Unthreaded Conversation View

Gmail now offers users the ability to switch between conversation view and the traditional message-based unthreaded view. When a user switches to unthreaded view in 'Settings', messages are no longer grouped together into a conversation, and each message is shown as a separate entry in the inbox.

Read more about unthreaded conversation view in this blog post

Priority Inbox

Priority Inbox is a new, alternative view of your Gmail inbox that helps solve the problem of email overload. With Priority Inbox, Gmail automatically identifies your important email and separates it out from everything else, so you can focus on what really matters.

Learn more about priority inbox in this video or read more about it in the Help Center.

Starred items

In Gmail, you can mark priority messages just as you can add a red flag in Outlook. Simply click the star icon (next to the sender's name) to star a message (click it again to remove the star). To see all the messages that you've starred, click the Starred link on the left side of your account.

Google Mail Labs feature: You can enhance the starring feature by enabling the Superstars lab in your account settings. This experimental feature allows you to use different types and colors of stars by toggling through a handful of icons, giving you another way to prioritize and flag your email.

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