This is an updated version of my old Google-document from 2009, with my own Illuminati/NWO videoplaylist and links.

I have now transferred and uploaded these videos from my old Googlevideo-channel over to my Youtube-channel.


I left some videos out from the old list, but kept most of them.


To visit my old Google-document with all videos included and links please visit:

(In May 2009, Google unfortunately blocked my ability to edit more on that document (for reasons unknown),

So I have not been able to update that since May 2009.

I therefore apologize if there are any "dead" video-links on that document...)


This is the list of "my" Illuminati videoplaylist from 2009 which I have reuploaded now (April 2011) on Youtube.

Important: They are not actually MINE!, they are just various videos which I uploaded from Googlevideo at that time.

I then edited and renamed them, and uploaded them in chronological order on my own Googlevideo-channel ...


I   Illuminati Five Sense Conspiracy

II  Illuminati ET/Spiritual Conspiracy            

III Illuminati Conspiracy/How to stop it    (Renamed from “Matrix Conspiracy/How to stop it”)


Please watch some of these videos in the correct chronological order to understand the "Big picture" ...

Illuminati Five Sense Conspiracy:


1 Project Paperclip-Nazi-Bush family-connection

2-1 CIA Bush Clinton and global drug traffic

2-2 CIA Bush Clinton and global drug traffic

2-3 CIA Bush Clinton and global drug traffic

2-4 CIA Bush Clinton and global drug traffic


3-1 World Intelligence agencies are behind 9/11

3-2 British Intelligence Mi5 Annie Machon talks

3-3 British Intelligence Mi5 David Shayler talk

3-4 Mike Ruppert on CIA's involvement in 9/11

3-7 Mike Ruppert "CIA/MOSSAD involved in 9/11"


4-2 USA- UN/British Queen/Monarchy- connection

4-5 They are creating a facist New World Order

4-7 Who is the Illuminati? Fritz Springmeier

4-8 The movie "Shadows in motion" - Illuminati

4-10 Alex Jones interviews Aaron Russo

4-12 Jim Marrs lecture: "Rule By Secrecy"



Several NWO-speeches by Illuminati mind controlled puppets (politicians and presidents)


Some NWO-speeches and some NWO-warnings


Illuminati symbolism


“Endgame 1.5”


“The Obama Deception: The Mask Comes Off”


“Fall of the Republic: Vol. 1, The Presidency of Barack H. Obama”


“Invisible Empire: A New World Order Defined“



5-1 David Icke-Illuminati and the money system

5-2 Euro first,then Amero,soon World Currency


6 Illuminati wants Fema-prisoncamps/martial law

7-1 Human population reduction plan: Aspartame

7-2 Human population reduction plan: GMF I

7-3 Human population reduction plan: GMF II

7-5 Human population reduction plan:Fluoride I

7-6 Human population reduction plan:Fluoride II

7-7 Human population reduction plan:FluorideIII

7-8 Human population reduction plan: AIDS

7-9 Human population reduction plan:Vaccines I

7-10 Human population reduction plan:Vaccine II

7-11 Human population reduction plan:Chemtrails

7-12 Human population reduction plan:Cellphones

7-13 Human population control plan:Microchip I

7-14 Human population control plan:MicrochipII

7-16 Dr. Begich on harmful technology I  (ELF)

7-17 Dr. Begich on harmful technology II (ELF)


8-1 The Satanic Vatican-Nazi-USA connection

8-2 Erich Priebke- a nazi protected by vatican

    8-3 Pedophilia in the satanic vatican

8-4 CIA-pedophilia/human sacrifice/satanism I

8-5 CIA-pedophilia/human sacrifice/satanism II

8-6 Pedophilia in the White House I  (Bush Sr)

8-7 Pedophilia in the White House II (Bush Sr)

8-8 White House -Sex slave program "MK ULTRA"

8-9 MK Ultra victim- Cathy O'brien I

8-10 MK Ultra victim- Cathy O'brien II

8-11 MK Ultra victim- Cathy O'brien III

8-12 Fritz Springmeier: Mind control/Microchip



David Icke:  Illuminati created all Religions for mind control 


David Icke’s take on "New Age" (just another mind-control religion)


Jordan Maxwell:  "Toxic Religion"                                                           




Illuminati ET/Spiritual Conspiracy:

1 Intro

2-1 Aliens are here- Cover up by government

2-2 Alien/Manmade Ufo's- pics/video captures

2-3 Moon and Mars-Mystic pics/video captures

2-5 Disclousure Project press meeting

2-6 Disclosure Project Witness Testimony I

2-7 Disclosure Project Witness Testimony II

2-8 William Cooper 1989 - ufo/alien secrecy

    2-10 Al Bielek- Intro + Secret technology

    2-11 Al Bielek- Nazis, aliens and Mars

    2-12 Al Bielek- Illuminati alien technology

    2-14 Al Bielek-more on Illuminati alien tech

   2-15 Richard Hoagland-What is on Mars? 2001



“UFO The Greatest Story Ever Denied”  


“Secret Space Volume 1 – The Illuminati’s Conquest of Space”

3-1 Secret Illuminati alien/military bases

3-2 Barry King on alien/military bases

3-3 Alien and PLF abductions of humans

3-4 Drawings/Pictures from underground bases

3-5 Bill Hamilton on alien/military bases

3-6 Phil Schneider:Alien bases/Black budget I

3-7 Phil Schneider:Alien bases/Black budgetII

3-8 P. Schneider:Alien bases/Black budgetIII


4-1 Reptilian-ET's and other alien races

4-2 Alex Collier intro - the alien contactee

4-3 Alex Collier 1994 on reptilians and greys

4-5 Alex Collier 1996 What's on Moon/Mars?

4-6 Stewart Swerdlow:Reptilians/Human history


Several Whistleblowers/Researchers talking about Reptilians (Draconians):  





“Secret Space Volume 2 – Alien Invasion”

5-2 Aliens created Humans as a slave race

5-3 Michael Tsarion - Origins of evil

5-4 The Illuminati-Reptilian connection        

5-9 Creation of Illuminati Bluebloods

5-10 The reptilian brainstructure in Humans

5-11 David Icke on Illuminati and bloodlines

5-12 David Icke on Illuminati shapeshifters

5-13 Credo Mutwa interview 1998 on reptilians         pt 1

                                                                                                                  pt 2

5-14 Satanism-Worshipping of astral entities

5-15 Arizona Wilder on Illuminati cermonies


6-1 Stewart Swerdlow-Illuminati/Mind control1

6-2 The Montauk Project One Mans Story

6-3 Al Bielek- Microchips and mind Control

6-4 Al bielek- Illuminati and abducted kids

6-5 Stewart Swerdlow-Illuminati/Mind control2 

6-6 Mi6 James Casbolt-Aliens/military bases

6-9 Dr Deagle lecture on Illuminati 

6-10 Freeman Perspective with Dr Deagle

6-11 Al bielek -The Big Cosmic Conspiracy

6-12 The secret Illuminati project HAARP 1

6-13 The secret Illuminati project HAARP 2

6-14 The secret Illuminati project HAARP 3

6-15 Staged alien invasion/New world religion

Illuminati Conspiracy/How to stop it:

1-1 Alex Collier 2008 - Spiritual teachings

1-3 Michael Tsarion on consciousness II



Recommended EXTRA material, must see!!


David Icke at Brixton Academy, UK, may 15th 2010








What I believe to be.......

The 13 Illuminati Hybrid Bloodline Families (50/50% reptilians/humans - bluebloods) that dictates the world:

1.  Rothschild (Bauer)         -The most powerful family -Here we find "Pindar (which means “Penis of the Dragon")

                                                                               which is the highest ranking hybrid person in the Illuminati.

                                                                               He reports to the pure-bred Reptilian leader in the inner-earth.  

2.  Bruce                                  

3.  Cavendish (Kennedy)                                                  

4.  de Medici

5.  Hanover

6.  Hapsburg (Habsburg)                                                                         

7.  Krupps                                     

8.   Plantagenet                                    

9.  Rockefeller

10. Romanov

11. Sinclair/ St Clair

12. Warburg (del Banco)                                                                                               

13. Windsor (the German house of Saxe-Coburg-Gothe)            

Although these families are fighting among themselves about world domination, their common goal is a NWO global fascist state, consisting of:

1. A World central bank  

2. A World currency  

3. A World army  

4. A Microchipped world population (exept themselves)

(Underneath these 13 families we find Committee of 300 families)

A good weblink with more detailed information about the 13 Bloodline families and Committee of 300:


Recomended links:

Dulce underground alien/military base (DUMB-Deep underground military base)

Alex Collier

"Project Camelot" Bill Ryan and Kerry L. Cassidy


David Icke

Stewart/Janet Swerdlow

Recomended books/articles/lectures:


Alex Collier

 "Defending sacred ground" (on internet,free):

Alex Collier 2002 lecture

David Icke



 "The David Icke Guide to the Global Conspiracy (and how to end it)"

 “Human Race Get Off Your Knees. The Lion Sleeps No More”

Stewart/Janet Swerdlow



 "Blue Blood True Blood: Conflict & Creation"

 "Montauk: The Alien Connection"

 "Stewart Says..."

Recomended DVD's:

Stewart/Janet Swerdlow


"Conspiracy Con 2006 & 2007"

"Illuminating the Illuminati"

"Blue Blood True Blood DVD"

Other Illuminati- Authors/Researchers of interest:

Alex Jones             



Jordan Maxwell    


Michael Salla       


Michael Tellinger      

Richard Hoagland  

Cathy O'brien       


Other web-links: