Fine Tuning Protocol

1.Establish working norms

a)    Hard on content, soft on people

b)    Listen Mindfully

c)    Feedback is Kind, Helpful and Specific

2.Teacher presents their project (3 mins)

a)        Describe the project (What are the essential questions/learning goals?)

b)        Describe the process of collecting evidence (What are the strategies you have put in place and what is their purpose? What do you hope to assess and how are you going to do it?)

3.Presenter’s burning questions (1 minute)

a)        Presenter poses questions to the participants for the later discussion

4.Clarifying questions (3 minutes)

a)        Participants ask clarifying questions about the project.

b)        Question should be simple enough to answer with a yes, no or similarly short response.

5.Probing questions (6 minutes)

a)        Participants ask questions in an effort to understand better the presenter’s thinking, decisions and purposes.

6.Discussion (6minutes)

a)        The presenter does not speak for this part.

b)        It is not about the presenting teacher – it is about the project and the presenter’s question(s)

c)        Questions for participants:

                                               i.         What strikes me about the project?

                                             ii.         What questions has it raised for me?

                                            iii.         Is the planning sufficiently rigorous?

7.Response (3 minutes)

a)        The presenter responds, saying how they now view their project, having heard the group’s response.

8.Other teachers respond to the presenter (4 minutes)

a)        What are the lessons in this for my own project?

b)        What am I learning from this?

9.Group debrief (3 minutes)

a)        What struck you about this process?

b)        How might you use/adapt this process in your own setting?