Lab A2 Transcript- Shane Jones

(to whole class)

Good morning class! My name is Mr. Jones I’ll be subbing for your phys ed teacher today. Before I get started I actually need a couple people to help out with a demonstration. So I need Justin and Eric to come over here real quick.

(to Eric and Justin)

Eric I want you to take a jumpshot and when he’s done I want you to run up and take a right handed layup.

Barely Missed!

And there you go that one’s in!

(to whole class)

Alright, I wanted to show you guys that because it shows that layups are the most effective shots in basketball. They are the most effectively made shots in a game, so that’s what we’re going to be doing today. As this poster shows there are a few cues to remember when doing a layup. If you’re taking off from the right side you want to take off with your left foot. This means you want to take off with your opposite foot. Next is you want to pretend there’s a string between your knee and elbow, so that means when you’re going up you want it to be with one smooth motion. And last thing is, you definitely want to use the glass.. the glass is your friend you want to aim for that square and you’ll hopefully make it

so can I get 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 over here and you other 4 over there. We’re going to be doing right handed layups. You guys are going to be rebounding the basketball after they’re done.

So Justin do you want to go first?

Good Job!

Good rebound!

Good Job Emily!

Remember there is a string between your elbow and your knee.

Good job stepping with the opposite foot.

Good job Steve!

Alright, if you guys want to pass the balls over to this side we’re going to try left handed layups

Same thing as last time except this time you want to take off with your right foot since it’s a left handed layup.

Here you go Eric

Good Job! Make sure you take off with your left foot (Wrong instruction)

Good job Justin!

Did everyone get a chance to go through?

Alright, everyone hold up for a sec!

This time we’re going to work in the outlet pass.

Alright so after you get the rebound you’re going to come out to here and the person is going to pass it to you and then you’ll pass it to the other line.

So we’re focusing a little on passing too. So right handed layups on this side.

(to Will)

Yup! Just a right handed layup.

(to Cody)

Pass it to them and then come over here.

(to Eric)

Eric, now you pass it to Cody and Cody will pass it over to Sarah. Just like that!

(to whole class)

Alright good job! Can everyone bring it over here? Good job today guys I really liked what I saw, um, can someone tell me any one of the three performance cues to remember when taking a layup?

(to Emily)

Yup, off the glass!

(To Sarah)


(to Cody)

Opposite foot!