Mild swearing, violence, bloodshed, torture, and references to major character deaths


Stephanie Roberts (A.K.A. TVNewsCam/Zania Turner) 2001-2016

A-Team Summary:

The Team meets up with two ghosts from their past.  One is seeking their help; the other bears shocking information - the A-Team is going to meet a horrible fate, beginning with the death of Hannibal, unless a certain scientist can find a way to change history for the better.  Will the A-Team survive and save their country?

Quantum Leap Summary:

Sam Leaps into a con man on the run from the Military Police, involved with an unusual group of criminals.  They are visited by a ghost from their past who is in danger, bearing top secret information that could have major ramifications for the United States.  Can Sam save their lives and avoid capture?

Author's Notes:

This story is a crossover between the A-Team and Quantum Leap. It is set before the following episodes within their respective series:  "The Sound of Thunder" and "Mirror Image.”  There are also three additional characters from other shows, two a creation of Donald Bellisaro and one by Glen A. Larson, which appear within this work.  There is also an appearance of the Challengers Club from MacGyver as this location makes sense for the perfect youth center for BA to volunteer his time at.  This is my first major attempt at fanfiction; comments are welcome, but go easy on me!  ;-)

Episode Spoilers:

Complete List of Episode Spoilers


"Mexican Slayride", "Children of Jamestown", "Black Day at Bad Rock", "Recipe for Heavy Bread", "Deadly Maneuvers", "The Only Church In Town", "When You Comin' Back, Range Rider?", "The White Ballot", "Quarterback Sneak", "The Island", "West Coast Turnaround", "Holiday in the Hills", "Cowboy George", "There Goes the Neighborhood", "The Bells of St. Mary's", "Heart of Rock 'N Roll", “Bounty”, “The A-Team is Coming, The A-Team is Coming”, “One More Time”

Quantum Leap:

"Trilogy", "Revenge of the Evil Leaper", "Permanent Wave", "Honeymoon Express", "A Leap for Lisa", "Lee Harvy Oswald", "Dreams", "Leaping In Without a Net", "Last Dance Before an Execution", "M.I.A.", "The Leap Home", "The Leap Home Pt 2: Vietnam", "Shock Theater", "The Leap Back", "Genesis", "Good Night, Dear Heart", "Future Boy", "What Price, Gloria?", "Ghost Ship", "Raped", "Another Mother", "Black and White on Fire", "Camakazi Kid"


“Fight LIke a Dove”, "Escape", "The Stavograd Incident"


“The Challenge”, “The Madonna”, “Tough Boys”, “The Gun”, “Gunz ‘N Boyz”


The characters and series involved are the property of their creators, Stephen J. Cannell, Donald P. Bellisario, and Lee David Zlotoff.  This fanfiction was written to promote both series, not for profit; no copyright infringement is intended.