Jill Groce

Genealogy Writer, Editor, Researcher

jgroce @ verizon . net



For more than thirty years I’ve been an editor. I’ve spent my professional life changing periods to commas and vice versa, shortening long sentences, lengthening short sentences, and improving the text. But what does improving mean? Sometimes it means precise obedience to the rules, but most of the time I just make the copy correct, consistent, readable, and true to the author’s intent.

Nowadays it’s my joy to help people uncover their family’s history. I’ve been writing and editing genealogy research reports for six years for MyGenealogist.com. I search and look up documents at the Library of Congress, the DAR library, the National Archives and National Archives II, the Maryland Hall of Records, Maryland Rooms, Virginia Rooms, genealogy libraries and the Family History Center of the Mormon Temple in Kensington, MD. I do my best to carry out meticulous research according to the highest genealogical standards.

Even though I’m doing research, I’m still an editor at heart. Editors can’t help it—we see things. We’re the ones with what’s called the editorial eye. We just can’t let it alone. I still edit fiction, nonfiction and science, but family history research is my first love.

May I help you?