Tetso College is no ordinary College. Our strength is the dedicated staff and faculty, who with their unparalleled commitment help students achieve their greatest potential. We believe in our students’ abilities and help nurture, develop and sustain them.

Engaging with academics is at the heart of what Tetso offers. We also provide opportunities to engage in sports, performing arts and social activities to help prepare you for the future.

Tetso College offers the support and ability to bring you one step closer to your future experience of life, whatever turn it may take.

Once you are admitted to Tetso, there is no ‘right background’, no ‘right school’ to have attended, no test of social or economic circumstances. We believe there is potential in everyone and if you are someone who feels you can cope with the rigors of Higher Education, if you have the enthusiasm and the motivation, then I welcome you into this exciting road towards academic excellence.

Dr. P. S. Lorin