Finding Literary Criticism

This Session:

Choose the right place to research

Select appropriately scholarly sources

Understand resources related to your topic

Study Guide

source: Innocent English


Use the English category

Each one’s a little different.

source: Mr. Vac & Mrs. Sew

Search Tips

Limit to Literary Criticism | Scholarly Journals

Start broad, then narrow down

source: Gracie Liu Shih Tzu

A source doesn’t have to repeat your thesis to be useful.

Use sources that disagree with you, then say why they’re wrong.

Use broader sources, then say your thesis is a specific example.

Use narrower sources, then say they’re a specific case of your thesis.

Be creative!

There are many ways to reuse literary criticism for your own uses.

Don’t give up!

Remember to look in multiple places.

When in Doubt: Ask a Librarian

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