Reunite Alma and Her Mother

Mothers all around the globe are uniting in solidarity with Habiba, a young Spanish-Moroccan nursing mother whose 15 month old daughter Alma was taken from her because she refused to stop breastfeeding.  

  On May 30, 2011, the Minor and Family Institute of Madrid, Spain (IMMF - Instituto Madrileño del Menor y la Familia) decided to separate Alma and Habiba due to not accomplishing the goals of their program of psychotherapy and ‘maternal skills’ that involve abandoning extended and on-demand breastfeeding, as they consider it to be ‘chaotic and prejudicial for boys and girls’.  The shelter’s anti-breastfeeding policies, which lack scientific and legal basis, force mothers to take a medication to dry up their milk.

No legal procedure was or has been followed to separate this mother from her daughter.  She was not allowed to say goodbye to her daughter and she was not told where they were taking the child, provoking feelings of severe helplessness.

Habiba was thrown to the streets in the same moment that her daughter was taken, and told there was no longer a place for her as the residence was for mothers and she did not have a daughter anymore. A humanitarian aid foundation has given her protection, shelter, sustenance and legal aid.

We consider the case of Habiba and her daughter to be a severe violation of Human Rights and Children’s Rights. The damage is already done, but if mother and daughter can reunite it can be healed. We demand the immediate release of the child to her mother.

Please Help reunite this family!