them remained silent for a while, the cold was suppressing their respective cheerful outlooks, and it was obvious Twilight wasn't going to listen to reason.

Thankfully Twilight didn't need to repeat her consolations, for just as she herself was about to collapse, she came over a snow bank and saw....it..

She froze, the rest of the group bumping into her backside one by one as they snapped back to reality.

"Ouch, what in t-t-t-arnation t-t-t-wilight?" came the now-chattering southern drawl of Applejack.

Twilight merely pointed forward with her hoof, every other pony followed her gaze.

It could only be described as pulsating sphere of pure light. Its surface ebbed and flowed like a pond with windy ripples sailing across it. small tendrils of energy lazily crawled off its surface, only to loop back again after a few seconds. It simultaneously showed signs of both stability and chaos.

"What the heck is THAT?" The pastel blue pony would normally have flown over to the object to get a full look from all sides, if she had been able to move her wings.

"I have absolutely no idea" breathed Twilight. This was unexpected, from the reports she had thought the light was some old relic or maybe a mythical creature in a state of distress, she didn't even understand what this was.

They all approached the orb, spreading around it. As a small comfort it seemed to radiate heat.

"Ah! this is nice" said Rarity, rotating in place to warm her frigid flanks.

"And it's...humid?" Flutteryshy was right. The orb wasn't radiating warmth, it was blowing warm humid air, and strange smells.

"It smells almost like Everfree..." Twilight commented. "But more...primal?"

At that moment, Fluttershy screamed and jumped backwards. "There's s-s-something in there!"

She was right.

Hazy figures were just visible through the orb's surface. Six of them, oddly enough. Their silhouettes were fundamentally unfamiliar in form.

"Hold your ground everypony" Twilight said with authority "Whatever it...THEY are, we need to be ready.”

One of the shadowy figures grew larger within the orb, and eventually..stepped through it? Twilight hadn't expected this either. The orb rippled in response as a menacingly clawed foot appeared from its surface, extending outward and planting itself uncertainly on the snowy ground.

Suddenly, there in the whiteness and drifting snow, was a large scaly creature. It stood on its hind legs, but had two small arms, three fingered hands with sharp talons. It seemed to have a tail, not really dragging behind but almost assisting in balance. Its...head? Was elongated, with a regressed lower jaw, allowing a few razor-sharp teeth to poke downwards from the upper jaw. Its eyes were set far back, and had pupils like a cat, slits set into a sky-blue iris. Its scales were a deep crimson hue.

Twilight was reminded of a dragon, but this was so much different.

None of the ponies spoke a word, most of them were frozen in fear of this strange creature who stood several hooves higher than them.

Well, most of them except Pinkie Pie anyway.

"Hi! what's your name? I'm Pinkie Pie!" She beamed warmly at the bizarre creature.

It, what could only have been described as a big lizard, looked down at the strange creature before him. A pink furry four legged thing with huge eyes and frilly hair. It placed its claws onto it's....hips? and spoke with a young but raspy voice, like a snarl made into words.

“Gark, lugr tracks, cur’tin!”

Words alright, but they meant nothing. Not knowing if the strange creature was describing a scrumptious cupcake recipe or making a death decree, the ponies were understandably concerned. Concerned in this case equating to utter terror.

This terror turned to determination when the lizard-like creature stretched one of its sharp-tipped claws towards pinkie pie. Rainbow dash sprang into action.

“Get away from her!” said the little blue streak as it placed itself in between the two. The lizard retracted its claw, some familiar emotions playing across its face, confusion? Twilight had a powerful spell ready to fire had the monster attempted to harm Pinkie Pie, but she faltered upon seeing its confusion. Was it...trying to reach out to them?

“Gur, alyic rut mair’q” came a second raspy voice from just behind it, the nonsensical words had a tone reminiscent of sarcasm.

A large lumbering creature, similar to its other but reconfigured to crawl on the ground on all fours, stepped through the orb. This one was larger in body mass, but not quite as tall. Its most distinctive feature was what looked like the upper half of an overturned bowl sitting behind its head, and three large horns spaced around its face.This ones scales were also a strange color, a faded steel blue.

“Hayit gur railt’gan, ultrois nagat” It spoke again, an upward inflection at the end of its sentence, indicating a question. The structure was strangely similar, but the words alien.

Rainbow dash had an extremely determined look, trying to give equal attention to the new aggressor, keeping herself forward of the curious Pinkie Pie at all times.

“Wait, i think i have a spell that can....” Said Twilight as her horn began to glow.

Her eyes closed and her face contorted in strain and concentration as her magical spire grew brighter. The two lizards as well as the ponies were staring intently at it.

The small snowy alcove was wrapped in a faintly glowing green mist, tendrils of energy enveloped each of them in turn.

The more upright of the two lizards shot a backwards glance at Twilight, gesturing to her while addressing his more earth-oriented ally.

“Utrin gar ruloin i think reaqu’ni.”

The three horned one gave him a confused look before speaking slowly back.

“Hruin-gut what urjoi word  gur just’l said.”

He raised a massive forelimb to cover his mouth in surprise. He lowered it a few moments later and spoke very slowly, almost examining each syllable.


“HA! told you it was some kind of translation mumbo jumbo” said the taller one, giving something similar to a chuckle.

“Well that thoroughly demolished the language barrier don’t you think?” The three horned lizard’s hard snarls and clicks were fading away, replaced with tones and annunciations more familiar to the ponies’ ears.

“neat-o spell twilight! I’ll play ambassador!” Pinkie pie bounded over Rainbow dash as if she was was playing leapfrog, and poised herself in a cartoonishly proper fashion, one hoof upon her chest in a proud stance.

“Greetings! I, Pinkie-pie, represent ponies everywhere in saying, ‘hi there!’”

“Pinkie-pie? what kind of dumb name is that?” The crimson lizard responded.

“Tracks, would you please be quiet? adults are talking.” Its dismissive tone was quite cutting.

His crimson ally gave a “humph”, crossing his arms and looking elsewhere with a scowl.

“Before we were so rudely interrupted by our difference in language, i believe i was about to greet you all as well. whatever in Pangeus’ name you are.”

“We’re ponies!” Pinkie pie beamed.

“Poh...Poh-kneeeeees” His lizardly lips, or lack thereof, strained to pronounce this word alien to his tongue. He had particular trouble with the ‘P’s.

“Ponies!” Pinkie pie repeated, apparently eager to bridge the culture gap.

The rest of the ponies weren’t quite so forthcoming. Rainbow dash didn’t look quite as menacing, but was still giving distrustful glares at each of the monstrous beasts in turn.

Flutteryshy was slowly backing away.

Rarity and applejack were holding eachother, trembling. Partially due to the horrific cold, and partially due to two sharp-clawed sharp-horned lizards towering over them.

Twilight sparkle had been hanging on every word the lizards spoke, gauging their tone, their mannerisms, their gestures. She was looking for any indication of hostility, but found none.

"Ponies. I don't think i've ever encountered a specimen like this"

The two-legged lizard rolled his eyes.

"Retcai, you always ferning say that, you never come across a 'specimen' you've seen do you?"

"Well maybe I'm not inclined to announce it to the world whenever i see something i already know about! OH LOOK, A TREE, HEY A ROCK, SNOW! HOW MAGNIFICENT"

This launched into a bickering war of sorts. Their large forms flailing wildly as they flew alien insults at eachother, their bizarrely structured faces contorted in disgust. The ponies weren't sure what to do, Pinkie Pie simply giggled.

Amidst the chaos, two more lizards emerged from the, what could only be described this point as a portal.

The first was quite small, comparable to the ponies themselves, and stood on two legs like the first lizard. His teeth were still visible, but not quite as prominent or menacing. His scales were a muddy green and eyes a brilliant yellow. The second was similar to the three horned beast, but located closer to the ground with a much smaller head and what seemed to be a single, massive, spiny fin reaching high above its main body and running all the way down his back. Cyan was his hide, with brilliant maroon bands running the length of his fleshy sail.

"Hey these fuzzy four legged things seem prett-OH BY AGRICA THIS IS COLD. HOO BOY, OH DEAR" the smaller dinosaur began zipping around at high speeds while rubbing his small hands together in a futile attempt to warm his tiny self. Pinkie Pie continued to giggle.

"Hey guys, we're all friends here, why don't we all just calm on down?" the finned monstrosity spoke with a lazy slur, an accent unrecognized by the ponies. It seemed the translation spell was complex enough to discern accents across languages, but didn’t attempt to adapt them to more familiar to the ponies. The ponies were too frightened to interject anyway. Even the fearless texan Applejack was shaking in her shoes while holding onto an equally terrified Rarity. Rainbow dash had heightened her aggression with the inclusion of two additional monsters. Twilight was still looking for any sign of malicious intent. Fluttershy meanwhile was slowly backing away while shaking uncontrollably. "They look......like d-dragons!" she thought, unable to summon the strength to make even a squeak. One dragon breathing smoke over the entire land of Equestria had been enough.

The portal glowed again, and this time seemed to bulge. a large leg passed through it, very large. A massive, deep green scaled form crossed the threshold, towering many hooves over his fellow lizards, and dwarfing the ponies. The unmistakable form of a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

This was too much for poor Fluttershy. She had run out of snow to back up onto. She missed a step, slipped, and fell. Her wings would not respond. All she could manage was a muffled yell as she tumbled off the cliff.

Rainbow dash’s ears perked up instantly at the muffled yelp coming from the cliff edge. "FLUTTERYSHY!" Yelled Rainbow Dash, spinning around, and with reckless abandon attempted to will her wings into action, but they wouldn't budge.

"FLUTTERYSHYYY!" She yelled with all her breath, there was nothing that could be done for her friend.

Well, nothing SHE could do anyway.

"I got it" came a raspy but quiet and calm voice from Rainbow Dash's right. She turned to be blasted in the face by a huge gust of wind and snow.

Massive, muted orange, leathery wings spread wide, attached to a small body and a pointed elongated head. Rainbow Dash caught only a glimpse before the...flying lizard? rocketed off the cliff and sent huge billows of snow drift after him before tightening his wings and plummeting downward.

The ponies raced over to the cliff edge and peered over it, anxiously watching the swirling snow for any sing of their beloved friend.

The colorful arrangement of small animal rumps aligned along the cliff would have been amusing under other circumstances.

The lizards had taken notice of these events through their bickering, but simply stood there unfeeling. They knew their winged companion would be fine. They had come to respect and even admire his incredible flying skill, even if he never spoke more than three words at a time.

And as expected, moments later, the snow violently parted as a blur flew upwards and came to a stop just over the ponies. It dropped Fluttershy on top of them with a thud. With one beat of his massive orange wings he had rejoined his comrades near the portal opening. He looked away suddenly, blocking part of his face and brilliant green eyes.

Fluttershy! Are you alright!? The trio of applejack, rarity, and rainbow dash seemed to say in unison. "I'm fine" she said quietly, still quite shaken.

Pinkie Pie had stopped giggling only to panic over Fluttershy's close call, but had resumed once the smallest lizard had her draped over his back like a large pelt. "H-h-hope you d-d-d-ont mind pink furry thing, it's s-so c-c-c-cold!". The chattering of his menacing teeth didn’t seem to phase the jubilant pinkie pie in the slightest. "Not a problem Mr. Scaleybutt!"

Twilight stepped forward. Confident that these lizards had no mal-intention, she attempted to strike up relations in a more.....official way than pinkie pie had.

"Greetings, um, lizard-things" She wasn't in the mood for making up names.

"We have been sent on behalf of our princess, Celestia, to investigate the object behind you. Since you passed through it, can you tell us anything about it?"

The three horned one blinked.

"But, we were sent by king Tine to do exactly the same thing, do YOU know what that portal is for? In truth i had no idea it was a portal until Tracks here bounded through it like a buffoon”

“what? it looked like a magic doorway or something.” Shot back the crimson lizard indignantly.

“Regardless, it was a reckless decision, but at least he confirmed my suspicions....”

"Oh and we're called Dinosaurs by the w-w-way" quipped the small one, not quite yet warmed up by the giggling pink shawl. Apparently her incessant snickers were very exothermic.

"Very well then, um, die-no-sores, like i said we're also here to investigate the...what did you call it, portal? Since you seem to have some idea about what it is, care to share?" Twilight was doing her best to scry what little information she could from these very strange creatures.

"Wellll", the three horn was settling into his element; “I have one prominent hypothesis".

"That thing we came through is a doorway, perhaps through space, time, or both"

"This might confirm a passing thought I've been having, of entire other worlds similar to ours, existing simultaneously in a different space. I call the concept a Parallel plane."

"A pair-a-what?" Applejack questioned, overcoming her anxiety only by her greater confusion.

"A parallel plane, a separate place different, but not entirely so."

Applejack continued to stare, confused.

"Oh great, we've discovered a race of plebeians"

"Pleeb-a-what?" Applejack might as well have been lost at sea.

"well, i think they're kind of cute" Came a quiet voice from overhead.

the colorful cast turned to look up at the towering green structure which had caused Fluttershy's fall.

The beast stepped softly through the snow towards fluttershy. Of course stepping softly in his case was equivalent to a garbage truck passing instead of a train.

Rainbow Dash almost sprinted to put herself between fluttershy and this strange monster, interpreting this as another act of aggression,  but she stopped when he leaned down and...

Patted her on the head.

in and instant Fluttershy's abject terror had changed to her trademarked warm smile. The T-rex smiled back, even if smiling in this case seemed more like he was preparing to eat her, and even if his claw was large enough to encompass most of her cranium.

Even Rarity, long silent and fearful, seemed to be warming up to the scaly monstrosities.

"well, I think the fin on that one is magnificent!" She said, referencing the fourth dinosaur to have appeared through the portal.

"aww sweet! she digs my sail!" the cyan Dimetrodon rustled it in pride and smiled.

"Hey, prince-o, no time to pet the....what exactly are they, Retcai?" the crimson lizard was addressing the three-horned one by name, apparently.

"Wellllll", again in his element.

“They have fur, and seem to be able to generate their own body heat, as evidenced by that pink one" Pinkie Pie beamed at being referenced.

"Four legs, two eyes and prominent ears, what SEEMS to be a snout..." His slit-pupiled eyes were darting around slightly, as if sorting a massive mental filing cabinet.

"They're almost like, oh what was the term, mammals?"

"Mammals? you mean those little fuzzy things we used to eat?" the Velociraptor quipped, unaware of the implications of this statement, given the individuals present.

The ponies huddled together again in apprehension.

"yes, but these ones are, more advanced? I can't really be sure, none of this makes any sense, all i have are guesses and questions. Why would a parallel plane have animals, let alone animals like ones in our world. Why is that portal there, and so stable?  We'll need to examine them better."

"Well, that's what we're here for aren't we?" The green tower had spoken again, and ceased patting the pastel yellow mammal on the head. “We have orders after all...”

The crimson raptor turned to what he assumed was the leader of these strange creatures, the purple one, and again held out his claw in a welcoming gesture, this time not interrupted by the blue one.

"Hold on a moment" Twilight said, holding up her hoof.

"Huddle, girls."

They all locked put their hooves over their adjacent shoulders in a circle, pressing their noggins together as if to share information by skull contact.

Fluttershy gave her opinion first.

"Well, i think they're nice."

"Indeed they seem to be growing on me" Rarity said, referencing the dinosaur's myriad alien physical attributes as if they were avant-garde fashion statements.

“I’m still not sure i trust them....” Rainbow dash was still somewhat perturbed by those menacing claws and teeth. Nothing that well armed would have benevolent intentions, right?

"Well, i reckon they want us to go with em', assumin' they're all like these fellers it wouldn't be too bad a plan?" Applejack raised a good point.

These giant lizards, these dinosaurs, seemed almost approachable.

They needed to fully investigate this phenomenon anyway, what could be the harm in a little ambassadorship?

"It's decided then" Twilight said, breaking the huddle.

"Dinosaurs, we will accompany you to your leader."

A single word and a grin from the crimson one; "Great!"

In an instant the six ponies were snatched up and tossed onto the backs of the various dinosaurs. Twilight was surprised to notice their scales had a strange softness to them, similar to that of a snake. They were not heavily armored like dragons. Rainbow Dash seemed to have gotten the short end of the stick, and was snatched up in the talon-like manipulators of the great leather winged one.

"I can fly well enough on my own! Darnit!" This was of course a lie, but her stubborn nature wouldn't allow such a disgrace.

The Pterosaur simply said "sure", and ignored her further objections.

The crossing of the threshold was the strangest sensation Twilight had ever felt. Her teleportation magic was the closest it could be equated too, but far more extreme in this case. She felt like she was being pulled through a straw, her legs were elongating, her skull compressing into an oval. It was a blessing that the transition only took a fraction of a second, but even then it unnerved her enough to make her shut her eyes in discomfort.


Pinkie Pie's wonder snapped Twilight out of the inter-dimensional haze. They had crossed over into a land that could only be described as fantastical. Riding on the two legged lizard's back, tracks was it? Her view was greatly hampered by the severe up and down motion, but that wasn't able to obscure the truly awesome view ahead of her.

It was as if the Everfree forest had grown over the entire land, and become even more wild. From the top of a mountain they descended quickly, Twilight able to absorb the full landscape before they passed into the deep jungle at the base.

"The capital is a decent ways away, I'd suggest you get comfortable purple-mammal-thing" Said her strange crimson steed.

"My name's Twilight" she said a little indignantly.


Fluttershy was having an absolute field day. She had never seen anything like these plants or animals which now surrounded her and overloaded her senses. Birds, some huge, some tiny, of every color imaginable. Small rodents, but with strange shapes and coats. Trees, but wild and totally untamed, vines branching all throughout them.

"It's beautiful" she exhaled.

"Oh, it's not much.." said her giant green carriage of a transport.

"But it is! I wish i could stop and smell some of the flowers, talk with those birds, everything!"

"We, um, don't have time for that". His tone was somewhat bashful, he had never thought of the great jungles as anything more than a medium which lay between destinations.

Rainbow dash continued to struggle in the iron grip of her pseudo-captor. "Let me go you big bat! My wings are warm enough now!" This time it was not a lie.

"Bat?", only one word escaped his beak, questioning this foreign concept.

He decided the little blue thing was more trouble in his claws than out of them, so he let her go quite suddenly. Dash didn't mind much, and instantly regained her cocky composure.


She flew ahead of the group, the three-horned Triceratops took notice of this and yelled after her, cautioning.

"I would stick to the path if i were you."

"Path? psht, who needs a p-"

She was cut short by a thud when she collided with an arrant branch sticking above the treeline. She decided to just be patient and take a break on one of the dinosaur’s backs...for now. Her crossed and rolling eyes surely had nothing to do with that decision.

Meanwhile, the greenish, smallest dinosaur had snuck up behind his cyan scaled comrade, unnoticed. He reached out with a tiny claw and dared to feel the perfectly preserved tail of Rarity, who was sitting contentedly admiring the bizarre, veiny fin of her transporter.

"eep!" She yelled, yanking her tail out of the way while spinning around to look at the assailant. The small dinosaur retracted his claw in surprise, and quickly apologized. "I'm sorry! It just looks so pretty....."

"Oh! It seems these lizards have an eye for quality. Here you go, little fashion expert.." She offered her tail again for examination with a haughty smirk. The little dinosaur obliged gleefully, running his tiny Compsognathus claws through her tail. Her perfect perm was being slowly dismantled, but her pride precluded any objection to this admiration.

"Uh, if you say so Rarity, personally they give me the creeps...." Applejack didn’t much care for the wild jungle around them, and as always displayed her lack of tact.

"Do you mind?" Said the three horned dinosaur applejack was riding upon.

"Oh, Uh, no offense big feller' " She made a nervous pat on the creature's back.

"Hrmph" he mumbled, "The nerve of these mammals...."

The rest of the journey progressed uneventfully, save for the very strange looks the ponies were getting as the merry band transitioned through small villages here and there. Whispers ran through the small gathered crowds as they passed. Many varieties of dinosaur, only briefly visible by the ponies.

"What are those?" the crowds would whisper and murmur.

"They have fur, but those colors, and is that hair?"

They continued on for a while until Twilight noticed something strange about all the dinosaurs.

They had....could it be...?

"Are those....cutie marks on your chests?" Twilight pointed with her hoof towards the simple geometric pattern positioned over the nearby T-rex's heart.

"Cutie marks? that's a soul brand" Twilight's crimson steed quipped.

"Soul brand..."

The three horned one spoke up to clarify.

"Indeed, every dino acquires one as they come of age, it visualizes what we should strive to become as individuals during our lives."

"For instance, Tracks here has a pierced triangle with a rectangle under it, it's supposed to represent stillness of mind and patience or something, only elders are able to interpret them fully."

"I told you a million times retcai, it's an arrow! it means I'm destined to be above the rest!"

The lumbering beast rolled his eyes.

"He's always saying that"

"It's true!"

Twilight excitedly interjected, eager to share her knowledge and learn in return.

"well we don't have soul brands, we have cutie marks tha-"

The three horned one cut off what could have become a lengthy cultural exchange, completing the circle of interruptions.

"I'm certain it's all well and fascinating but can we hold off comparing the philosophical implications of our butt-marks until we get to the castle?"


Around another bend, and the treeline retreated to reveal the first wonder of this new world. A huge city, built into the side of tall mountain, what looked like a long dead volcano, its jet-black stone core of solidified magma bare to the elements in some sections.

Numerous buildings, some carved from the black rock of the mountain, others made from a carved marble like stone, clung to the sloping mountainside. The road became steadily more crowded as they approached the mountain's base. They received quite a few double takes from a massive variety of dinosaurs going into the city. The ponies were understandably unnerved by the countless horns, spikes, teeth and claws.

The T-rex took the lead at this point, and pulled a golden trinket out of a small satchel he had been carrying, putting it around his neck just before they entered the city gates. The crowds and bustling citizens parted like water when met with the front of a ship. Some bowed, others stared with looks in their eyes. disappointment? confusion? hatred? All of them were focused on the T-rex and his trinket, who seemed to be visibly shaken by this reception, his eyes darting all around. He began to tap his small claws together. It seemed his donning of this little trinket took all the attention away from their mammalian cargo.

A massive staircase rose before them, thousands of steps at least, each step far too tall for a pony. Carved from the exposed rock of the mountain, and patched in places with gleaming marble.

"but how will the little dinosau-" Pinkie's question was answered as she swiveled her head around to see the smallest of the lizards taking each step in a single bound. "What?" he said "i got used to it". Pinkie was getting used to giggling today.

The ponies had thought they'd seen the biggest of these dinosaurs. They were wrong as usual. Flanking a pair of large iron doors at the top of the steps were two more T-rexes, these larger than even the one they had just met, they were clad in shining silver armor which dazzled the eyes with many intricate carvings and symbols. Clamping their huge jaws around the enormous handles, They opened the enormous iron doors with relative ease to allow the procession inside. Even though they were essentially eating the door, their movements were precisely choreographed. These were well trained creatures. The doors themselves had carvings all over them, and one of them looked very familiar to Twilight...

The interior of the chamber was a long hall culminating in a raised platform with a large statue on it, torches lined the walls and cast a flickering but dim light all around. As they approached the platform, it became apparent that what they originally thought was a statue was in fact an enormous silver throne, and sitting in it, an equally enormous T-rex, clad in blood red and brilliant gold robes, with a lattice of golden chains adorning his head. He was resting his head on the claw of one of his small arms, looking impatient and stern.

Rarity's eyes lit up, even if all that gold was adorning a huge scaly lizard, she couldn't help but admire the arrangement.

The, what they could only assume was the king, stood up to show his full height, the platform added insult to injury in this regard.

"I see we have guests, prince Ryas, did you retrieve the information i asked?"

Prince? where? Twilight didn't notice an-

the young green T-rex they had met responded in a shaky fake-authoritative tone, greatly unfitting his size.

"Yes father, these um, ponies, were at the mountain top, on the far side of a glowing doorway. But they don't know any more than we do, they were also sent by their king".

Well, Twilight certainly had not seen that coming, but corrected him just the same.

"Princess, not king."

Twilight hopped off the back of her cold blooded chariot, and motioned for the rest of her friends to follow suit. She performed a deep bow and held it while speaking.

"Your majesty, we humbly beg forgiveness for intrusion in your court, but it seems both our peoples have an identical dilemma. The portal as it's called, is causing many disturbances in our world, we quest to discover its source and possibly how to remove it."

The king stared at her with a cold, hard expression, his steely eyes fixated on her alien form.Twilight did not budge. Celestia had told her old tales of cruel kings or queens who only sought power or to fulfill their twisted visions, could it be that..?

He descended the platform steps with surprising regal grace, the vibrations in the floor from his footsteps were almost undetectable. He slowly strode directly towards Twilight, stopping just in front of her, keeping his gaze solid and stern, his cloak clasped tightly, giving him the appearance of a bloody red ghost. The little purple pony barely reached the massive lizard's knees. The king knelt down on one knee, reached out his relatively small arm...

and patted Twilight on the head.

“They're soft" the king said, breaking his regal composure only the faintest amount.

Twilight looked up and could just barely make out a warmth behind the massive reptile's eyes, this was no madman. She breathed a sigh of relief.