SaturationFest brings together artists, musicians, local venues and event promoters to organize an annual arts & music festival in Riverside, CA. Print out this guide to stay informed about everything SaturationFest 2011.

*Schedule subject to change: check for most current schedule.

Thursday May 26, 2011

*Music: Clepto, Paul & Eric, Father-In-Law (Oakland)

*Artists: Amanda Holguin, Arnold Romero, Ashley Dee Abarca, Cat Cult, Cherie Savoie, Cindy Walker, Dave Warner, David James Call, Efrain Torres, Esther Miller, Gilberto 'Septemberboy' Sanchez, Jason Pierce, Jeff Johnson, Jorge Perez, Jerry De Santiago, Jessie Andra Smith, Joey M. Toohey, Jonathan Leiva, Josh Montelious, Josh Valencia, Katherine Dube, Katy Betz, Lindsey Chesus, Luis Sanchez, Maritza Torres, Melissa McCluskey, Nathaniel Osollo, Nataly Paige McBride, Nick Bahula, Nicky Alice, Pavel Acevedo, Peter Phun, Rachael Dzikonski, Rick Rodriguez, Robert Ball, Robert Visser, Sapira Cheuk, Scott Shakespeare, Shellie Vickrey, Steven Higgins, Tim Lynch, Vito Peralta, Walter Rockwell, Teodor Martin Dumitrescu, Raymond Argumedo, Sam Bonifas.

*Art Vendors: 6pm-9pm

T-Cycle, Artistic License, House of Flames, North Wind Leather, Recherche, and MammalChupie, Jon Roach

*Music: Captain Apache, Mute Point, Desert Family Business, Golden Afternoon, Mother, Alcon

* Art Vendors: Button, Button, Who!, Folktale Records, Upheaval Clothing, Dreadhead Soul, Pandaloo, Sweet But Deadly Accessories.

*Music: Naive Thieves + friends

*Artists: Michael Elderman, Jeff Ribaudo, Cosme Cordova, Scott Shakespeare, Dan Nguyen, Cat Cult, Rick Rodriguez, Amanda Millar.

Free Paint Wall Hosted by Jon Roach.

*Music: Inner Prisms, Shock Ray Blue, Joe Gil

*Artist: Eleanor Alvarez

Friday May 27,2011

*KUCR DJs spinning music

*Free KUCR stickers, buttons, and posters

*Free screen printing--Bring your own t-shirt to be screen-printed with the KUCR logo

*Free button making

*Music: Jon Atkins, Bear Johnson, Change Places

*Artist: Artist Martin Sanchez will give tour of his site-specific art installations from 5-6pm

*Music: Honest Abe, You Me & Us, Peanut Butter & Jamage, Sweet Nothing (Oakland), No Paws (No Lions), Freddy Nunez and the Shark Bernard Orchestra, Wyoming, Shovel and Gun.  $2 donation gets you a BOIS button!

*Art Vendors, @ Back to the Grind, 6-11pm: ActionForAnimals, superbeth1313, Petal Cove, Black Betsy Earrings Co., Pandaloo, North Wind Leather, Alex’Andra Designs, Them Dry Bones, house of flames, Sweet But Deadly Accessories, T-Cycle, Folktale Records, Recherche, MammalChupie, Dreadhead Soul, Las Cholitas

*Music: DJ Dave Warner, Park, +2 more

*Music: Fights (in the Orange Groves), Wires in Walls, Ninja Party

Saturday May 28,2011

^Loft: Art Supply Swap w/ Maggie Tello Case, 12pm – 1pm

^Loft: Lets make Stuff with our New Stuff! with Panda Anderson, 1:00pm – 2:30pm

**Papier Mache with Miski & Mono, 12:30pm – 2:00pm

**Sweater Decon with Tanya Sorrel, 2:30pm – 4:00pm

^Loft: Recycled Plastic Shrinky Dinks with Maggie Tello Case, 3:00pm – 4:30pm

*Artists: Block Printing Demonstration with Jeff Ribaudo, Create a Unique Print with Ray Esquerio, Zine workshops and Zine Reading Lounge with Zineworks, Live Screen Printing w/ Jon Roach ($15 for a Saturation T-shirt designed by Daino), How to make a Hardback Book with Ken Stansbury (1pm-3pm), Saturation Babyhead Exhibition with Cosme Cordova.

*Tablers: The Ken Crawford Collection (including first editions of Raymond Pettibon’s Tipping Corpse), Double Fur Press, Bitch King, Alaska, Made You Look, Jackie Joice, Ghost Town (CSUSB), Blood Orange Info Shop/AK Press, Totally Mag!, Pink Dreams Zine, Jeff Ribaudo, The Negative, Lonny Huff, Mosiac (UCR), Sending Icebergs, +more.  Readings: Mable -1:10pm, Elliot Fong - 1:20pm, Jackie Joice - 1:30pm, Alaska - 1:40pm, Mark Bunner - 1:50pm, Lonny Huff  -  2:00pm, Michelle Lin - 2:10pm, Angela Chaos -  2:20pm, Kazumi Chin - 2:30pm, Melisa Garcia - 2:40pm.

*Music: Natures Son, Michael Rey and the Woebegones, Summer Twins, Starving Daughters, Tes Elations, Mothers of Gut, Wizard Staff, Leisure Bones, NASA Space Universe, Death Hymn Number 9, Stab City


*Music: John Harvey, Sister Rodgers, Cafe + New Division, Kasino Gang, VCR Monster.

*Artists: Live art by Jon Roach.

Sunday May 29,2011

2pm-3pm- What is Permaculture?                        

2pm-3pm- Introduction to Linux                                

3pm-4pm- What is Permafacture?                        

3pm-4pm- T-Shirt Crafting                        

4pm-6pm- Introduction to 3D Modeling with Blender

4pm-6pm- Homebrewtality Demo, Learning to DJ with Jason Timothy and DJ                         RedBeef (@ Worthington’s)

6pm-7pm- How to Throw an Event                        

6pm-7pm- Learn to Crochet                        

7pm-8pm- What is Privilege?

* Art Vendors: Button, Button, Who!, Folktale Records, superbeth1313, Pandaloo, T-Cycle, Alex’Andra Designs, Sweet But Deadly Accessories, Jacqueline C. Photography, Dreadhead Soul, North Wind Leather,Them Dry Bones, MammalChupie, Recherche, RoachesNeedLuvToo, Melissa McCluskey-Carlson, Rob Mardis, ActionForAnimals

*Music: Supermarket Love

*Homebrewtality: Beer Brewing Demo with Herb (back patio)

*Learning to DJ with Jason Timothy and DJ RedBeef (inside)


*Music: Dan Coffman, The Martin Brothers Trio, Cuban Cigar Crisis, Son of Cecil, City Of Thieves, Winston and The Telescreen, Francisco The Man & The Murky Water District.

*Music: Turkish Techno, French Exit, Summer Vacation, Can of Beans, Horror Squad, Baby J

*Music: Breezy, Cabal, Summer on Rewind, Leather Tramps, Castle Pines, Everything Said, Sound Preservation Society.

*Music: J Hook, Dirty Suspect Division, Wild Pack of Canaries, The Truffles, Gorilla Fist, Annunaki, Thebes, Mxtr

Venue Locations

3575 University Ave. Riverside, CA 92501

3643 University Ave. Riverside, CA 92501

(Located in Studio #2 in the People's Gallery)

3597 Main St. Riverside, CA 92501

Frame Shop: 3850 Lemon St. Riverside, CA 92501

Basement Gallery: 3485 University Ave. Riverside, CA 92501

(Division 9 Basement Gallery is located on Lemon St. in the Life Arts Center)

3768 & 3770 Orange St., Riverside, CA 92501

3485 University Avenue, Riverside, CA 92501

3646 Mission Inn Ave. Riverside, CA 92501

3581 University Ave, Riverside, CA 92501

3580 Mission Inn Ave. Riverside, CA 92501

3948 Mission Inn Ave. Riverside, CA 92501

3587 University Avenue Riverside, CA 92501