Key Information

Saturday, August 25th

Start and Finish: Directors Park

Portland, OR

Packet pick-up:  12:30pm - 12:55pm

Race time: 1:00pm - 4:00pm

General Veg Quest Rules

If more than one team is present at a checkpoint location at the same time, the teams will complete the challenge in the order in which they arrived. During the race teams MAY NOT engage in unsportsmanlike or illegal conduct. Verbal or physical aggression towards the public, local officials, other participants or Veg Quest organizers, acts of vandalism, theft or harassment may result in disqualification from the race, at the discretion of the Veg Quest organizers.


Veg Quest organizers reserve the right to disqualify any participant or team for any reason at any time upon their discretion. In the event of physical injury, sickness, accident or any other incident which may bring into question an individual's ability to safely complete the race, Veg Quest organizers may disqualify the team. No registration refunds will be given for any reason.


During the race every team MUST:


Veg Quest will happen in rain or shine!


The What’s

What is Veg Quest? Veg Quest is a wild urban vegan adventure. Teams complete exciting mental and physical challenges while discovering the city in a fresh way!

What is the refund policy?

Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds for any reason. You may pass your entry onto someone else. Just make sure we have your replacements name, or they tell us when they check in.

What if I am on the quickest team and am the best dressed (in my opinion)?

You are awesome! But please keep in mind that teams and individuals are only able to win one prize so that others have a fair opportunity to win something.

What are the prizes?

The winning teams will have the choice of a prize pack that would include things such as gift certificates, products and other goodies.

What time should I arrive?

If you are already registered you can come check in around 12:45pm. If you are registering the day of you need to be at the start no later than 12:30pm.

What should I bring?



What if I can't find a checkpoint?

Don't give up!  Keep looking, ask for help and get creative! Phone a friend or ask a stranger.

What if it rains?

Wear a jacket. The checkpoints won’t melt.


What happens if I accidentally miss or go to the wrong checkpoint?

Try to catch this before you check back into the finish otherwise, unfortunately, you will be disqualified from winning prizes.

What if I get hungry?

We encourage you to bring snacks and water, or money to buy something from some of the checkpoints. There may be some food eating challenges, though not full meals by any means, so keep that in mind as well. Finally, there will be some light snacks at the beginning and end of the race

What types of clues will I be completing?

You will be presented with a variety of challenging and unique tasks! You may encounter a Physical Challenge, a Puzzle, a Brain Teaser, or a taste test.

The Where’s

Where is Veg Quest based?

Portland, Oregon

Where do we meet?

Directors Park, look for our big banner

The When’s

When do we get our BINGO card?

All the teams will get their BINGO cards when they check in. You can start solving and racing at the same time immediately following the announcements at 1:00 pm.


When do we get prizes?

There will only be 3 prizes given for the fastest teams completing BINGO (3 lines), Blackout, and the best dressed team. Teams who finish early must be present at the finale, during the announcement of winners, to take a prize pack home. Everyone will have the opportunity to leave with a Thank You gift.

The Will’s

Will maps be provided?

No. It is up to each team to provide their own city or public transportation maps.

Besides walking, will this require intense physical activity like climbing walls?

No but remember this event is slated to last 2 hours and will require some forms of exercise although none of the exercises required will be strenuous. We will have options for challenges that are unable to be completed physically. Veg Quest is not a test of strength, but rather, a test of wits and endurance. This challenge is crafted so that brains are just as advantageous as brawn. Feel free to walk or run the hunt, as long as you have fun and make it back to base.

Will I have to wear matching or coordinated costumes/uniforms?

No, but matching t-shirts/ costumes are STRONGLY encouraged

Will I have to know the city like a tour guide? 

Nope, but it helps if you are somewhat familiar with the quadrants and general N, S, W, E direction. Think on your feet, be ready for anything and you'll have a shot to win. Remember to ask people on the street for help as well!

Will I have to sign a waiver to compete in the race?

Yup. No suing allowed. You will be required to sign one before being able to compete in the race. You can also print out the waiver to sign and initial to bring to the race.


Will I have to eat things?

Possibly, but you won't have to eat large quantities of food or gross food. Think slices of pizza, cupcakes or the like. Food allergies are understandable and will be taken into consideration. Be sensible and remember your own food allergies. No one will be forced to eat anything, but someone on the team will have to complete the task for it to be considered complete.

Will I need to visit the checkpoints in order?

No, this year teams can go to the checkpoints (BINGO squares) in whatever order they want in order to complete BINGO (3 lines) or Blackout. Pro tip: Map the stops so you can cover as many as possible in any part of the neighborhood.

The How’s

How much does it cost?

We offer registration at only $10 per person. The day of, registration will be $15 per person and will be CASH ONLY.

How long does it take?

We anticipate Veg Quest taking up to 3 hours. Veg Quest will end at the 3 hour mark (4:00pm) whether or not all teams have checked back in. At this point, get ready to relax and celebrate a bit.

How many people on a team?

You may have up to 4 on a team. All members must pay registration- remember this is a fundraiser!

How do I know what my time is?

Team's end times will be recorded once the final BINGO or Blackout photo is uploaded to social media with #VegQuest2017 and the team name in the post. Once back at the starting point an organizer will go through the group photos to confirm all BINGO or Blackout squares were completed.

How old do I need to be to participate?

Challengers must be 18 years of age or older unless a parent or guardian accompanies the participant to registration to sign the release. Bring ID. Families are welcome and may be be eligible for a varied route.

How do you catch cheaters?

We’ll have our eye on you. Teams are also encouraged to snap a photo if they catch another team being naughty.

The Why’s

Why can't I take a taxi or drive my car?

We want all of our participants to be on the same playing field, thus no cabs, cars etc. Tri-Met and piggyback rides are encouraged.

The Can’s

Can I register by myself?

Yes. Try and find teammates on our facebook and meetup pages, otherwise we will put together a team for you  at registration.


Can I just show up or do I have to register?

You can register on the day of the race- please arrive by 12:30pm to do so.  You are encouraged to register ahead of time on our website at and you will save money if you do so. Online registration ($10pp) closes the day before the event at 5pm.

Can I bring my kids and dogs?

VQ is mainly for adult participation but you are more than welcome to attempt the race with kids and dogs in tow.

Can information be exchanged between teams?

Sure thing. Keep in mind that it’s not against the rules to lie to each other either. Go ahead and play dirty if it suits you, just don’t cheat!

Can I do this?

Teams can go at their own pace and should be able to complete the course. This is meant to be educational and fun! That said, if your team is trying to win you can expect to finish ready for lots of water and a nap!

My company would love to sponsor the event. What do we do?

E-mail us at

I can't participate, but I'd like to volunteer. What can I do?

Thank you!  We'd love for you to join us. Email us at

I have another question. How do I find the answer?

I registered online.  Now what?

You will receive a confirmation e-mail/receipt immediately from the registration site.  You will not receive anything in the mail.  Check in will be the morning of the race. Everyone will receive their BINGO card by 12:55 pm the day of the race immediately following the rules and announcements.

Community and Local Businesses

This event is unique to Portland and organized to promote a connection with our community and the local businesses that serve it. Toward that goal, VegQuest is sponsored entirely by Portland’s own local vegan businesses and Try Vegan PDX. Please support the businesses you visit today, in the future.



While we admit that the view of the city from the Marquam bridge is breathtaking, too many Portlanders only navigate the streets via car. VQ is an exciting opportunity to connect with the Portland pavement in a healthful and environmentally friendly way.  


Public Transportation

When feet fail, TriMet is there for Portland. Public transportation is an important component of our race, as participants cannot simply rely on their own means, but must patronize a valuable community resource as well. This option is only for walking teams.