La Zona Rosa Meeting November 24th,  5:30PM

Subject: Buy Nothing Day - Carnivalesque Rebellion

Old Town Pasadena Friday, November 26th, 2010


Attendees: Rene, Russell and Autumn


We discussed time and location to maximize impact. The closest shopping mall to Zona Rosa is the Paseo which is in an enclosed plaza. We speculated that there would be high security there due to the fact that it is enclosed private property. We thought we might get away with more if we gathered at the public shopping district on Colorado Blvd between Raymond and N. Fair Oaks. See map here…


It’s usually very crowded there, even when it’s not Black Friday. Also, there are large intersections with diagonal crosswalks that we could gather in and perform spontaneous actions such as chanting, caroling, dancing ring around the Rosie or stage a battle between zombies and reapers. Russell, Rene and Autumn are all going to be reapers with disguised faces, masks, hoods, etc. Anyone want to be Zombies?


There are many large retail stores on this stretch of Colorado including Barney’s, GAP, Tiffany’s, Crate and Barrel, etc. Russell would like to visit the Apple Store in particular due to the fact that one of their “genius” security goons told him he couldn’t sit on the sidewalk in front of the store.


We figured it would be good to do our rebellion in the morning when people are in line waiting for the stores to open. H&M and The Apple Store both open at 10AM. We also figured that we could spend a few hours in old town and then hit the other rebellion at the Grove latter in the day. Or join forces and all do both.


We selected a meeting point landmark. In front of Castle Green under the arched overhang at 99 S Raymond Ave, Pasadena, CA 91106 at 10:00AM


There is street parking and a few garages over there. Carpooling would probably be a good idea considering the crowds.


We thought of bringing noisemakers such as a boom box, tambourines, kazoos or drums. Russell has about a hundred fake credit cards he’s been saving from his junk mail and will bring them. Rene suggested playing a Kayne West song about zombies. Rene was kicked out of the Grove for “aggressive caroling” last year. Autumn is making a sign that says, “Don’t touch this junk” with store logos underneath like Gucci and Chanel. (Reference to TSA groping). Russell will yell, “Bring out your Debt” (reference to grim reaper cry “Bring out your dead”). He also had the idea to visit the new Scientology HQ just for kicks.


That’s what we came up with. Any feedback or suggestions? Are these logistics doable?


Location: In front of Castle Green under the arched overhang at 99 S Raymond Ave, Pasadena, CA 91106.


Date: Friday, November 26th


Time: 10:00AM (if you are late look for us on Colorado Blvd between Raymond and N. Fair Oaks)


Details: Dress as zombies or reapers; bring signs, drums, kazoos, tambourines or a boom box. Spontaneous actions to be determined collectively the day of.