Auto-Submit in Timed Tests

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Auto-Submit in Timed Tests

Auto-Submit in Timed Tests

Timed tests can be set to auto-submit student attempts at the expiration of the timer.  When this option is enabled, Blackboard will automatically save and submit the students attempt, regardless of completion.  In previous versions of Blackboard, student attempts continued after the allotted time expired, with attempts going over the limit displayed in the Grade Center with the Needs Grading symbol.   Setting this option to OFF retains the old functionality.

Note:  If your test will be attempted by a student with a disability that calls for extra time during testing, it is recommended that you add an exception for students who will receive extra time to complete the test.

To enable auto-submit for a test:

  1. Click the Options button for the deployed test, then choose Edit the Test Options on the drop-menu.

  1. Scroll down to section two, Test Availability and click the checkbox next to Set Timer.

  1. Set the time limit for the test.

  1. Change the Auto-Submit option to ON.

  1. Click Submit.

Student test attempts will now save and submit automatically once the timer expires.

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