SGVCSL Expectations of Refs and Ref Assignor

spring 2012, referee meeting at Calvary Baptist Church, 8:30am 3/10/12.

  1. Referee Assignors
  1. Ref assignor must reply to all phone calls and emails from AD’s and Admins.  Refusing to reply will mean forfeiting $25 of assignor fee per season per team.
  2. For the requesting school(s), ref assignor must rotate referee so that the same referee does show up at a home school’s site two games in a row.
  3. Assignor must verify the CIF status of a referee by collecting proof of CIF certification(s) for the sport being assigned to.
  4. Assignor must only use league registered and approved referees.  If assignor uses an unapproved referee, the assignor assumes responsibility for that referee’s pay.  League schools will “only” pay for the game(s) that a referee does with SGVCSL approved status.
  1. Referees
  1. Referees must register at  and be approved by SGVCSL before working a league game, as league member school will only be paying for the game that have been officiated by a SGVCSL approved referee.
  2. Referee agreement as of spring, March 2012:
  1. I will read and abide by SGVCSL sports rules.  During time outs or half time, I must listen to a coach who approaches me with the league rule in hand.  Refusing to hear the coach or to abide by SGVCSL sports rules would mean to forfeit my pay for the game.
  2. If the other referee does not show, I will not be paid more by the schools.  
  3. If I'm late to a game, I will be paid only for the "full" quarters worked.  (e.g. If I am not ready on the court/field 10 minutes prior to game time, 15 min. for volleyball and softball, my pay will be reduced by 1/4.)
  4. If I do not show without notifying the ref. assignor, I will pay ½ of pay to the referee who had to work without me. (on second no show, my name will be removed from all games and from assignor’s list.)
  5. I will follow the online game schedule for date, time, and location.
  6. I will not inquire about a check until 10 business days have passed.
  1. If approached by a coach with league rule in hand, referee must take the time to review the rule and enforce it.  Refusing to do so will mean that the referee is forfeiting pay.  No judgement calls.  Both sides will be heard by the league president before decision is made.
  2. Referee understands that their non CIF status will mean less pay according to league’s non CIF pay scale.  
  3. A referee who threatens to leave the game will no longer be allowed to ref. SGVCSL games.
  4. Refrain from making unnecessary comments to players, coaches, and/or spectators.
  1. Please do not coach or make helpful comments to players
  2. Please do not discuss the calls made with anyone during or after the game.  Please direct spectators to their AD, and AD’s to the league.
  1. Please address any negative comments or questioning of calls immediately.  First offence- ask coach to deal with it.  Second offence- team penalized.   Third offence game is forfeited.  Please see sportsmanship rules on league individual sports rules.