Chairman:  Mr T May Tel:  01752 851031

Clerk:  Mrs Vicki White Tel:  01503 232771 Email:

Website –

A meeting of St Germans Parish Council will be held at the RBL, Tideford

on  Monday 30 April 2012 following the Annual Parish Meeting


Public participation for a maximum of 10 minutes

1.        Police Report

2.        Apologies for absence

3.        Approval of Minutes of Meeting held on 26 March 2012

4.        Matters arising from the previous minutes

4.1        Highways – ongoing issues

4.1.1    Highways – new items

4.2        St Germans and District Twinning Association – Report from Cllr


4.3        Neighbourhood Planning and the Localism Bill – A presentation was

            given at the Cornwall Gateway Community Network meeting on 4.4.12.


4.4       Parish Online Evaluation Licence (Mapping) – update from all Cllrs

            Parish Online News - April           

4.5       Review of Polling Districts and Polling Places

4.6       Resolution that the service of the monthly summons by email is approved

4.7       Website.

            The domain name is to be renewed on 9.5.12 for £36.72

            for 2 years if we wish to continue.

            Any Parish Council with a website must publish the Register of Interest

            Forms for all members and co-opted members

4.8       Xtravert Ramp

            St Germans Recreation Group would prefer to have the funds promised by the

            Parish Council for the provision of a ramp. This money would be used only

            for this purpose but as they must take full responsibility for the ramp, they

            would then be able to have total control of the project.

4.9        Local Maintenance Partnership 2012/13 – Offer of Grant of £410 for the


5.        Playparks

            Digley Associates forwarded the Inspection Record Sheets on 5.4.12. These

            were passed to Cllr May and Cllr Barnes for the first inspections

5.1        St Germans                                    


5.2        Tideford

            The Digley report on the ramp was received on 19.4.12 and was forwarded

            to the Real Ideas Organisation for their comments. Their response has been

            emailed to all Cllrs possible


6.        Burial Ground

6.1       Application from Pidgen & Son for an ashes interment of Mrs K A Hoskin at

            Plot CR12 on 4.4.12 – see 7.4. The clerk approved the interment.

6.2       Enquiry regarding records for George Herbert and Kate Ivory. The clerk

            consulted with Cllr Elliott and has replied        

6.3       Complaint from Mrs Weale regarding the cremated remains area of the burial


6.4       Complaints regarding the grass cutting and the number of floral tributes on

            individual graves

6.5       K.O’Reilly was given permission for the interment of his uncles ashes on

            27.2.12 (6.2 refers). Would the Parish Council allow the interment to take

            place on a Saturday or Sunday?

7.        Finance

7.1       Douglas Tonks invoice for the clerks March salary plus their admin fee –


7.2       Cornwall Mole Catcher invoice for work at the burial ground - £50

7.3       Quercus invoice for burial ground grass and Memorial Tablet, play park gully

            and bins - £150.00

7.4       Burial Ground Fee from Pidgen & Son for ashes interment of Mrs K A Hoskin

            at Plot CR12 - £90 (see 6.1)

7.5       Bacs Payment advice from Cornwall Council of the first precept payment –


7.6       CALC invoice for Annual Membership Subscription for 2012-13 - £352.62

7.7       Request from the Chairman of the Tideford & St Germans RBL for a donation

            towards bunting/flags/balloons for the Diamond Jubilee celebrations

7.8       Clerks expenses for April 2012 - £182.70

7.9       Barclays Community Account statements 164-166 reconciled to the cash book

            as at 31.3.12 - £6493.92

            Barclays Business Saver Account statement 100 reconciled to the cash book as

            at 31.3.12 - £33747.53

            Total bank balance as at 31.3.12 - £40241.45

7.10     Port Eliot request for the Chapel Garden Rent and the Tideford Playing Field

            Rent to be paid annually by Standing Order in March and September


7.11     Quercus invoice for grass cutting, strimming Treland Park and hedge

            trimming at Tideford Play Park - £1155

7.12     Douglas Tonks invoice for the clerks April salary plus their admin fee -  



8.        Planning Applications – None Received

9.        Planning Decisions

            The following decisions have been made by Cornwall Council:

9.1       PA12/00618 - Approved

            Homeleigh, Tideford Cross                                              Mr & Mrs Binfield

            Construction of a garden cabin to be used as ancillary accommodation

9.2       PA12/02261 - Approved

            Meadowsweet, Trerulefoot                                               Mr & Mrs Thompson

            Proposed erection of single storey side extension  

9.3       PA12/00925 – Prior Approval not required

            MOT Centre Venture Filling Station, Polbathic                Mr & Mrs Brown

            Prior notification for the demolition of redundant and vacant MOT testing


9.4       PA12/01989 – Decided not to make a TPO

            Fox Cottage, St Germans                                                    Mr S Boumphrey

            Works to trees within a conservation area namely to fell 11 trees, crown lift 1,

            remove chicken wire , sever ivy and fell 1 tree

9.5       PA/12/01355 - Approved

            5 Eliot Drive, St Germans                                                  Mr C Anscombe

            Construction of first floor side extension over existing garage

9.6       PA12/01717 - Approved

            Anos I Boy, Quay Road, St Germans                               Mr & Mrs Lindeyer

            Construction of porch

10.        Planning Correspondence and Reports

10.1     Cornwall Council advising that the weekly lists will include ‘Screening’ and

            ‘Scoping’ Opinion requests from developers

10.2     East Sub-Area Planning Committee on 11.4.12 at Liskeard

10.3     Meeting notes of the Cornwall Gateway Panel Meeting on 4.4.12 and an

            invitation to a Local Council Planning Forum on 25.4.12

10.4     East Sub-Area Planning Committee on 2.5.12 at Liskeard

11.        Correspondence Received

11.1     Thanks from the Polbathic Hall Committee for the additional donation of


11.2     St Johns Ambulance will provide ‘Essential First Aid’ training at a fee of £30

             per person.

11.3     Cornwall Gateway Community Network meeting on 4.4.12 – Agenda

11.4     Cornwall Council advising of changes in the way they work with suppliers

11.5     Community Energy Plus- ‘Warm Me Up’ is a 3 year Big Lottery funded

             project which provides training and a caseworker to help people

11.6     Cornwall Council enclosing ‘Your Guide to Winter Wellbeing’, designed to

             help the community to keep warm, well and safe during the winter months

11.7      Urgent message to Town and Parish Councils – rubbish, recycling and garden


11.8      Nut Tree – April edition

11.9      Fences that last forever from Sustainable Options

11.10    SLCC – courses and conferences taking place

11.11    Rural Services Network – weekly email news digest

11.12    NALC – Financial Briefing – VAT

11.13    Fuel Shortage – Message from the Portfolio Holder for Community Safety

             and Public Protection  

11.14    Leader Message to Members 2.4.12, 5.4.12

11.15    Fields in Trust policy success – newsletter

11.16    Cornwall Council Funding Bulletin – Arts & Culture, Business & Economy,

             Environment & Heritage, European & International, Health, ICT, Schools &


             Southwest Region funding and news bulletin – only page 1 printed

11.17    Rural Services network – Rural Opportunities Bulletin April 2012

11.18    Olympic Torch Relay Briefing and Celebration of Sport

11.19    Details of the new community bus available in PL12 areas – Saltash Hopper.

             On all notice boards

11.20    CRCC Survey of Local Council Views relating to Affordable Housing

             Provision in Cornwall

11.21    SLCC – minutes of the Cornwall Branch meeting on 22.2.12

11.22    SLCC – Localism Act – Standards – Local Code of Conduct

11.23    Empowering Town and Parish Councils to help end government delays

11.24    Glasdon products for local councils

11.25    Cornwall gateway CNA Panel on 18.7.12 at 6.30pm at the Eliot Hall, St


11.26    Allotments – MyColony web based management system

11.27    Jubilee Bunting and Street Party Supplies – order now

11.28    Cornwall Council – draft Code of Conduct which the Standards Committee

             would welcome comments on by 6.6.12. Emailed to all possible Cllrs

11.29    CALC’s The Week newsletter with Code of Conduct Update

11.30    Pirate FM advising that Global has announced its intention to stop

             broadcasting from Cornwall

11.31    Invitation to the Parish Council to the opening of the Polbathic Hall on

             11.5.12 at 2.00pm. Clerk to confirm numbers by 6.5.12

11.32    Enquiry from Mrs Ball, nee Travers, requesting further information of Henry

             William Travers and Emma Travers who lived in St Germans in the 1860’s at

             15 King Street and 2 Eliot Square

11.33    Cornwall Council Leader Message to members 20.4.12

11.34    Devon & Cornwall Police Authority – e-newsletter April 2012

12.        Informal Correspondence