Whenever it has rained within 24 hours (even if it is bright & sunny out), please check our website for the latest field status.  The FIELD STATUS link is in the left column, under QUICK LINKS on our website's home page www.ayso20.org

Please check before leaving for the fields.  A field open in the morning can be closed in the afternoon due to rain, or a wet field closed in the morning may dry out and be opened later in the day.

The field report is displayed by the City of Santa Monica.  However, the fields may be closed by SM AYSO for other reasons, such as lightning or poor air quality.  In such cases, we will override the City's field report & indicate as such.

Lightning is often a judgment call on the field.  Practice Chaperones should be on the look out for lightning during practices and advise coaches to cancel the practice if they see lightning.  On game day, that responsibility falls with the referee.  Please keep our kids safe and err on the side of caution.

For guidance on Lightning, please refer to the Environmental Hazards section of the ”Guidance for Referees & Coaches” manual, which is a downloadable PDF posted on both the coach & referee pages of our website.