Google Docs: Presentation basics

Once you know the basics on how to access, create, and edit Google Docs, read here to learn the basics that apply specifically to Google Docs presentations.

Access your presentations

Visit and sign in with your Butler email address and password to view a list of presentations you own, have access to, or to create a new presentation. In your Docs list, you'll see all of the documents, presentations, spreadsheets, forms, and drawings you can access.

Create a presentation

From your Docs list, click the Create new drop-down menu and select Presentation.

An untitled presentation will appear in your browser -- you're now ready to edit!

Rename your presentation

Just click on the title to rename the document (the title is “Untitled document” when you first create it).

Edit and format your presentation

Use the edit toolbar to customize your presentation.

Click Insert to see a menu of additional features you can add (text boxes, images, videos, etc.).

Add a new slide

There are three ways to add a slide to your presentation:

Click the + button on the left navigation bar.

Right-click an existing slide and select New slide from the menu that opens. (You can also duplicate, import, delete and copy slides using this menu.)

Choose Slide > New slide from the presentation’s main menu.  

Rearrange and delete slides

To rearrange slides, drag the slide on the left to its new position:

To delete a slide, select the slide on the left-hand side and make sure it has a blue border around it. Press the Delete button. You can also right-click the slide and click Delete slide:

How to present your slideshow

You can present your slideshow directly from your browser. In the top right, click Start Presentation. You have three options for presenting:

Animations and transitions

To add animations to your slide, you need to open the Animations Pane.

There are three ways to do this:

Go to the Slide menu and select Change transition.

Go to the View menu and select Animations.

Go to the Insert menu and select Animations (note: you must have something selected on the slide for this option to work).


To print your presentation, select File > Print

A PDF version of your presentation appears along with the print dialog box.