Using the Paste from Word Mashup Tool

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Using the Paste from Word Mashup Tool

Using the Paste from Word Mashup Tool

Pasting text content directly from MS Word into the Blackboard text editor is not recommended.  The excessive code used by Microsoft that other programs cannot interpret correctly can result in problems, including display errors, formatting errors, and strange characters appearing on the page.

The Paste from Word mashup tool helps resolve this issue without requiring re-typing items into the text editor or using another tool to strip the code. Using this tool you might still have to clean up a few items, such as extra line breaks, but your content will generally be ready to go.

To utilize the Paste from Word mashup tool:

  1. Select and copy the Word text.

  1. Locate the Mashup tool on the Blackboard text editor toolbar and click on it.

  1. Select Paste from Word from the drop-down menu (this will open a pop-up window).

  1. In the pop-up window, right-click and paste your text into the large text box. You may repeat this step if you would like to paste text from multiple documents.

Some browsers, such as Mozilla Firefox, may require an extra step to grant the application access to your clipboard.  If so, paste your text into the pop-up window and select
OK [1].

  1. Click Submit [2] to close the text box. Your properly formatted text should now appear in the Blackboard text editor.  You may add other text or otherwise edit the content as normal.    

  1. Submit the content item upon completion.  

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