Closer. Alright good. Alright Guys I’m Mr. Torres. You can call me Mr. T that’s fine. And today we are gonna keep going on with the jump rope lessons. So umm today I wanted to do the froge jump. You know get down. Jump rope champion in elementary school. But uhh I played football over the weekend and hurt my left arm.  So this gave me the great idea to do partner jump roping. So today We are gonna do the side by side one in one out partner jump rope. Arlight can I get steve to help me. Can everybody back up a little bit? Alright We are gonna be focusing on 3 cues alright. One is timing two is eyes and three is jump. So with timing we are gonna want the person thats outside the rope to say ready set go just to let the person inside the rope know when to begin. With eyes when you see the rope get eye level thats when you want to do the jump. Eye level jump, eye level jump, eye level jump. Alright see how the timing is good. You can do it slow first then you can pick the speed up. Alright so what I want is the partner you had with Ms. P. right The partners you had with Ms. P. stay with those partners and I want half of you so this half these groups to go to the other side so we have more space. alright.So each group grab a rope.


Try to do it slow first. You got to get the timing first. Make sure the rope gets to the eyes before you jump. Good  After you do it for a little time make sure you switch partners. Make sure you guys are switching partners. Make sure your eyes are up.

Steve and Greg:

Make sure your swing is at the same speed so your timing is together.


Whooo What are you guys doing? Get up Get up everybody up.Alright since you guys are tired we are gonna go to the other gym.


Get up Connor


Alright Guys bring it over here. So what are the three cues. Can anyone names those cues. Good. Umm. next time we are gonna try to double jump. I saw a few of you try it. Corey and Will. Good job today guys.