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Laura Czerniewicz

 An educator in multiple spheres all her life, Associate Professor Laura Czerniewicz has worked in the field of educational technology at the University of Cape Town for over a decade, previously working in publishing in Zimbabwe and South Africa. The recent Director of the Centre for Educational Technology, she now takes up the position of Director OpenUCT leading the university's initiative to open up its knowledge resources to all with internet connectivity and engage in the open education agenda from a Southern perspective. Her research interests include open education, students' digitally-mediated practices, digital identities and the field of learning technology as a scholarly domain.

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Your university educator for open education.

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location: cape town, western cape province, south africa.

professional title: associate, professor, director, cet, openuct, OUI, open uct initiative, SCAP, Scholarly Communication in Africa

activities: research, leader, learning technology, technology, education, open, access, psychology, theory, scholarly communication

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