A Cold Night
by Marcos B. Garcia

I never believed

Life was so short

Everything passed so fast through my eyes

When you realize

That everything is gone

And you are alone in this world


For your time

With no courage to fight for something

Looks like

No one cares

If you will live or die

I’m sitting alone

In a cold night

Hearing the noise of the cars

Feeling the beat

Of the city’s heart

It seems it’s the one thing alive

And I pray

I cry

I hope someone wakes up one day

And do

What I could not

Show the world we are still human beings


One tear for life

One toast to the stars

The last drop of wine

The last shine of light

We need a war to see what we have done  

We need to kill one another to know what is peace

We need to lose everything to know what is right

But you could start right now, just open your eyes