Bylaws of the ATC Parent, Teacher, Student Coalition         Amended November 13, 2012

Bylaws of the Academy for Technology and the Classics’ Parent, Teacher, Student Coalition

Article I: Name

The name of the association shall be the Academy for Technology and the Classics’ Parent, Teacher, Student Coalition (ATC PTSC or PTSC).

Article II: Objectives

The objectives of the PTSC are:

  1. To plan and coordinate activities that supplement the academic program and enhance the school's sense of community;
  2. To encourage and facilitate communication between families and the school's administration, staff, and Governing Council;
  3. To plan and coordinate fundraising to support identified activities and priorities.

Article III: Membership

All parents or legal guardians of an ATC student, all teachers and administrators, and all ATC students may participate as members of the ATC PTSC.

Article IV: Executive Committee

The PTSC shall be governed by an Executive Committee consisting of elected officers and appointed chairpersons of standing committees. These positions are all non-paid and voluntary. The terms of the office for all members of the Executive Committee shall be two years, commencing with their installation at the last general meeting of the PTSC of the school year.

Elected officers may only serve for a total period of four consecutive years for one elected office.  This requirement does not prohibit elected officers from serving up to a total period of six consecutive years for different elected offices. No two family members shall serve on the Executive Committee simultaneously.

Article V: PTSC Executive Committee Officers and Duties

The elected officers shall consist of the following:


The elected officers shall assist with the development of annual objectives of the PTSC. The officers have full authority to take action on the PTSC’s behalf while considering the best interests of the PTSC and ATC. The officers actions will adhere to the Santa Fe Public School Code of Conduct and the PTSC Bylaws.

President: The President presides at all PTSC meetings. The President shall insure that regular meetings of the PTSC are held; that an agenda for the meetings is created prior to meetings which are available for review by members of the organization. The President shall be a cosigner on the PTSC bank account. The President insures there is effective communication between ATC Administration and the PTSC.

Vice-president: The Vice-president presides at all PTSC meetings in the absence of the President. A vacancy in the office of the President will be filled by the Vice-president.

Secretary: The Secretary insures that minutes of the Executive Committee and general meetings are in typewritten format and made available within a reasonable time frame for review and approval.

Treasurer: The Treasurer accounts for PTSC funds. The Treasurer accepts and deposits funds in the PTSC bank account, writes checks as requested by the President and as agreed upon by the Executive Committee or the full PTSC, reconciles bank statements, and provides financial updates at PTSC general meetings or as needed.

Communication Officer (CO): The Communication Officer insures that contact information for members of the PTSC is current and maintained for electronic and hard-copy communication. The CO insures that information about activities of the PTSC is posted and/or communicated to all PTSC members.

Volunteer Officer (VO): The Volunteer Officer coordinates the activities of volunteer project chairs of PTSC activities. The VO acts as a liaison between the ATC Administration and the PTSC members regarding needed support of volunteer opportunities.

Fundraising Officer (FO): The Fundraising Officer coordinates activities of fundraising project chairs. The FO assists the PTSC to determine the annual fundraising goals, activities, and to evaluate the outcomes of those activities relative to goals and future changes to fundraising activities.

Article VI: Subcommittees

There will be Subcommittees established as necessary to carry out the objectives of the PTSC. These committees and their functions will be established by the elected officers in conjunction with the general membership. Participation on Subcommittees, including chairpersons, shall be non-paid and voluntary.

Article VII: Elections, Installation, Vacancies, Resignations, Removals

In order to be eligible for an elected position on the Executive Committee, an individual must be a voting member of the PTSC (see Article III).

Elections and Installation

Elections are held annually at the last PTSC general meeting of the school year. Nominations for elected positions can be made at any time prior to or during the general meeting. Elections may be by show of hands or secret ballot as determined appropriate by a majority of the members present. Selection of officers shall be based on a majority vote of members present at the meeting. No proxy voting is permitted. Installation of the newly elected officers shall be effective immediately. All documentation and records shall be made available at the last meeting of the PTSC of the school year.


A vacancy occurring in an office shall be filled by a vote of the Executive Committee. In the event of vacancy in the office of President, the Vice-president shall fill the vacancy.


Any PTSC Officer may resign effective upon giving written notice to the a) President of the PTSC, b) the Secretary, or c) the PTSC as a whole, unless the notice specifies a later time for the effectiveness of such resignation.


PTSC Officers may be removed, with just cause, by a vote of the PTSC Officers. Such removal must take place at a general meeting.

If a PTSC Officer misses four (4) consecutive meetings, regular or special, that position may be declared vacant by a vote of the PTSC Officers, which may be done on motion by a member of the Executive Committee.  If a PTSC Officer misses six (6) consecutive meetings, regular or special, the President shall declare that Officer’s position to be vacant at or before the next general meeting.

Article VIII: Meetings, Quorums, Voting

The PTSC shall schedule monthly general meetings during the school year. General meetings should be scheduled in advance by agreement of the membership and are open to the entire PTSC membership. Special PTSC meetings may be called by a vote of the elected officers or a written request to the elected officers. A majority vote of the members present at a general or special meeting shall constitute action taken.

Meetings of the Executive Committee and Subcommittees shall be scheduled based on need by the members of the committees and minutes shall be kept of meetings. All minutes shall be submitted to the Executive Committee for review, as necessary and appropriate. Members of the Executive Committee may attend meetings telephonically if agreed to by the Executive Committee members and if suitable telephonic technology is available.  Business may be conducted by electronic or telephonic methods as necessary and appropriate.

For the purposes of the Executive Committee, four (4) members of the Executive Committee shall constitute a quorum and a vote of four (4) members of the Executive Committee is necessary to take action.  Each member of the Executive Committee is entitled to one vote. Proxy votes are not permitted.

Article IX: Financial Management

Fiscal Year

The fiscal year of the PTSC shall be from July 1 to June 30.

Disbursement of Funds

It shall be within the authority and discretion of the Executive Committee to determine the disbursement of funds generated through fundraising events. Any funds received through donations shall be deposited to the general fund of the PTSC, and its disbursement shall follow the format set forth in the fiscal policies stated in these Bylaws.

Funding requests of less than $400 may be disbursed by the Treasurer with approval by a vote of the Executive Committee. Funding requests of $400 or greater must be presented at the next general meeting and voted upon by the members present. For purposes of funding requests, approval may be granted by a majority of members present. Reasonable expenditures associated with PTSC-organized fundraising events may be approved by a vote of the Executive Committee, regardless of the amount.

The Treasurer shall report on expenditures (amount and purpose) approved by the Executive Committee.

Vendors and Service Providers

Vendors and service providers shall be approved by the Executive Committee.  Executive Officers shall not participate in the selection of or influence the selection of vendors or service providers that are members of their family or in which they would financially benefit.


The Executive Committee will ensure that an annual audit of the financial records prior to the end of the fiscal year is performed. An individual or a committee, which may be from the PTSC membership at large,   will review the financial records of the PTSC. The audit is to be performed after the bank records and ledgers are reconciled by the Treasurer, but before the first general meeting of the school year. The auditor must provide the Executive Committee members with a written report of findings and suggestions.


In the event that the PTSC is dissolved, all funds remaining in its accounts, after outstanding obligations are met, will be transferred to one of the following organizations. If the first organization listed no longer exists, or is unable to accept the funds, the next organization listed becomes the recipient.

  1. A succeeding ATC parent/teacher organization.
  2. The Academy for Technology and the Classics.
  3. Dollars4Schools (
  4. New Mexico Coalition for Charter Schools (

Article X: Ethics

PTSC members and elected officers will act in service of and benefit to the ATC community. Members and Officers will hold themselves to the highest code of ethics when conducting the business of the PTSC and will also act consistently with the SFPS Code of Conduct.

Specifically, the following tenets will be observed:

Article XI: Review and Amendments to Bylaws

The Executive Committee shall review the Bylaws biannually or as frequently as deemed necessary. These Bylaws may be amended at any regular or special meeting of the PTSC by a simple majority vote of the members present.


Revision History

November 2012

Article I

Article IV

Article V

Article VII

Article IX


Amendments to the ATC Parent, Teacher, Student Coalition’s Bylaws were reviewed and approved by membership present at its November 13th, 2012 General Meeting.

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