Campus Kitchen at UMass Boston

Leadership Team Application

Leadership Team Objectives

The Leadership Team provides students a leadership experience opportunity to take on a position of higher responsibility in the day-to-day operations of the Campus Kitchen at UMass Boston. Students will take an active role in everyday activities, as well as in the growth and continuation of the Campus Kitchen, while simultaneously learning the basics of non-profit management and organizational structure.


The Campus Kitchen at UMass Boston is a groundbreaking program that brings high schools, colleges, student volunteers, on-campus dining services professionals, and community organizations together to combat hunger through serving meals and education. The project coordinates food donations and volunteers as well as prepares and delivers meals to non-profit agencies. The Campus Kitchen also provides service learning opportunities for students.

Responsibilities of LT Member:

Expectations of LT Member:


  1. Visit to learn more about The Campus Kitchens Project.
  2. Each candidate is responsible for completing the application below, submitting a resume, and scheduling one interview with the Campus Kitchen Coordinator.
  3. Submit the application with your resume to the Campus Kitchen Coordinator.  You may e-mail your application to  or drop it off in person on the third floor of the Campus Center, #3407 (we are housed with Student Activities and OSCLE).
  4. If you have any questions, please contact Campus Kitchen Coordinator, Lindsay Wallace at or 617.287.7909.


Name ________________________________________________________________

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Current Major and Department ____________________/_______________________

                                                Major                Academic Department

What is your class status in 2011-2012?  

(    ) Freshman (   ) Sophomore           (   ) Junior          (   ) Senior         (   ) Graduate

(    ) Community Member (non-student)

Do you have access to a vehicle for transportation?

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Please list and describe any activities, leadership involvement, employment, etc.

Please answer the questions below and write a brief response to each.