Bronyville Episode 081 - Friendship FUN FUN FUN!

Time : Noon PST - Saturday, November 16th PST

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Welcome to Bronyville! This is Episode 81 recorded on November 16th, 2012. I am your host Apple Cider



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Books! [fanfic suggestions]

Interview with Amy Keating Rodgers -

Writer for shows such as The Powerpuff Girls, Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, The Fairly Oddparents, and Johnny Bravo

Writer for 11 Episode of MLP:FIM - Applebuck Season, Fall Weather Friends, The Best Night Ever, Cutie Pox, and The Last Roundup to name some

Now editor for Care Bears: Welcome to Care-a-lot

Episode Discussion: - Too Many Pinkie Pies - TOO MANY. TOOOOO MANY.


Dear Crystal Cider, Crystal Sandy, Crystal Night and Crystal Guest/s,

Hello once again from the Philippines! Your show is excellent as always, since your energetic personalities and extensive pony discussions never fail to keep me entertained. I've got three things to say and I'll keep 'em all brief.

First, it was a very pleasant surprise that the hosts of the Malaysian Brony Society Podcast starred as guests recently. It was good to hear from some of my fellow SEAbronies (SouthEast Asia) and find more about their own audio show which until now I have only heard of or read in passing. I'll be sure to drop them an e-mail and begin listening to their podcast too!

Next up, since Friendship is now Global, I have a little request. You've already featured guests from pony conventions being planned not only in the USA, but even Europe, such as the Bronies UK and Galacon from Ger-mane-y. Heck, you even had a sweet Swedish dub voice artist a few eps back, so it seems that your reach in the worldwide fandom is continually growing. If conditions will allow sometime in the near future, would you be willing to have a chat with some of us Philippine Bronies? You could have the organizers of our PH Ponycon come and talk about planning that large event.

Lastly, and relating to above, I've got a rather mundane question. What is it exactly that makes a convention a convention? Is it the guests? the program? the number of people? I'm pretty sure that the event held over here last summer isn't your usual run of the mill meetup. With a hotel function room full of at least a hundred bronies, a table of four commission artists, pastry booths, and a little art seminar, I don't know whether to classify this as a

"mini-convention" or a "MEGA-meet-up," due to the lack of panels, VIP guests, etc. What do you guys think about this?

And that's the end of this. Hope it isn't too long to be read on air, but thanks for listening/reading either way.


Spark Plug

P.S. Season Three has turned out to be TOTALLY RAD!!! Can't wait for the Pinkie clones and the much-awaited Scootaloo episode!!!

Greetings from beautiful MN, Bronyville crew!

Just wrapped up my years of active Army service and made it back home in time to put on a pretty decent Season 3 kickoff party, with almost twenty people on hand for the first showing of the premiere (we added an encore for late arrivals).  Thought you might get a kick out of a couple photos of the pony-themed treats and pile of door prize swag (every guest got a blind bag pony, too).  I'll brag that my Rainbow Dash vodka jello shots were pretty awesome, but my little sister really went the extra mile with her Fluttershy lemon creme tarts and Pinkie Pie cupcakes.  The balloons sticking out of the cupcakes and the butterflies on the tarts were actually Starburst candies smooshed into appropriate (and edible!) shapes.

With all those sweets, the Pinkie Pie toothbrush/toothpaste set was a rather fitting gag gift mixed into the prize pool.  :p

Anyway, just wanted to share some of the residual festive love as the long-awaited season gets rolling--Keep up the great work and we'll catch you on the, uh, "air."

-the civilian formerly known as SGT Dave

P.S.  Episode 80 had me smiling right out of the gate (if you will) with your bad puns.  "Hoarse voice actors"?  Nice.  And John de Lancie only voiced one fourth of a horse?  Could you then say he voiced a quarter horse?  ;)  Sorry, sorry.  I'm done.

Sandy: Also had a small party w/ Xyro, pics of pony themed food:

Dear Applecider, Sandy, and any other pony who is on the show today,

I am writing in about Gamesloft game, as it has been revealed that the

ending cuts off abruptly in the game. Do you think that Gamesloft

plans to update the game regularly, with quests and new ponies, or do

you think it was lazy programming with lack of forsight? Also, what

do you think Gamesloft is going to with the hackers/exploiters who

have been abusing the MLP game to cheat around there pay system? If

you are not familiar  with these hacks and exploits, there is an

Equestria Daily Post on it.

~Your Faithful Student,

Speed Dash (also known as Fangz the Wolf)

Greetings and salutations Apple Cider, Chef Sandy, Starry Night (best podcast pony) and honored guest(s),

For those who don't have a local comic shop near them (such as Apple Cider) they might try either Mile High Comics ( or DCBS ( I've not used either of these sites to order comics myself, but I do other people who have used them. Although after a cursory search I didn't see a listing for MLP at Mile High Comics' site, but one could always try emailing them.

Hope this is able to help at least somepony.

Keep up the awesome work,


p.s. Obligatory Pinkie Pie is favorite pony and thus I'm quite looking forward to Pinkie Pie-a-palooza this weekend. But don't worry AC, Twilight Sparkle and Fluttershy are tied for a very close second. :)

Greetings Villains of Brony,

Let me entice you with a little story:

Ever since my 13-year-old little sister was born, we never exactly got along on friendly terms. In fact, it was apparent that she flat-out hated me. But here's the thing: This show actually allowed us to become more friendly with each other. We talk about ponies a lot and she tells me how most of her school are bronies. This one time my dad went to pick her up from school, and she stood there in the Rainbow Dash hoodie I bought for her from EQLA and said to him, "I'm a Brony!" Of course with her being a girl who grew up liking My Little Pony, she plays the hipster card by saying "I liked Pinkie Pie before it was cool." She even loved this one picture of her I drew as a pony! So here's my question: was there ever a person you knew that you grew closer to thanks to this show and fandom?

Sincerely Yours,

  Excelsior the Luchador

P.S. Pinkie is best pony and Lyra is best human.

P.P.S. Have fun at the Legion of Doom!

Howdy everyone,

On occasion, I get to catch a bit of the justinTV stream on Saturdays but, on those rare occasions I almost always have to step away before I can finish listening to the show. I've heard some of the pre and post show in those moments and I have to say I really enjoy it. I just wish there were some way to...


What if you guys put the pre/post stuff, or heck, the entire rough episodes up on YouTube?

This would allow everyone to hear the hilarity both before and after episodes while NOT eating up any of that costly bandwidth from your hosting site. I think that would be pretty cool.

Thanks for providing very entertaining discussion and points of view to the community,

Five Iron

(@FiveIronBrony on Twitter)

PS, The invitation to drop by our show is a standing one. I'm sure we'll pester you again at some point. :)

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Dear Princess Celestia,

Well, turns out that Pinkie found out my cloning well and ruined all the fun with that. Guess I won’t have as many latenight boredom induced cider buddies. But hey, you know what is awesome? Amy Keating Rogers, one of the former writers for Friendship is Magic, came onto our show and was a wonderful guest. We talked all about how she got the position, what she is doing now, and why exactly she is or is not dead. And let us not forget that there is an episode full of FUN to be had!


Apple Cider

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