Audacity Directions

Lab Computer Quiet Room

  1. Boot into the Mac OS
  2. Make sure the headphones are plugged into the USB port on the back of the monitor.
  3. Open System preferences (Click Apple > System preferences > Sound
  4. Set the Input Device to Logitech USB Headset - make sure the little red light on the headset cord button is solid red.  If it is blinking press the button once.
  5. Set the Output to Logitech USB Headset
  6. Start Audacity
  7. Open Audacity preferences (Click Audacity > Preferences)
  8. Switch to Devices and make sure Playback and Recording are set to Logitech USB Headset. Click OK
  9. Now put the headset on, position the mic in front of your mouth and press the on screen record button.
  10. Record a short test message “Hi my name is. . . testing 1, 2, 3 . . .. “
  11. Press Stop
  12. Press Play to verify that your message was recorded.  Make any necessary adjustments to volume or input levels (System preferences)
  13. To begin your actual recording Click File > New and press the Record Button.
  14. When you have completed your recording press stop and export to the desktop as MP3 file (Click File > Export) and set MP3 Files as the format.  Save onto the desktop and then use the assignment submission link in Courses to send Rosario your file.