The Track Daddy is the quickest way to lay down a derby track made from tape and rope.  It rolls easily along the ground and dispenses tape and rope at the same time to create a WFTDA regulation track border.  It is recommended that you have your track pre-drawn on your bouting surface, however if this is not possible the Quick Draw track measurement system can be utilized to easily draw a track using just two people!

Parts list:

  1. Track Daddy
  2. Outside rope and spool
  3. Inside rope and spool
  4. Track Tape (duct tape is NOT recommended, as it has no stretch and will not go around the corners easily)

Track Daddy Setup

  1. NOTE:  It is recommended to start at the entrance to a turn for the simplest experience.
  2. Ensure the rope spools are attached to the Track Daddy so that they unwind from the top down towards the wheels.  The winding handle should point AWAY from the aluminum frame, or it may get caught during unwinding.
  3. Load tape onto the tape spool, and extend the tape down towards the wheels.  The tape should go through the guide spool, and wrap around the wheels, “sticky side out.”
  4. Place the track daddy on one of the track borders, and push it along, unrolling about 4 inches of tape along the border.

  1. Pull the appropriate rope (inside or outside) towards the wheels, feeding it through the guide hook, and then sticking the tip in the center of the wheels.  Make sure the rope is not excessively loose!

  1. Roll Track Daddy forward, over the tip of the rope.  The rope should be pulled under the wheels.  NOTE:  The tape and rope do not stick together as well as they could.  This was done on purpose to make cleanup easier!  The tape will hold the rope fine once stuck to the ground.
  2. The Track Daddy is now ready for use!

Using Track Daddy

  1. Begin to roll the Track Daddy along the pre-drawn path.  As mentioned above it is recommended that you start at the entrance to a turn.
  2. Observe the tape as you roll along.  Particularly on the inside turns, the tape likes to “flip” over itself.  (This is particularly noticeable with non-vinyl tapes).
  3. If the tape doesn’t stick well to the surface, have an assistant follow behind while walking on the tape and rope you laid down.  You can use your own feet for this, but you will look like you are badly failing a sobriety test, so an assistant is preferred.
  4. Once you finish the turn, stop at the beginning of the straight section.  Have an assistant remove the spool and unwind rope all the way to the beginning of the next corner.  Pull this rope slightly taut to keep it straight.
  5. Drive Track Daddy along the slightly taut rope until the beginning of the next corner.
  6. Stop at the entrance to the corner, and re-hang the rope spool on the Track Daddy.  Wind any loose rope back onto the spool, and return rope to the guide hook.
  7. Continue rolling Track Daddy along the borderline of the track!

Changing tape

  1. When tape runs out, tear off any excess tape that didn’t lay down properly.
  2. Temporarily pull the rope out of the guide hook and lay it to the side.
  3. Lay down about 4 inches of tape along the existing tape, stopping where the tape turns into bare rope.
  4. Loop the tape back over the wheels, through the guide spool, and hang it on the tape spool.
  5. Re-run the rope through the guide hook, and remove any excess looseness in the rope.
  6. Continue rolling Track Daddy along the borderline of the track!


  1. Pull up the tape and walk along the rope while peeling the tape upwards and off of it.  This should prevent little “ribbons” of tape from sticking to the rope.
  2. Roll the rope onto the spools by turning the spools COUNTERCLOCKWISE when facing the side with the handle.  This will allow the rope to dispense in the proper direction next time the Track Daddy is used.  Please use the crank to wind the rope, this will prevent it from twisting and getting snagged when it is next deployed.
  3. Go enjoy the afterparty!