Learn to create Jiaozi style dumplings, an essential part of Chinese home cooking!

* Make a simple dough that can be used to make a variety of handmade dumplings and noodles

* Create Chinese style meat fillings from simple ingredients, using a customizable formula of meat, egg, and vegetables

* Stuff and fold Dumplings like a Beijinger

* Make a home style Chinese cold salad with a simple and flavorful dressing

*Learn tips, tricks, and essential knowledge for Chinese home cooking

In Beijing, little pot sticker style dumplings called Jiaozi (pronounced jowd-suh) are an everyday dish, enjoyed morning, noon, and night.  Their delicate wrappers are usually made by hand, producing the most tender, flavorful dumplings you can imagine.  In China, they have been making jiaozi for countless generations.  Some time ago, other countries adopted the simple recipe and made it their own.  Jioazi was renamed as Gyoza by the Japanese, and Pot Stickers by Americans.  Though the interpretations in flavoring and dipping sauces may differ from country to country, the basic recipe has remained the same.  

In this class, you'll learn how to make your own fresh dumpling wrappers from scratch.  We'll make the dough, roll the wrappers, and stuff the dumplings with the traditional Beijing filling of pork and scallion.  We'll even re-create Beijinger's favorite dipping sauce, a spicy malt vinegar that I became hopelessly addicted to while living there.  During the class, I'll tell you how this basic recipe can be adapted or customized to create dumplings with different meats, vegetables, and dipping sauces.

In addition to our Jiaozi, we'll whip up a fresh, Beijing style Cucumber Salad with fresh bell peppers and toasted sesame seeds.  In Chinese cooking, it's traditional to balance a heavy, hot dish like dumplings, with something light and fresh.  The result is a meal that will leave you feeling satisfied without feeling stuffed.  Like the dumplings, the Cucumber Salad can also be customized to accommodate personal taste, what happens to be in season, or even what happens to be in the fridge.



Prep Directions