UW Honors Program in Oxford - Research Projects: Updated 7/17

Group 1: Harry Potter (Clara, Kristin, Agazit)

Questions: How is Harry Potter a reflection of British millennial culture and how has it influenced British identity?  What are the sociological and historical issues?  How does the impact of Harry Potter compare to other popular literature of this time (1991 - 98)?  Has Rowling’s success been an example for other people in the UK (rags to riches)?  Has she created an “American Dream” for the UK?

Group 2: Devolution (Aaron and Benjamin)

Question: What impact did the Blair administration have on the promotion of political independence of Northern Ireland?

Group 3: Gender (Stephanie, Anna)

Questions: What are the social constraints of sexuality in B.M.C., and where did they originate?  What issues are there for men and women?  What has changed since the Victorian era and what is still in place, in terms of constraints for gender?  Have there been any changes in social attitudes towards women over the past 20 years.  Will be looking at poverty rates among men and women, as well as issues pertaining to the workforce.  If possible, will also examine the issues as they compare to women in rural areas vs. urban.

Group 4: Gender (Jaime, Jenna)

Questions: What are the social constraints of sexuality in B.M.C., specifically, as it influences the following: women’s rate of graduation from institutions of higher education; women’s participation (voting) in major elections.  These two activities reflect a certain level of emancipation for women, and will compare them with women in the U.S.

Group 5: Architecture (Gawon, Cassie)

An examination of contemporary British architecture, perhaps, specifically as it pertains to Oxford.  Questions: How does contemporary architecture interact with historical?  Rather than demolition, why do British architects prefer to adapt old to new?  How have materials changed from older Oxford architecture to new?

Group 6: Hong Kong Independence (Julia, Vicky)

An examination of the treaty that provided for the independence of Hong Kong from British rule.  Questions: What were the terms of the treaty?  What was negotiated to achieve the agreement?  How did the average British citizen feel about the treaty?

Group 7: Black British Culture* Change to: Welsh independence (Kaitlin, Isaiah)

Questions:  Has the UK government allowed Wales more political independence over the past 20 years?  What are the implications for Wales?

Group 8: Higher Education in Britain/Role of Oxford University (Kevin, Charlotte, Han)

An examination into the importance of Oxford U in the British educational system and British culture.  Questions: How do students end up at Oxford?  What is the process?  Why are they more motivated/successfull than others?  How does the UK higher ed system differ from that in the US?  Investigate students’ experience at Oxford - good, bad, neither?