1999 to present – Senior Researcher, V.A.Fock Physics Institute, St. Petersburg State University.

Teaching Activity

2011 to present - Associate professor, Department of Physics, St. Petersburg State University;

2000 to 2011 – Senior Teacher, Department of Physics, St. Petersburg State University;

1998 - 2000 – Assistant, Department of Physics, St. Petersburg State University.

Scientific Fields and Expertise

  1. Multimode quantum memory based on Lambda-atoms. High-speed quantum memory.
  2. Optical Parametric processes in continuous variables: optical parametric amplifier (OPA) and optical parametric oscillator (OPO), investigation of three-mode statistics OPO above threshold, multimode squeezed radiation of sub-Poissonian laser and degenerate OPO.
  3. Quantum dense coding protocol for optical images: dense coding scheme for continuous variables, multimode in space and time optical quantum communication channel, parallel dense coding of non-stationary optical images, the Shannon mutual information, superior to the standard quantum limit.
  4. Induced photon statistics: we have proved that under the specific conditions, the photon statistics of the three-level laser duplicate the photon statistics of the exciting laser. Application of this phenomenon to analyze the statistical properties of a laser involved into a feedback process.
  5. Elaboration of the quantum fluctuation theory of vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers (VCSEL's): quantum Stokes parameters, quantum self- and cross correlations, fluctuation spectra, polarization squeezing, sub-Poissonian statistics. Application of the theory to VCSEL's with equally-lived laser levels, a role of physical phenomena such as spin-flip and optical anisotropy (linear birefringence and linear dichroism). Analysis of stability of linearly polarized lasing modes.

Participation in the Internation Projects


Invited professor position in Universite Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris, France (2009).