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Alliance News

October 24th 1901




By the death of Mr. Samuel Swindlehurst, of Barrow, at the age of 72, another of the few remaining links which connect the Temperance movement of to-day with that of its earliest Preston origin and development has been snapped. Being the son of the late Thomas Swindlehurst, of Preston, who, although his name is not among the first seven that signed the pledge, was more closely and actively associated with the early prpaganda of the movement than some that were, Samuel Swindlehurst has been, so to speak, a part of it from its rise, and during its development up to the present time. No one knew the earlier history of the movement better than he, and he possessed documents, medals, and momentos of these old time days of a very interesting and valuable character.

For several years Mr. Swindlehurst was a member of the Board of Guardians, and up to the time of his death was a prominent Rechabite and Good Templar. Up to the very last he took a deep interest in all phases of the Temperance cause, and during the two most successful open-air Alliance missions conducted by Mr. William Pearson this year, was actively associated with them. He was also one of the pioneers of the P.S.A. movement in the town. Ever since its formation he had been a member of the Barrow auxiliary of the United Kingdom Alliance, and was latterly for many years vice-president. The inhabitants of Barrow are much indebted to his untiring efforts in the interests of the Temperence movement, and his death has caused profound sorrow to his wide circle of friends. During the early hours of Sunday morning, October 6th, he was seized with an alarming illness, and before medical aid could be secured, had expired.

        The funeral took place on Wednesday, when there was a very large attendance of sympathetic friends. The Alliance was represented by Messrs. Green, Charnley, Middleton, Gallagher, and others, and there were also representatives from the Rechabites, Good Templars, etc.