Comparative Study - VMTTC Vs Other teachers training programmes available in the world.

Study was conducted to learn the ways to improve our VMTTC Training.



Online VMTTC by www.e-gurukul.net


          Mostly DVD’s, 1 online course, Course at one

particular Location.

Combination of Self paced Video Lessons/Complete Forum Support/ Live discussion meetings/Follow up etc

Virtual Campus


Yes - State of Art technology Virtual Campus with all comprehensive online features.

Trainer experience

Very fe     Local experience.

Top notch can’t get any better than learning from expert

VM trainers with International experience.

Certification Course details

Hardly any TTC available except few.

Approx 15 hrs with 2 sessions per week/40 hrs training programmes/15 days certification programme etc.

36 Video Lessons/09 weeks/Can be completed at one’s pace from any part of Globe - No travel is required, Learn from expert trainers based in different parts of Globe.

Students will gain priceless knowledge of VM.


Need to be based in that city/for live sessions need to be available during the session Time/Session time may not be suitable to various time zones.

No travel is required – Can learn from comfort of one’s home.All interested students based in different parts of globe can take advantage of online course.

100% Eco Friendly Online Training.

Franchisee Model

Yes – Majority of courses


Strict Selection

Easy to get in


Certificates with Conditions

Yes with lot of conditions for Trainers

Mostly certificate not valid internationally.

No strings attached - International certification.

Can students learn from any part of globe, any time zone

only 1 course is on offer with no support between sessions - Not suitable for half of time zones.

Yes. Any time - self Paced, 24/7 Forum Access, Live session recordings etc.

Trainer access between lessons

None (may be in emails)

Ongoing Forum support and monthly Live discussion sessions


Few tests/Assessment

Weekly tests, Project work, Forum participation etc

Course Content

             Content may be applicable in their

respective country.

General and will appeal to anyone from any part of globe.

Forum Support


Yes – 24/7, Can post questions, interact & Network with trainer, other students etc

Document Sharing tools


Yes inbuilt

Group Doc Sharing



Live Chat


Yes inbulit

Reporting/Follow up/reminders



Free worksheets/Manual

Material included in the course Fee

Yes - 100% Free.

Final Certification

Not too difficult

Tough assessment process with online tests, project work, overall performance with min 70 % as pass mark

Paid Staff/Training

Yes - organizations/Groups/Individuals.

Full time paid admin and technical staff

No paid admin and technical staff– Group of Individual Volunteers managing Virtual campus, Forum moderation and management, Training management etc.Approx 500 Combined  Volunteer Hrs for each 09 weeks training, Multiple activities run in campus and portal.

Batch size

15 or 20

No Limit – can accommodate even 500 students or more.


None to the provider

Students pay upfront fees, they value the course and chances are more that they take interest to complete the training, if not loss is theirs.

High risk to e-gurukul.net.

Since knowledge is given away for free, there will be a tendency for students to take training for granted, if students learn the subject and do not complete it as per standards , it is a loss to e-gurukul  team  in terms of Time investment(Voluntary Hours) and also admin work for each inactive student/Students who do not graduate.

ROI - Return on Investment of Time on Inactive students will be zero.

Most importantly it doesn’t fulfill the noble mission of creating quality trainers.


  • No free programmes on offer.
  • Basic training programme only. Starts from $150( no features available)
  • Non Profit Organizations - Funded by Corporates, Govt Agencies etc.
  • Students need to travel to remote city of one country. Not practical for students spread across globe.
  • Companies - $250 - 8 Videos/8 sessions only (no other features)
  • $400 to $600 - Courses with less content with no forum support and all other features.

No Fees - Upholding Ancient Gurukul system of Education.

Dakshina - Students choice and option.

Conclusion : It is quite encouraging to learn that perhaps e-gurukul.net is the only online portal in the world offering comprehensive VMTTC for free from 2010.

It is indeed an humbling experience for entire team of Vedic ganita kranti from e-gurukul. We feel blessed that we are doing our bit in taking this wonderful Ancient Science to global Audience.We believe in continuous improvement and We sincerely hope that we will be instrumental in creating more and more skilled, quality and dedicated Vedic maths trainers from various countries across the globe.

At the service of Ancient Knowledge - Vedic Maths

Together we can make a difference by lightening Vedic maths knowledge lamps across the globe.