Key Information to Know About Weekend

  1. We recognize that having a destination wedding comes with drawbacks.  One being that not everyone will be able to make it.  We know that coming to California is going to be expensive and with school just starting back, it may not be the best time for people with kids. So we understand completely if it doesn’t work out for you to be there and will not be offended or hurt.  We just appreciate you in our lives!
  2. The wedding & reception are going to be adults only due to limited space at the ceremony and at my parent’s house.  
  3. The weather is usually between 80-90  degrees over Labor Day weekend.  Has a tendency to get a little cooler at night so it’s good to layer.
  4. If you go to the beach, wear LOTS of sunscreen.  The sun is more intense in California then home and the sun reflects off the sand.  If you don’t want to spend your weekend lathered in aloe, take precaution. :-)
  5. You will want to rent a car for the weekend.  In general, everywhere you go in California you can figure a half hour drive. :-)
  6. For hotels, the closer you go to the water the more expensive they get.  The more inland or less resort like you go, the more economical it becomes.
  7. We will be providing things to do for the bridal party and immediate families throughout the weekend, but everyone else is on their own for activities.  Please see the “things to do” link for ideas.
  8. The wedding will be at 5pm.
  9. The reception will be immediately following at my parent’s house.
  10. If there is anyone that you can share a rental car with that would be great.  The ceremony site has limited parking.  
  11.  We’d like to have the extended family at the ceremony at about 4:30pm for some pictures before the ceremony.
  12. If anyone is vegetarian or has food allergies, please be sure to tell us so you don’t starve at the reception! :-)
  13. Be sure to keep checking the blog for more updates.  This list may grow as time goes on. :-)
  14. Wedding will be casual attire.  Probably not jeans necessarily but guys definitely don’t need to be in suits and girls don’t have to be in fancy cocktail dresses.  Sundresses for women and hawaiian style shirts or polos for guys is totally fine. It will probably be hot during the ceremony so dress accordingly so you’re comfortable.