Ondati Project Coordinator Monthly Report Instructions

This monthly report must be completed by the 5th of every month.  It must be submitted to the school principal and a meeting must be held with him and the project officer to discuss the report. The principal will then discuss the report with the School Management Committee, the CBO committee and staff at their monthly meetings.

Project Overview:  A summary of the project activities and progress over the last month.


Monthly Activities- for every school project identify the key activities that have taken place during the month




Performance compared to last month- Have sales and profits increased or decreased this month?

Comments-  Explain the previous column. Why have sales and profits changed?

e.g. Nursery Trees

e.g. Phone Charging

e.g. Dairy

- Grafting of 50 mango trees by Mr …

- Watering twice a day.

- Root pruning of avocado trees

- Purchased two new chargers

- Phone charging took place every day, with no power shortages

-napier grass seeds planted

-new calf born to Monica










Sales have decreased, with income down by 500 ksh.

Sales have remained constant but profits decreased.

N.B for dairy look at how milk production has varied for each cow as well as changes in sales.

Milk production has decreased, with the most productive cow only producing 4 litres per day. Income has decreased by 2000 ksh.

Sales are low because the dry season is approaching and nursery trees are no longer in demand

There are still only about 5 phones being charged daily. Customers have not increased. New chargers were bought in order to attract more customers and so expenditure was higher than normal.

The demand for milk is still very high but production is low due to lack of feed for the cows. Many customers are left disappointed by the lack of milk.

Challenges and Solutions: These challenges and solutions can be for specific projects or can apply to all projects. Identify any problems that have been encountered in the projects that have affected their success. Suggest how these problems can be addressed next month.




e.g. all projects

e.g. bee project

e.g. dairy project

Student attendance during project time has been low. The students have not been working on the projects every day. The trees are often not watered and the pineapples have a lot of weeds growing.

There are few flowering plants. The bee population is therefore low.

Due to drought there is not enough napier grass for the cows. The milk production has decreased as the cows are not getting the necessary feed.

- Organise a meeting with teachers to discuss the low attendance.

- Ensure that those girls that attend project work are praised for their hard work and are motivated with stars.

- Follow up on girls that are not attending through project prefects and academic staff.

-Discuss buying seeds for flowering plants with the principal and project officers.

-Talk to the CBO committee chairman to arrange for community members to bring maize to the school for feed.

-Ensure that next year the school is prepared for drought and that feed is dried and stored in advance.

What were the targets of last month and have they been met? Look at the targets in last month's report and record whether the target has been met or not. If the target has been met say how it was met. If the target has not been met, say why.


Met? (Y/N)


e.g. To graft all the mango trees in the tree nursery

e.g. To increase dairy production by 1 litre for each cow

e.g. To weed the entire pineapple plantation




All trees were grafted by an expert from the Kenyan Prison Service. However, only 10% of the trees were successful. The expert will return to re-graft the trees that failed.

Due to lack of napier grass the cows have not been receiving enough feed and therefore production has actually decreased.

Low student attendance has meant that only half the pineapples have been weeded.

What are the targets for next month and how will these targets be met? Identify targets for the following month. Some of these targets may relate to the challenges that were addressed earlier in the report or to targets that were not met last month. List the activities that are going to be carried out to reach the target and put a ”/” in each week that this activity will be carried out. Ensure that all targets are achievable. For example, if it is not possible to prune all the trees in the nursery within the month then make the target to prune half the trees within the month.


Targets for the next month

Activities to achieve target


e.g. phone charging

e.g. pineapples

To double the amount of customers using the phone charging by week 3.

To ensure the entire pineapple plantation is weeded and covered with manure.

- Design a marketing strategy, with the support of the principal and project officers.

- Implement the marketing strategy with the help of the staff and students

- Improve customer service by ensuring that someone is in the vicinity of the office at all times during the day.

-Hold meeting with the principal and inform him about the low attendance of students during project time.

- Ensure that the students are aware that one of their tasks for the month is to weed all the pineapples

-Monitor the students work, check attendance and motivate students with stars.

Week 1






Week 2




Week 3




Week 4