Whats Covered in this FAQ??

Everything from backing up applications to setting up WebOS quick install and much much more... READ ON!!

Table of Contents

  1. What is WebOS and What is so Special About it???
  2. Whats so Good about WebOS???
  1. Cards
  2. Just Type
  3. Synergy
  4. Notification System
  1. How do I transfer Contacts from my old Phone??
  2. How do I Backup my information??
  3. I Need a Desktop Client... what are my Options???
  1. Contacts/Calendar/Tasks/Memos
  2. Music and Media
  1. Are my Backups Safe??
  2. What Can i do to insure that i dont lose my Info???
  3. What does My Palm Profile Backup aside from contacts?
  4. How Do i Backup SMS/MMS from my phone???
  5. How do i get Apps on My Phone???
  6. What is Homebrew????
  7. How do i get Homebrew Apps on my phone???
  8. Where Can i Find WebOS Quick Install??
  9. Where Can i Find Preware???
  10. When will Preware be in the App Catalog???
  11. Can I backup my App Catalog Apps?
  12. Can I backup my Homebrew Apps?
  13. I bought an App and want to save its contents/progress how do i do that???
  14. There are some functions my old phone had that are not in WebOS, what can i do???
  15. My Phone got screwed up from Patches... What can i do???
  16. My phone is telling me to UPDATE to a newer software version...What do i need to remove????
  17. What is AUPT and How does it work???
  18. Where can i get Themes and What are they???
  19. How Many themes can i have on my phone at one time?
  20. How can i get into USB mode...my screen is Cracked????
  21. WebOS Doctor wont recognize my phone???
  22. I have Windows 7 and it wont recognize my phone???
  23. HOW Do I Get Sprint firmware/apps on my Bell Pre???
  24. My Phone Got Lost/Stolen, how can i Erase everything???

What is WebOS and Whats so Special About it?

HP WebOS It's not just an OS it's an idea wrapped in innovation and progress that is the web. Through this new device 5 years in the making we would actually see a spark of hope, actually two sparks, in fact, from the failing company that WAS Palm, in the vision that was called webOS.

The Pre and WebOS, as well as future WebOS Devices, bring with it a new element of getting things done while Mobile.Yes, this is epic stuff.

One is the hardware, obviously. The other is the operating system which will be Palm's platform for mobile devices for the foreseeable future: WebOS.

Some of the ideas behind webOS -- a Linux-based platform which leverages web standards for development -- are revolutionary for smart-phones.

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So whats so good about WebOS, you ask.??

Well first thing is the beautiful User interface that palm has implemented in the form of "Cards".


Cards allow the user, in essence to multi-task by quick opening an application and instead of wasting time waiting for the application to load, you can simply "push" the card out of the way so you can open another application. This uses similar technology that google uses in its chrome web browser. Essentially The WebOS operating system is one big web browser. looking at it from that perspective,the cards are similar to the Tabs found in all current web browsers. The reason i point out google chrome is firstly its based on the same technology, they both use the webkit standard, but that's a more lengthy article and 2 for each tab you open in google chrome a new process is created, so each tab is its own program so to speak. This is exactly how webos works. so you can multiple cards working and running LIVE in the background. This allows for true Multi tasking capabilities.

Universal Search

Another great advancement is the Use of "Universal Search".

The phone will allow you to search MOST any part of the phone, no matter where you are. so if you're in one of the many facebook apps , slide the card out of the way and search for a contact, look up something in wikipedia etc.... without the need to actually be in your contacts app, or be on the wiki site.


Synergy, a contact / calendar management system that aims to put an end to the confusion of having to juggle multiple accounts from multiple services on a single mobile device.

The Synergy premise is simple: it will take your Gmail account, Facebook profile, AIM identity, and / or Exchange data and merge it all together on your Pre, killing duplicate entries, joining together sources where there's overlap (creating "linked contacts"), and generally making your connected life super-duperly easier and staying better connected, Simply put Much more awesome.

Notification System

Yet another score is the Notification system.

Instead of Annoying pop-ups, Palm has opted for small wedges that appear at the bottom of your display (like the windows taskbar on auto-hide) when a message/email/alarm/text or what have you comes in the appropriate icon (sometimes accompanied by a little chime) will reveal the small taskbar at the bottom portion of your screen. Not only is it unobtrusive but is really elegant. As these build, your screen scales to fit in the space allotted which is an elegant solution to people who get many emails, texts or what have you. Because Not only do the messages collapse into a single, manageable line until you're ready to deal with them, but you can swipe away alerts once you've read them.

There are many more features that make webOS unbelievable, and now with WebOS 2.0 there is no reason not to have a look.

I will deal with some of the features of 2.0 in a separate section

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Before We get started Forum Member livelife has found an official getting to know your webos device... by Palm which can be located here... Have a Look..

How do i Transfer my conacts to my phone? (I came from a blackberry, iPhone, Treo 755 etc....)

Well since The Palm® Synergy™ feature brings together your various online accounts for Calendar, Contacts, IM and more into one logical view on your phone. For example, if you have info about one person in many different places, your phone shows them in a single entry for that person. All of your info remains in its original location online. You'll need to move your existing info to one of the online services supported by Palm Synergy.

Where is your existing data? Export your existing information from ...

Click the Link for instructions


Outlook/Exchange (EAS) <-Link


Palm Desktop <- Link

Standalone Outlook<- Link


iCal and Address Book <- Link

Palm Desktop <- Link


Outlook Express and more <- Link

Online <- see instructions below

Google Calendar & Contacts




On your phone, open the "Contacts" Application.

Open the application menu (swipe down on the top left corner of the screen) and tap Preferences & Accounts.

Tap Add Another Account or Add an Account.

Enter your username and password for that account.

This is the same username and password you use to login to this email account on the web, such as:

Yahoo! Mail:


Microsoft Exchange or Outlook: Firstname Lastname

NOTE Sometimes your username is not your first name and last name. Contact your IT department for more info.

Other email: (or just yourname)

NOTE Contact your account provider if you're not sure.

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Ok, I transfered my contacts, now how do i back them up?

Have you not been paying attention??? With Synergy its already done!

Ok I Like the Idea of Synergy... but I NEED a Desktop Solution... what can I do????

Your Palm® webOS™ phone uses over-the-air synchronization to bring information from your online accounts, such as Google™, Microsoft® Exchange, and Facebook®, to your phone. If you prefer to sync your contacts, calendar, and media directly with your computer, check out these compatible third-party solutions (sold separately).


Chapura Echo™ for Palm Desktop by ACCESS

Use your Wi-Fi or Bluetooth® PAN network to more securely sync Palm Desktop 6.2.2 Date Book and Address Book with your Palm webOS phone.   www.chapura.com/echo.php 

Chapura® PocketMirror®for Outlook

Use your Wi-Fi or Bluetooth PAN network to more securely sync Microsoft Outlook® Calendar, Contacts, and Notes with         your Palm webOS phone.  www.chapura.com/pm_standard_pre.php 

CompanionLink for webOS USB

Two-way synchronization of contacts, calendar, tasks, and memos from a Windows PC to your Palm webOS phone using your phone’s USB connector. Works with Microsoft Outlook,                          Palm Desktop, Lotus Notes, ACT!, and other desktop software.


CompanionLink for Google

Two-way synchronization of contacts, calendar, tasks, and memos between PC software and Google. Google then syncs with your Palm webOS phone. Works with Microsoft Outlook, Palm Desktop, Lotus Notes, ACT!, and other desktop software.


The Missing Sync for Palm® Pre™ phones

Transfer and sync contacts, calendar, music, ringtones, photos, files, and videos with a Mac or PC using a Wi-Fi network connection


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Music and Media


Sync videos, music, and photos between your webOS phone and your computer and easily send media files to friends and family.


GoGadget™ for webOS Phones

Easily transfer your music, ringtones, movies, and photos from your Windows PC or Mac to your Palm webOS phone. Compatible with iTunes, Windows Media® player, and more.


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Are my Backups "Safe"?

Well with Synergy, your contacts are in whats now called "The Cloud" which means its stored and encrypted on Palms servers. However The Cloud can be kinda scary just look what happened to sidekick owners. 

While the sidekick, however, just stores your contacts on the cloud, and NOT on the phone, so whenever you needed a contact the phone would contact sidekicks servers and pull the info from there, and If it was Not to be found than you have BIG problems.

The Pre/Pixi and WebOS, However, only sync info to the cloud. once the Syncing is complete, even once, the data is stored on your phone, and will continue to sync with the cloud only when needed. (ie you add a contact to your phone.)

Regardless all this becomes problematic if you use the Default Palm account. If you store your contacts in Google or yahoo or facebook. than you dont even have to worry about that.

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What can i do to insure i dont lose my information?

Well You can do one of two things.

One is by using Gmail to store your Contacts and Google Calendar for your calendar. Which was covered above.

Two - which a much more legnthy process. You can Backup your PalmDatabase.db3 file ( Click HERE to find out HOW) in there is where alot of your information is stored.

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What Information is backed up aside from contacts?

Contacts, Memos, Bookmarks, Web History, Browser Cookies and Applications from the App Catalog

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How do i backup my SMS/MMS Messages?

As Stated Earlier, Alot of your information is in that PalmDatabase.db3 file. Text/MMS Messages are there.

Cautionary Note: I feel it neccessary to point out that some users have reported weird effects of restoring this file between (A) Different devices... ie you switched to another pre. or (B) using a Backup from a WebOS Device That is not the same Version of software on your current Device.

You Have Been Warned!!!

(Click HERE to find out HOW)

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How do i get apps on my phone?

Simple enough. Theres 4 methods.

  1. One way is via the Official Palm App Catalog which is a separate app on your phone
  2. AppScoop
  3. WebOs Quick Install
  4. Preware

Both WebOs Quick Install (to be reffered to as WOQI from now on in this post) and preware allow you to install Homebrew Applications.

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Wait!! Home...What???? Whats Homebrew???

Homebrew Apps are free applications in the last stage of development ("beta testing"). Try them out and give your feedback. Hundreds of free titles cover battery life, podcasts, ebooks, GoogleVoice, comics, the Bible, plus dozens of games and utilities.

The usual warnings apply. These apps are not from Palm, and are under development - use with care.

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How Do i Get Homebrew Apps on my phone?

As stated before. Using WOQI or Preware. There are other apps that do the job as webb these 2 are just the most robust, IMHO if you will.

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Where Can i find WebOs Quick Install?

Slow Down... I know your excited about all this but... who am i kidding to get started with all the Homebrew Goodness CLICK HERE: Getting Started with WebOS Quick Install

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Where can i find preware?

Now this is an interesting question, since currently there are only 2 ways i know of to install preware.

One is to have a basic understanding of linux command lines.

Two - is to use WOQI.

How to install Preware on Your Phone 

I will not cover how to install via command line as that is beyond the scope of this FAQ. to learn more about linux command lines and webos see this link.

WebOs Internals - Basic Linux Use

Learn More about Preware

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Is it Possible that Preware ever be available from the App Catalog or Web Channels?


Originally Posted by rwhitby 

It is not.

You can get the ipkg from Index of / (or down in the feeds at Index of /feeds/....) but you will need an advanced homebrew installer to be able to install it.

Your choices of on-device advanced homebrew installers are Preware and Internalz. You can install either of them using the other, but you have to have one of them installed first, and the prerequisites to install either of them are identical.

So it's a catch-22, which is the reason why Palm is not concerned about the security aspects of Preware and homebrew, because you cannot break the Palm-liable app catalog security model unless you connect your device to a host computer and consciously install an advanced homebrew installer.

If this was to change, it would be a massive security vulnerability, and would need to be fixed by Palm (we would be the first to point it out to them). So it's not going to happen.

-- Rod

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Can i Backup my apps?

Well this is another interesting Question. Palm currently, as stated earlier, Backs up all your Applications that have been downloaded from the App Catalog ONLY. It does NOT However backup any of your Homebrew Applications.

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Can i Backup my HOMEBREW apps?

Plainly Put Palm will tell you no. But there’s GOOD News. Because ill tell you yes!!!

How to Backup Apps Click HERE  

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I bought an app and want to back up the Progress and/or Information i put into it. How can I do that???

Thankfully for the WebOS-Internals team there IS an APP (for.. errm) Called Save/Restore, Guess what it does?? No? It backs up all your App Data!!

The Official Thread is located here Save/Restore Community Development

Currently (as of this writing) there are a little over 250 of the nearly 5,000 apps supported.


Originally Posted by rwhitby

If you want to have your favourite application supported, then we propose a bounty system where someone who requests support for an application offers twice the cost of the application as a bounty (so the developer who adds support can buy that app for testing, plus another of their choosing for themselves, which they will then be likely to support with a saverestore script as well).

Note that a bounty is for the initial addition of support for the desired application, it must not have any strings attached regarding ensuring that application continues to be supported into the future if webOS or the application changes.

Post #341 in this thread has instructions on how to create new save/restore scripts. Please post any scripts you create in the Official Save/Restore thread located here Save/Restore Community Developmentso that we can add them to the official application releases.

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There are some functions that i miss from my old phone that the pre/pixi cant seem to do, is there a way to put them on?

The great thing about WebOs is that its completely adaptable. So yes SOME of those missing features can be added by way of Patches.

Patches add missing features to the Messaging, Email, Calendar, Phone, Browser, and other apps. by way of Modifying existing files within the core of WebOS. So as always Use caution when installing Patches. Users have developed patches to add or change features in webOS Messaging, Email, Calendar, Phone, Browser, Launcher and other applications.

So How do you get these patches on your phone?? Either Preware or WOQI of Course.

For a list of current patches see These Posts:

Patch Areas

App Catalog and App Launcher Patches

Browser Patches

Calculator, Calendar, Camera and Contacts Patches

Email Patches

Messaging Patches

Misc, Mojo, Music Player, Notifications, and PDF Patches

Phone Patches

Screen and Lock, Sounds and Alerts, and Task Patches

Top Bar Patches

Universal Search, Video Player, and YouTube Patches

Patches Not in Preware

Im not sure how often those posts are updated, but this is just to show you what is currently available.

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I Seriously Screwed up my phone with one of YOUR Patchamathingies that YOUtold me to install, Now its DEAD!! so what do i do now?

First of all no need to get snippy, You are responsible for what you decide to install on your device.

Now That thats out of the way, all is not Lost for palm has created a tool that can restore your phone to its factory original state, and since like was discussed previously, all of your info is Synergized, cloudified or whatever you like to call it. all your info Should be safe.

I will not try and repost what is already available .. so heres a link to The Doctor that can Help cure your phone. WebOS Doctor - and Recovering your "Bricked Phone"

you can also do a search on the forums if this did not solve your issue. however to date i havent heard of a completely unrecoverable Pre.

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I Just read that an UPDATE came out and i have all of your Patchamathingies and themes, its ok to update right?

In a word AUPT

As of the Latest 1.4.0 Update , you do NOT have to Remove any Patches Before Updating your Phone. You still NEED to REMOVE THEMES However.

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What is AUPT and how does it work?

AUPT (Auto Update Patch Technology) is a system put together by the Webos-internals guys that after an WebOS Update is installed ,Preware or WOQI will detect what patches you had before the Update and check to see if there is a compatible version of that patch for the new WebOS Vers. If there is, Than all you need to do is press the Update Button in Preware or WOQI and Viola!! Patch Updated...

If there is No Compatible version of the patch than a "Dummy" Patch will be installed , as a placeholder , until the patch is available for the new WebOS vers.

Please Note: Any patches that you have modified the code by hand , may Not work with AUPT and any such questions can be directed to this Thread AUPT: Auto Update Patch Technology

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I see you Started Talking about themes , where are they?

Themes Can be installed via preware or WOQI (if youre installing themes using WOQI you need to download the Theme files from HERE or HERE

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So How many themes can i install at once, i had a blackberry and had like 40 themes installed at the same time, I can do that right?

As stated before In a word ABSOLUTELY NOT (ok 2 words..)

You can only have one theme installed on your phone at a time. trying to install another will just cause your phone to look very strange and sometimes act very funny. As some themes install Patches at the same time to get the effects they desire.

IF you ignore this post you will find yourself back in the forums asking why is my phone all screwed up and doing weird things.... Like .... Calling your Ex-Wife and telling her "yes Ill gladly give you the rest of whats in my bank account"

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My Screen Cracked and it Wont Let me to go in USB MODE What Can i do?

Well Good NEWS as of WebOS 1.3.1 and on (You should not be on anything less at the moment no matter where you live in the world) There is a shortcut for just this problem

Palm WebOS 1.3.1 ChangelogYou can access USB Drive mode by pressing and holding the orange key/Option + Sym + U after connecting the phone to the computer. This enables you to access USB drive mode if the screen is broken or stops responding to taps.

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I cant get WebOS Doctor to recognize my Pre/Pixi???

  1. With the USB cable connected, completely power off the Pre (hold down the power button until the option to power off appears)
  2. Hold down the Up button on the volume rocker
  3. While holding the Up button, power on the Pre
  4. "Next" should now be enabled - proceed with the recovery

For more info. check out webos-internals document located here

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I have Windows 7 and its not detecting my phone, how do i get my WebOS Device to be Recognized???

Setting Up NovaCom on Windows 7 - Easy Method

If our still having futher issues check out these posts within that 11 page thread.

Setting up Novacom on Windows 7 - Easier Method Post 157

Setting up Novacom on Windows 7 - Easier Method Post 126

Setting up Novacom on Windows 7 - Easier Method Post 130

Installing and Getting Started with WebOS Quick Install

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I live in Canadia (i know its canada) and im on F****ng Bell!!!... HOW Do I Get Sprint firmware/apps on my Bell Pre???

[HOW TO] Get Sprint firmware/apps on Bell Pre

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My Phone just got Lost/Stolen But i have a Ton of Personal Information and other doodads that i dont want to be found What can i Do???


Originally Posted by HelloNNewman

Go to the Palm website, log into your account and remote-wipe your device.

Palm: Manage My Device Login

(Log in with the same email and password you used on your device)

Remote wiping does not make it unusable forever. It simply wipes all account info, settings, and USB content from the device and takes it back to the initial log-in screen. Reporting it as stolen to the carrier will cause the ESN to be locked - is what makes it unusable.

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Installing WebOS Quick Install


To install apps, patches, and themes, you need to be a PreCentral member, set up your phone, and install some software on your computer. Please carefully follow each step.

1. Setup your phone - Go to the main (start) screen on your Palm Pre or Pixi:


Just as if you are performing a Universal Search, start typing "upupdowndownleftrightleftrightbastart" without the quotation marks.



Tap the Developer Mode icon and turn Developer Mode on. If you're having trouble getting it right, you can also enter "webos20090606" (though if you ask us the Konami code is much more fun.)




Set Developer Mode to ON.






When asked, tap Reset The Device. Your phone will restart. This is just a restart. (Nothing is erased.)




Connect the USB cable to your PC, Mac, or Linux computer and select "Just Charge" when the phone prompts you.


You just turned on the hidden Developer Mode! Some leave Developer Mode on all the time, but technically it's a security risk, so we recommend that you reopen Developer Mode Enabler and turn it off when you're done.

Now is also the time to make sure that your webOS is up-to-date. Tap Launcher then Updates and Update as needed.

2. Update Java - On your PC, Mac, or Linux computer, click here to Verify Java. Let it update Java as needed. Mac OS X users need to run /Application/Utilities/Java/Java Preferences and drag Java SE 6 to top of both lists, and exit. Windows 7 users may need more help more help.

3. Install WebOS Quick Install - On your computer, download the WebOS Quick Install program by PreCentral member Jason Robitaille. Open the WebOS Quick Install thread and verify that it is current with your webOS. Right click on the Download Here link then Save Target to a sub directory you will remember, maybe create a sub directory named "Palm".

After the WebOSQuickInstall.jar file downloads, click Open Folder (highlighted in yellow) then right-click the WebOSQuickInstall.jar file and click Open With and make sure that the default program is Java. Now run WebOS Quick Install.

The first time WebOS Quick Install runs will take a while as it downloads and installs Palm's webOS Doctor and Novacomd software on your computer. You will need to restart the WebOSQuickInstall.jar file each time it automatically exits to install software for you.

When asked to install WebOS Doctor, click Yes (highlighted in yellow below) so that WebOS Quick Install can use those files. Never run the WebOSDoctor.jar file yourself unless you want to erase everything on your phone and start over.

When asked which webOS Doctor version, if your carrier is not listed, choose Sprint/Verizon/ATT etc....

Then make sure you choose USB Device.

You will be prompted to Connect Your Device even though it is already connected.  No worries. It just needs to install Novacomd so that it can see your phone.  Just click OK (highlighted in yellow below).

Now it installs Novacomd.

Once Novacomd installs, you will need to start WebOS Quick Install again.  This time it should see your Pre or Pixi. If not, click Tools then Options then Attempt Novacom Reinstallation.  Note the Panic Button in case you ever want to restore your phone to factory settings.


If your computer says that it is looking for a Novacom driver, tell it to search in your C:\Program Files. It should be under C:\Program Files\Palm, Inc. Repeat the steps above if your "device" is not found.


That's it! You can download using your PC so let's do a few now. You can also follow the Preware Guide to download most content directly to you phone "Over the Air."

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Backing up Your PalmDatabase.db3 File

Your palm profile contains your memos , SMS/MMS conversations, Contacts and Calendars in your palm profile, Your User created accnt Email addresses that have your Other contacts/calendars or IM accnts such as Google calendar or Gmail Contacts and your email accounts.

Read Below how to safely have a Backup of all that. Please Note that when you backup this info you should only restore it to a phone that is the same vers. as the previous phone. also i have found that it is best to do a FULL Erase and than a WebOS Doctor for this to work best. (to ensure no patches themes exist anywhere on your phone.) As such Backup all the contents of your USB drive , Sans the Hidden Folders (meaning Do Not back up any folder with a period inf front of its name like .palm)


While we have no evidence to suggest that the failure of Palm Profiles to successfully sync contacts to newly activated webOS devices is a widespread phenomena , it is widespread enough to be a cause of concern. These recent developments, compounded with the Danger fiasco last month, should serve to reinforce the importance of data redundancy, even in the days of "cloud computing." To echo Dieter's sentiments on the issue:

Our advice: your key data should always be in a minimum of three places:

  1. Your Pre (where it's persistent as long as you don't erase anything)
  2. A cloud service (Palm, Google, Exchange, etc)
  3. Someplace 'else.' For most of us that will be your desktop, where hopefully you're pulling down your data from Google or Exchange. If you're using Palm's profile exclusively, we suggest you take a look at one of the several desktop sync apps that are available now.

Aside from using third party programs like Mark/Space's The Missing Sync or Chapura's PocketMirror, there really isn't an easy to take the contact information stored in the Palm Profile and export it for use in other services, such as gmail or Yahoo. There is a utility in the works by DrewPre that's intended to fill this void, as first reported by Derek earlier this week, but it has yet to be released to the public as of this writing.

Those who want to back up their data without parting with money are still in luck, however: utilizing the tools and resources already made available to us by members of the webOS community, it is possible to back up the contents of your Palm Profile, and even export the contacts contained therein to the cloud service of your choice.

Here's how.

Step 1: install and configure webOS Quick Install

Follow the directions here for installing and configuring install webOS Quick Install, and what steps are needed to get your webOS device ready for the procedure.

Step 2: Extract PalmDatabase.db3

Per the webos-internals wiki, everything in your Palm Profile is kept in an sqlite database located in /var/luna/data/dbdata/PalmDatabase.db3.

If that sentence doesn't make much sense to you, that's okay.

To extract the database file, connect your webOS device to your computer, selecting "just charge". Start webOS Quick Install and navigate your way to Tools > Receive file, where you'll enter "/var/luna/data/dbdata/PalmDatabase.db3". Select where you'd like the program to save the file, and click "Get From Device!".

Step 3: Archive, Export, or Transplant

Archive: If you're not interested in transferring the contacts contained in PalmDatabase.db3, performing a weekly backup as a "just in case" is never a bad idea.

Export: If you are interested in exporting your contents to a cloud service, xybyre has created a program, which can be downloaded from here via a donation of $5, that will extract the contents from the database file into a CSV file that can be exported into gmail, outlook and the like. Questions to the developer can be directed to him in this forum thread.

DrewPre also has a utility for doing this requiring users to root their devices, but the complexity of using his method is beyond the scope of this write up. If you're interested in more about this method, take a look though this thread in the forums.

Transplant: In the way that we were able to copy a file from a webOS device, it is also possible to copy a file to a webOS device.

(IMPORTANT NOTE: Send the file back to the phone with the same software vers as the previous and send it to this location "/var/luna/data/dbdata/" not like the screenshot

So long as the OS version of the device the data is taken from matches that of the receiving device, you should be able to transplant PalmDatabase.db3 without any ill effect. Just transfer the file over, restart the phone, and you should be good to go.

Further resources

As always, the forums are an excellent resource if you have any questions regarding this process at all. Many, if not all, of the developers behind the programs and resources used for this quick how to maintain a regular presence there. Go ahead, give 'em your thanks, and if you really dig their work, a donation.

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How To Back Up Apps

Ok so now the Good stuff.

This will show you how to backup your homebrew apps as well as app catalog apps via one of several different methods.

This is mainly for backup purposes for those that want to make sure they dont have to rely on their palm profile. This will not reinstall the app on your phone automagicall from the USB drive.

Now as a side note... No matter which method you choose know that some files are extremely large and will take time to copy over. Be patient and wait about a minute and a half, and try not to let your phone goto sleep mode in between.

Step 1: Proper Tools for the Job

Yes like any Job You need the proper tools, so if you havent done so yet go start downloading and installing your WOQI and Preware.

Step 2: Grabbing dem files!!!

You may get to these files one of a few ways ... i will discuss here 2 ways. Starting with My Favorite.

Preware and Internalz

  1. Fire up Preware and when all the feeds have finished loading tap on "List of Everything"
  2. Start typing in preware (this will initiate a universal search in preware) Internalz
  3. click on it and click install
  4. Internalz is dependant on another file as well in order to work and guess where it is... thats right Preware.
  5. So lets do another Universal search by swiping back and deleting the contents of the search field
  6. now do a search for Service
  7. A bunch of diff files shoul come up , the one we want is FileMngr Service click that and install
  8. After it installs your phone will lose signal its ok its doing a java restart
  9. Now leave Preware and fire up Internalz
  10. navigate to the directory /media/cryptofs/apps/usr/palm/applications/
  11. tap and hold the folder you want to backup
  12. now let go
  13. click copy
  14. select /media/internal/ as the destination

And Done!!

For this next method you will need to know the applications App Id (Ex: com.app.iwanttoBackup)

Terminal: My Next Favorite

  1. Fire up Preware and when all the feeds have finished loading tap on "List of Everything"
  2. Start typing in preware (this will initiate a universal search in preware) Terminal
  3. click on "Terminal" NOT "Terminal Service" and click install
  4. Terminal is dependant on another file as well in order to work Preware should install it on its own but if not.
  5. do another Universal search by swiping back and deleting the contents of the search field
  6. now do a search for Terminal
  7. A bunch of diff files shoul come up , the one we want is Terminal Service click that and install
  8. After it installs your phone will lose signal its ok its doing a java restart
  9. Now leave Preware and fire up Terminal
  10. Dont be scared of the Black screen
  11. Start Typing
  12. cd / (press enter)
  13. rootfs_open -w (press enter)
  14. cd /media/cryptofs/apps/usr/palm/applications/ (press enter)
  15. cp -rf com.appyouwant.tobackup /media/internal/ (press enter)
  16. Reboot (press enter)
  17. wait for your phone to reboot and you should find the file on the usb drive