Playstuff HL team writeup - UGC Week 2


The practice match went well I thought, hopefully you’re now all familiar with the similarities and differences between warmfront and coldfront. As you probably noticed, the elevated ramp area at second makes it much easier to push in from that direction, and sitting comfortably behind last to defend is no longer viable which makes pushing into the large last room easier too.


On rollout to mid, demo does his thing and gets there ASAP, calls where enemy demo/combo are coming from if they’re fast to mid, and locks down chokes. Scout should help demo and then focus on their right entrance to give our sniper some cover from there, and pounce on some picks if the opportunity arises. Sniper goes cliffs and looks down their right entrance and towards their cliffs. Soldier whips up our combo to get everyone to mid ASAP - caller will say whether combo should go main or left, but assume main. Heavy is with medic, pyro is pocketing our combo, soldier can either provide additional cover for our combo or jump enemy cliffs to deal with a sniper. Engie spams mini-sentries to deny health/ammo. Spy does usual own thing. Combo should use the cover of the house to protect from snipers and get in the face of their combo, everyone remember to focus fire their power classes starting with the heavy.

attacking second

The right entrance is horrifically chokey so should only be used by spy or by late flankers after their attention is drawn away elsewhere by our combo. Our main pushing force should be through either main or ramp, but preferably ramp as it gives the height advantage and decent sightlines. The main combo should push up into and then down from ramp area with uber, sniper follows up after a second or two and uses the long sightlines (watch for likely enemy sniper at back right), scout/engy can flank right or pop out through main and get the cap rolling.

attacking last

All the entrances to last are a good distance from the cap, meaning we’ll likely be forced to pop a good bit before we can get in range. Each entrance has its pros and cons, but my personal preference is a combination of left and middle, since you get decent cover and visibility from the screens until quite close to the point and have options on different ways into the middle of the room. Combo/ubered classes will be responsible for destroying sentries and killing the defenders, other classes should also focus fire their combo as well as begin the cap to force them to focus on defending the point rather than countering and killing our combo.

Alternatively, depending on how and where the enemy are defending the combo may push down the right tunnel instead, with support classes coming through middle and left to flank. Which play we use will be called at the time.

defending second

The main threat is a push in from the ramp room, so our combo and demo should be up there controlling this entrance and stopping them from gaining the high ground. The other team did this pretty well during the practice match, and spam from there forced us to retreat a few times and made life difficult for us. This leaves the main threat as picks from a sneaky flanking sniper or spy, so pyro be on your toes around the combo and keep spychecking. Scout, engie and soldier will be responsible for controlling left and middle entrances and deterring attacks, although if they do push through middle our combo can just descend on them from the high ground and mop up. Soldier should move to ramp to help if we need more firepower there. Sniper can rotate between left and ramp looking for pick opportunities and countersniping if their sniper tries to sneak in the door near main entrance, spy does usual thing.

defending last

We need to have people up at the chokes forcing the early uber, because if we let them get far into this room before they pop there’s not much we will be able to do. Combo should be tucked in between left and middle entrances so they can react quickly to attacks from each entrance, engie can stick dispenser here too to keep people topped up. Demo is probably best locking down the right entrance as the low roof is good for stickytraps and the slope helps pipe spam. Scout can help him on this side. Soldier should take left entrance, with possible help from sniper since this entrance has a decent sightline.