Lesson 1: Hunters and Gatherers

Guided Notes

Name: _____________________________________________

___Prehistory__________: period of time before people developed systems of writing

How can we learn about people before there was anything written down?

_Archaeology_____________: __studying the past through artifacts___________________________________________

Examples of Artifacts:




-ashes from fire

__migrate___________: Human movement

        How do Artifacts help us? ___teach us about the past____

Early People started in: __Africa_(only a theory)____

Traveled: ___North___________________________

Then Divided in half:  One group went: ____Europe_________________

                        Second group went: ____Asia__________________


___11,000______ years ago the earth was in an Ice Age

What does Ice Age mean? ______Ice covered the earth (glaciers)________

What happened when ___glaciers__ melted? __1. More water in the oceans and seas. 2. Good land for farming

Ice Age animals




        -sabre tooth tiger

        -american mastodon

How did people get to North America?

        **___Beringia_____________  or the ___Bering Strait

Early Americans

        1.   (look at the last slide on the Lesson 1 PowerPoint) Thank you.