Measured distance: Piketberg – Scheppie Saus

Approximate distances

Landmark / Indicators


* From the N7 circle, travel along Kerk / Kloof Street, pass the Hospital (R) and continue until you reach the 1st traffic intersection (Kerk/Kloof & Loop Street).

* Cross this intersection and pass Piketberg Fisheries (R) and Dunlop Tyres (L) until you reach the 2nd traffic intersection

* At the 2nd traffic intersection, turn right into Langstraat / Long Street, and travel all the way down until you reach a skew T-junction

* At this T-junction, turn right - you will now be travelling on the R366 and in the direction of Versfeld Pass / Eendekuil / Lamberts Bay

 Approximate distances between landmarks

Below are some BASIC landmarks en route to Scheppie Saus

+/- 1 km

(L) Turn off to Versfeld Pass - continue travelling past

+/- 2 kms

cross a low water bridge

+/- 4 kms

(R) Turn off to Eendekuil - continue travelling past

+/- 7 kms

cross a low water bridge

+/- 6 kms

(R) Turn off to Lamberts Bay on R 365 - continue travelling past

+/- 4 kms

you will be approaching a (L) Turn off to Moutonshoek - this will be a green signboard

the following will be further landmarks

* to the right front is a white signboard:  Barnard Kontant winkel

* to the left front is a blue signboard:  Scheppie Saus


Turn left onto the Moutonshoek Road, please note that this is a gravel road through to Scheppie Saus

Notes the road surface conditions

* corrugated – on both sides of the road

* potholes – on both sides of the road

* compact & loose sand – mainly towards the end of the gravel road


be aware of oncoming traffic around corners

+/- 5 kms

you will approach a fork in the road, keep (R)

+/- 1 km

you will approach a black & yellow chevron warning ahead

slow down as the road curves gently to the right


thereafter you will notice traffic signs for Horses ahead

Paddocks to the (L) and (R)

NOTE:  Speed limit is 40 kms

Cross a low water bridge

+/- 2 kms

Road narrows for a low water bridge – this is a single car crossing


as you cross the bridge, the road forks

keep (L) and reduce speed

Please consider the animals and the people

continue to drive past the paddocks on either side

again reduce speed to 20 kms per hour

+/- 1 km

Ahead is a cluster of houses

drive slowly and look for two white gate posts, which will be off to your left – follow the road

ahead is a palm island

stop at the house on the left – SCHEPPIE SAUS