Crash Your Diet Supper Plan


1 # (or more!) of cooked, low-starch veggies (most veggies except for potatoes and sweet potatoes)

Cooking method: lightly steamed or in a soup. I like to make a huge pot of soup and eat on it all week.

Avocado, nuts/seeds, nut sauces (limit to ½ oz. nuts or 2 oz. avocado)


Beans, tofu, and tempeh, unlimited

Fruit or sorbet for dessert


Oils, salt or salty sauces (like soy sauce), limit Bragg's (it has sodium, too), dairy, eggs, meat, flours, sweeteners

Feel free to try some of the recipes in Eat to Live for supper. Make sure you make enough that you can eat on it for several days if time is an issue.


You should definitely be taking a B12 supplement by now since you'll be following a vegan diet for the remainder of this program. It also wouldn't hurt to supplement vit. D, zinc, selenium, and iodine. Avoid standard multivitamins as they have some potentially dangerous vitamins (A & E, for instance).