Importing a Test, Survey, or Pool

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Importing a Test, Survey, or Pool

Importing a Test, Survey, or Pool

Instructors can import previously exported tests, surveys, and pools. This is an effective way to share them with other instructors, as well as to save and archive tests, surveys, and pools for later use.

To import a Test, Survey, or Pool:

  1. Click the Course Tools link of the Control Panel.

  1. Click Tests, Surveys, and Pools on the expanded menu.

  1. Select the appropriate manager. For this example, we will select the Tests page.

  1. Click the Import Test button on the Tests page.

  1. Click the Browse my Computer button to search for and select the test zip file stored on your computer, disc, or thumb drive. To upload a test zip file from your content collection folder, click Browse Content Collection.

  1. Search for and attach the test package file previously exported by Blackboard. Once attached, click the Submit button to import the test. The imported test will now be listed in the test manager.

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