Bronyville Episode 050 - Friendship is Round Numbers

Time : Saturday, 2PM PST

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Welcome to Bronyville! This is Episode 50 recorded on Saturday April 14th, 2012. I am your host Apple Cider


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Books! [fanfic suggestions]

Topic Time! - Newsponies Investigate!

Episode Discussion: Season 1 - Season 2 - and what we would like to see to come!


Hello everpony! Recently on the show you had a "ladies" episode in which Starry and the others suggested that some male bronys try reading "non MLP" horse storys. As a little kid I always loved horses but wasn't really allowed to express my interest because they were always seen as girly. I always loved the idea of knights mounted on giant steeds or cowboys and their horses. So I am happy to say that I am currently reading Black Beauty (I understand that the book has neither knights or cowboys but it still seems interesting) . My question is; has MLP taught you to indulged in any of your other interests that you may have thought "To girly" or "to strange"?

Anyways, thanks for the putting on the show!

-TSG: Shy

Hello to all, hope you’re having a very good day.

There is no "best pony" or "best episode"... They are all amazing. Nevertheless, my favorite pony is Pinkie Pie, no explanation needed.

    I was looking around deviant art for the first time and came across a pony hater. The first thing his post said was for the Brony community to leave his post alone and mind their own business.

    I was saddened but not surprised to see posts from many a Brony plaguing the aforementioned hater. If we (as a general whole) adore My Little Pony: FiM, we all love this wonderful cartoon that sponsors a kind and accepting society where everyone gets over their differences. So how can a true Brony be so puckish and quite frankly, rude? It's very frustrating to see self-acclaimed Bronies trolling around deviant art. They're being mean and cruel to people who obviously just want to avoid jumping on the premature, proverbial bandwagon (or just really don't like the show, which is it's own form of crazy).

    I always make a point to avoid saying anything to pony-haters about MLP. By being mean, I become a Brony and a hater. At. The. Same. Time.

Do you think Bronies should just accept that there will be haters of MLP?


I'm out of order on my episodes, but...

Was Hurricane Fluttershy a farewell episode to Derpy? She showed up so much! (Sorry, I know you're all worn out on the Derpy spat...)


-Thanks for your time,

    Quirky Quill, self-named nerd pony.

Dear Apple Cider, Chef Sandy and guest(s),

First of all, I want to thank you for releasing your podcast the evening before I hand projects in and for having a large archive to listen to whilst revising. It really helps!

Now, I think it's brilliant that ponies have been bringing people together and forging friendships, which is especially noticeable amongst the better known bronies. My question to you and your (presumably) lovely guests is whether you have made any good friends through this fandom. If so, would you mind telling us who?



PS. I'm sure that all your other listeners would like to join me in saying a great big thank you to M who has been doing such a wonderful job making you all sound so good. Shame on you for putting him through both your foolsday joke (brilliant by the way) and a whole episode of Starry (ditto)!

Hello Esteemed Guest/s, Starry Night, Chef Sandy and Apple Cider (it’ backwards because you gave everyone a headache from that April Fools prank)

I hope it’s a given that I adore the podcast and the show seeing as I am emailing you.

I'll make this quick(ish)

I am an aussie brony, self named Professer Snowstorm, who began watching ponies just before 2012, and have been avidly listening to the podcast since your Bronycon Special.

Pinkie Pie is my favourite pony, but dont hold her craziness against me.

now, my question is this:

seeing as though almost every email sent to you includes their respective Best Pony, and maybe Worst Pony, it must be on a lot of people's minds, and so i was wondering, what is your favourite moment from your favourite pony, and your least favorite moment from your least favourite pony? because arguably, they should be your favourite and least favourite moments in the show, even though i understand that sometimes Best Moments dont match up with Best Pony, but i was curious anyway.

Okay, it wasn't short, sorry

I would say goodbye, but that's too unorigional

Untill next time

Laundry Groove

P.S another question, completely unrelated, are there trends in Fanfics?  I've been seeing a lot of sweetie bell stories popping up lately, have you noticed any others?  

First off, love the show.  It's something I can laugh to and hear interesting points about episodes.  Now that that's out of the way here's the question:

What are you're thoughts on Greek/Roman Mythology? Pegusi have appeared often in Greek Mythology so this is somewhat related. Any particular stories that are your favorites? Also if you would take a look at Cloudsdale you can see some Greek/Roman inspiration in the cloud buildings.

If that question isn't good enough then here's a different one:

There is a growing population of gamer bronies, more specifically League of Legends.  Do any of you play? If so any thoughts? If not then just thoughts on the growth.

Keep up the good work,

Riptide (if you don't want to refer to me by my OC name then just Dom or Dominic would be cool)

A Grand Galloping Greeting to AC/DC, Colonel Sanders and the very random girl who is occasionally in the foreground (or VRGWIOITF),

Fifty already? Pretty remarkable. Look how much you've grown! *pinches podcast's cheeks*

I am writing to you on this day (my birthday, as it so happens) to inform you about what your show has been doing for me lately. You see, I started making one of those little Tumblr pony webcomics some time ago and I have since become rather magnificently popular from it as a result. Popular for me, at least. Turns out people like ponies and video games. Who knew? But in my meatspace life things have changed vastly around the silly things I draw. I've moved out and have taken on a full time job, that I love, with a company that makes colorful foam rubber clogs in that wretched period of life one calls "adulthood", which means these days I am usually too busy or too tired to find myself motivated to draw anything for my dear, beloved followers. BUT, as it happens I am an avid listener of yours who can never miss a show, and for whatever reason I find that I can really only listen to a podcast of any sort if I am either driving (which is not much of an option when you carpool) or when I am drawing.

So in order to keep myself from missing an episode I've found that I HAVE to draw at least some each week, which is enough to keep me afloat. I feel I owe quite a lot to you guys, as do my seventeen hundred....ish followers (among them your own mbulsht), as this very show is what keeps me going, albeit in a fairly roundabout way. They say those who get four to seven hours of sleep at night live longer than those who sleep a full 8. Now if only I actually liked energy drinks (I know. I'm a bad nerd sometimes.)

One of the evermore faithful listeners of yours,

the Flavin Bagel (FLAY-vin... just in case. It's Irish.)

PS: Y'all need some more Rarity up in here.

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Dear Princess Celestia,

One year has been a very long time. And while we’re going to be rocking this anniversary for all it is worth I do want to thank all of our awesome fans who make all of this so totally worthwhile. Our guest this week? Why, that would be Sherilyn Connelly from SFWeekly! An actual journalist AND fan of the show? She does these awesome My Little Pony Episode writeups! And she made us super jealous by being one of the lucky few with a Season Finale Press kit! So yes, much fun is had as we talk to derp or not to derp, looking back and forward on MLP seasons, and my luxurious Mustache!


Apple Cider

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