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The San Jose Occupier

Outreach Roller-Coaster Finds a Happy Groove

After a confusing Sunday GA last week, with visitors from other groups, this week our Latino Outreach started to get on the track that we wanted all along. On Saturday there was a march for immigration reform that left Story and King on a 3-mile route to City Hall.  Several of our members joined the march to show their individual support, and literature was shared to explore several area in which Latino causes overlap with OWS.  At our site, speeches were giiven by Voluntarios de la Comunidad and by Occupy San Jose members, then we shared some hot food and good times. Rough starts were forgotten and new friendships made. Stay tuned!

Newsletter in Flux: share your thoughts!

This was a busy week, with travel to Occupy Oakland and the run-up to Latino Outreach 2.0, so we didn’t exactly get many articles :-(

Here at the SJO, we are wrestling with printing.  One way to go is to  pay 10 cents/page to print 200 copies, another is to solicit enough volunteers to donate a few issues off their own printers, yet another is to send the SJO out as a PDF and ask folks to please print their copy and leave it behind in a box after GA, for others to read during the week, especially visitors off the street.  It’s our green option.

Also, please tell us which format you prefer: Letter-size stapled,  or booklet?

What do you think? Please email us at SJoccupier@gmail.com

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People’s classroom • Occupy San José • November 6, 2011


Facilitator: Patrick O’Connell

The Mostly Unknown History of Nonviolent Struggle

Wednesday, November 9, 8:30-10:00 pm, City Hall Plaza, San Jose

There is a vast history of people power or nonviolent struggle that is usually left out of our history books.  This workshop will begin with a presentation of some of these struggles, and continue on to a discussion of what they have to teach us.


What’s Class Got To Do With It?

Friday, November 11, 5:00-7:00 pm, City Hall Plaza, San Jose

Gil Villagran, a Social Work lecturer from San Jose State University and longtime activist, will discuss why class matters for thinking about the problems of the 99%.  And how class plays into our current wars and military recruitment


We have started to notice that within our midst at OSJ there are lots of experienced activists. Tuesday Talks is a series of informal testimonials and discussions with activists from within OSJ and the broader San Jose community.  The talks begin with a featured activist sharing his/her personal testimonial. They will talk about what brought them to activism, what they have been involved with over the years, and what they have learned about strategies of resistance.  The testimonials are followed by an open discussion about activism in which people can share their own experiences and raise questions.


Tuesday, November 15, 8:30-10:00pm. City Hall Plaza, San Jose

You may have met or seen Shaunn at the occupation. She is a regular overnight occupier, and as it turns out has been an activist since her college days when she got involved in organizing political groups on campus and programs for feeding the homeless.  Come meet Shaunn as she kicks off the series for us


The General Strike: History, Possibilities & Report Back from Oakland  - Adam Welch

Sunday, November 6, 2:30-4:00pm, City Hall Plaza, San Jose

    In response to police brutality and repression of the right to protest Occupy Oakland organized a General Strike this past Wednesday. We will be presenting a brief overview of what a General Strike is and its history. Hear report backs from Occupy SJ participants who attended and discussion on 'What does this mean for the Occupy Movement?' Come hear the stories and share your thoughts!

Building Community: How To Listen So People Are Heard - Robert Niederman

Sunday, November 6, 4:00-6:00pm, San Jose Peace & Justice Center, 48 South 7th Street

    Are you frustrated by our communication problems?  Have you noticed that our inability to communicate is building distrust and keeping us from coming together? Would you like to learn more effective ways of listening that can help us overcome these challenges and refocus on the problems that originally brought us together?  If so, please join us for this Nonviolent Communication workshop.  $5 suggested donation to help pay facilities fee.

Doing Democracy! The MAP Model for Organizing Social Movements - Patrick O’Connell

Saturday, November 12, 5:00-7:00pm, City Hall Plaza, San Jose

A discussion based on the book “Doing Democracy!” by Bill Moyer.  This book provides activists with an understanding of the process that social movements go through and the different roles we all need to play to build a successful movement

Reflections from the Anti-Vietnam War Movement - Gil Villagran,

Monday, November 14, time TBA

A Conversation About Power & How It Works - Patrick O’Connell,

Wednesday, November 16, 8:30-10pm, City Hall Plaza, San Jose

The Rise of Disaster Capitalism - Patrick O’Connell,

Saturday, November 19, 5:00-7:00pm, City Hall Plaza, San Jose

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