A Call for an Open Data Source to Promote IT Research- Bridging the Research Data Divide... a few thoughts

David Green


If you are interested in collaborating on this initiative, please let me know.

Data sources used are often the result of a university's unique connection to specific companies, or they have the financial resources to outsource the data collection. It is more common than ever to see researchers use marketing research companies to collect survey data or conduct interviews with managers. The benefit is that the companies often guarantee a response rate, and you can define the level of respondent needed (middle management vs. top management).

When more universities were conducting their own organization/ management survey research, it was often difficult to identify specific contacts at organizations and get a decent response rate.

Other proprietary datasets are part of financial databases such as Compustat, CRSP, etc., are quite expensive and not accessible to most universities outside the PhD granting institutions.

While there were several data sources I saw being used that were publicly available (e.g., online community comments; patent data from the USPTO), the data was often paired with financial performance data extracted from of the previously mentioned proprietary data.

Other IT management surveys of best practices and top priorities are conducted by other proprietary sources such as Information World; IDC (?); IGI (?); Accenture; and PWC among others.

One way the Association for Information Systems (AIS) maybe be able to get involved would be providing an annual survey(s) of data that would be similar to the NSF funded General Social Survey hosted by the National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago.

The Survey:

The council will: