Minnesota Cricket Carnival 2014



Each team will be permitted to register a maximum of 10 players, although only 8 can be on the field at any time. All  the 10 players should be registered and should have signed the waiver form or sign online waiver thru ‘join as player’ link on the team page  and should not have played in any other team.


Each team is required to designate at least one volunteer Umpire. The tournament organizers will try to appoint the umpires to matches immediately prior to the match from which the umpire hails. It is preferable that the volunteer umpire has previous experience.


Scoring will be performed by candidates of both teams. The scorers will be provided scoring sheets and will be located next to each other in positions that have a clear view to the umpires. In case the fielding side does not have enough members to designate a scorer, a scorer will be provided by the organizers.

Match timings and Punctuality

  1. All matches are scheduled to start on time.
  2. Both captains or designated captains should be present for the toss before the start time.
  3. All teams are expected to be prompt and ready to play. Any deliberate delay in the start of a game will result in the guilty team being penalized overs or, ultimately, disqualification from the competition.
  4. Coin toss will be completed off the field, and both teams will be fully prepared to take the field as soon as the field is available.
  5. Teams completing a game are expected to exit the field in an orderly and efficient manner.
  6. All team members should be present before the match on the field. The game will not be held up due to the absence of any player of either side.
  7. Any side not ready to take the field will forfeit the match, or must take the field with 'player(s) short'.
  8. It is expected of all teams to finish one innings in 60 minutes and the match within 120 minutes. In order to accomplish this teams are expected to show up at least 30 minutes before the scheduled start time. This will allow time to sign waiver forms and coin toss.

Penalty for taking the field late

In case one team is not able to take the field due to players arriving late the following rule will be used to deduct overs.

If a team is able to take the field:
Before or on Time: No Penalty
After 5 minutes: Deduct 1 Over
After 10 minutes: Deduct 2 Overs
After 20 minutes: Deduct 4 Overs
After 30 minutes: The waiting team will get a bye

Game Rules

All matches will be played with medium hard tennis balls. We will provide bats, wickets and balls. Teams are welcome to use their own bats and safety gear.

 The matches will be played on Softball Fields. The games will be played as per the following rules: