Kyon: Big Damn Hero timeline

Arcs in the story

IMR : In Medias Res Prologue

AO  : Obligatory Anachronic Order Explanation Arc

SF  : Straightforward Flashback and Exposition Arc

HAB : Heroic Antics Begin Arc

Fi  : Filler Arc

Fa  : Fanservice Arc

GU  : Gearing Up Arc

IC  : Initial Conflict Arc

TL  : Thwarted Lull Arc

CBS : Calm Before The Storm Arc

SB  : Storm Begins Arc

OB  : Open Battle Arc

LL  : Laying Low Arc

Re  : Resolution Arc

A&E : Alliances and Enemies

Weekend 1: John Smith

Sun Apr 17:

        (AO-1) Yuki is scheduled for deletion, "I am John Smith"

        (AO-2) Yuki explains Disappearance to Haruhi

        (AO-2) Aftermath: cafe with Kyon, Koizumi and Mikuru

        (IC-2) Kyon and adult!Mikuru meet Sasaki and anti-SOS Brigade

        (IC-2) Haruhi run over attempt, receives letter to Kyon to past self

        (IC-3) Kyon vs. 12 Yakuza, ask Tsuruya for Dimensional Anchor

        (IC-3) Kyon "impresses" Mori: enters warehouse from roof, exits same way

        (IC-3) Koizumi gets out of Organization

        (----) Kanae slides into world

Mon Apr 18:

        (AO-1) Haruhi delivers letter to Kyon

        (AO-2) Crash Into Hello with Kanae

        (SF-1) Kanae's introduction

        (SF-1) Koizumi explains closed space to Haruhi

        (SF-1) Tsuruya delivers anchor

        (SF-1) First nightly training

Tue Apr 19:

        (SF-2) Aftermath and explanation of training

        (SF-2) All SOS Brigade girls talk about liking Kyon  


Wed Apr 20:

        (HAB-1) Kyon and Tsuruya "get" info, SD cards from Ryuguu

        (HAB-1) Kyon time travels back to Wed Apr 20

Thu Apr 21:

        (SF-2) Haruhi pulls Kyon into Closed Space pre-daybreak

        (SF-3) Memory Gambit, barrier on using powers.

        (SF-3) Sakanaka tells Haruhi about rumors

        (HAB-1) Fight against Ryo Ryuugu

        (SF-3) Kyon arrives clubroom hurt, gets time travel info

        (SF-3) Kyon time travels to Tue Apr 19

        (HAB-1) Kyon is summoned to Student Council for fight

        (HAB-2) Kanae explains Kyon's fight to Kyon's mother

        (HAB-2) Kyon goes to Watanabe's to meet Tsuruya

        (HAB-2) Kyon fights, gets names, erase data at Watanabe's

        (HAB-2) Kyon sleeps over at Tsuruya's

        (Fi-1) Kyon meets with Mikuru, bodyguard for tonight

        (Fi-2) Kyon returns home, talk with father

        (Fi-2) Kyon spends night at home instead of time travel

Fri Apr 22:

        (Fi-1) Tsuruya explains she's from Yakuza family

        (Fi-1) Kyon receives letter from Mikuru(big)

        (Fi-1) Kyon gets watch for time traveling

        (Fi-1) Kyon time travels to Wed Apr 20

        (Fi-2) Kyon meets again/before with Mikuru(big)

        (Fi-2) Mikuru decides to make Kyon a coat

        (Fi-2) Kyon joins Tsuruya's yakuza for family protection

Sat Apr 23:

        (HAB-3) Taniguchi and Kunikida tell about more rumors

        (HAB-3) SOS Brigade joins Tsuruya's trial

        (HAB-3) Haruhi and Tsuruya recruit Yanagimoto with photos

        (HAB-3) Kyon and Koizumi talk with Daimonji, who folds

        (HAB-3) Tsuruya, Kyon, Yuki and Yanagimoto go to Yamane's

        (HAB-4) Yamane pushes Tsuruya out of window, saved by Kyon

        (HAB-4) Kyon goes into Tranquil Fury, dangling Jamane

        (HAB-4) Yuki discovers Asakura's remains

        (HAB-4) Tsuruya decides to know secrets of SOS Brigade

        (HAB-4) Haruhi defends Kyon's case in Student Council

        (HAB-5) Tsuruya, Kyon and Yuki assault Masao's place, Curb-Stomp Multi Mook Melee

        (HAB-5) Kyon gets grounded by his mother

        (Fi-3) Kyon talks with parents, Tsuruya-sama interrupts

        (Fi-3) Yuki's first shown kiss

Sun Apr 24:

        (Fi-3) Miyoko asks Kyon to see a movie and stop using "Miyokichi" nickname

Weekend 2: Multi Mook Melee

Mon Apr 25:

        (Fi-3) Kyon suggests Tsuruya join the SOS Brigade

        (Fi-4) Tsuruya gives report to Haruhi

        (Fi-4) Tsuruya joins the SOS Brigade, is told about powers

        (Fi-4) Watanabe recruits Yamane to shoot Kyon

        (Fi-4) Kyon meets Haruhi, talk and kiss

        (Fi-4) Kyon time travels back to Tue Apr 26

Tue Apr 26:

        (Fi-4) Kyon meets Mikuru at the clubroom

        (Fi-4) Kyon time travels to Mon Apr 25

        (Fi-4) Kyon deletes Mikuru's photos, tries to apologize

        (Fa-1) Kyon receives photos from Mikuru and Tsuruya

Weekend 3: Going to Hinamizawa (start Golden Week)

Fri Apr 29:

        (Fa-1) Kyon goes to Hinamizawa

        (Fa-1) Haruhi sends Yuki to take care of Kyon

        (Fa-1) Hanyuu meets Yuki, sees Kyon vanish while asleep

Sat Apr 30:

        (Fa-1) Hanyuu becomes friends with Yuki

        (Fa-2) Rika discovers missing Kyon as Hanyuu told her

Sun May  1:

        (Fa-2) Rika tells Kyon her supernatural story: Higurashi no Naku Koro ni

        (Fa-2) Kyon tells Rika his supernatural story

        (Fa-2) Rika meets Yuki, Kyon meets Hanyuu

Wed May  4:

        (Fa-2) Haruhi, Tsuruya and Mikuru go to Okinomiya

        (Fa-2) Haruhi goes to Hinamizawa, meets Kyon

        (Fa-3) Aftermath Haruhi meeting Kyon

Thu May  5:

        (Fa-3) Haruhi realizes Keiichi is all cousins' father

        (Fa-3) Tsuruya & Kyon go to Yakuza meeting

        (Fa-4) Rika explains Polyamorous relationship to Haruhi

        (Fa-4) Haruhi explains plan to Tsuruya

Fri May  6:

        (Fa-4) Kyon goes home


Weekend 4: Return from Hinamizawa (end Golden Week)

Sat May  7:

        (GU-1) Kyon arrives home

Sun May  8:

        (GU-1) Kyon talks with Yuki about Hinamizawa

Mon May  9:

        (GU-1) Yamane learns Kyon goes to see movie on Wed 11 May

Wed May 11:

        (GU-1) Miyoko, Kyon Haruhi and Mikuru go watch "Saw" at cinema, Kyon is shot

        (GU-2) Aftermath: Group hug

        (GU-2) Organization and Tsuruya family relationship

        (GU-3) Miyoko gets Kyon's weapon

Thu May 12:

        (GU-3) Kyon and Koizumi define their relationship, Koizumi's backstory

        (GU-3) Miyoko delivers Kyon's weapon

        (GU-3) Mikuru touches strange cylinder/Kyon's weapon

        (GU-3) Kyon gets multi-weapon

        (GU-4) Kyon/Yuuto One Dialogue Two Conversations: Tsuruya's Yakuza vs. Marry Them All

Fri May 13:

        (GU-4) Brigade decision on Kanae, Fridge Horror

        (GU-4) Iyouji asks for chance to apologize

        (GU-5) Heal Brainwash And Craziness from Yamane, get Asakura's data

Weekend 5: Anime Marathon at Tsuruya's

Sat May 14:

        (GU-5) Anime Marathon at Tsuruya's

        (GU-5) Disclose plan to Yuki

        (GU-5) Kyon gets Skynet

Mon May 16:

        (IC-1) Kiss hat-trick: Mikuru(big), Yuki, Haruhi

        (IC-1) Disclose plan to Kanae

        (IC-1) Masao's apology

        (IC-2) Time travel to Sun Apr 17 with Mikuru(big)

Tue May 17:

        (IC-3) Gothic lolita Tsuruya, Mikuru calls "Yuki-chan"

        (IC-4) Kyon buys phone to Yuki

        (IC-4) Kyon's father unburies sword hilt

Wed May 18:

        (IC-4) Tsuruya borrows Kyon's tsuba

        (IC-4) Board games, Haruhi's World Of Cardboard Speech

Thu May 19:

        (IC-4) Mikuru ask Yuki go buy clothes together

        (IC-5) Mikuru & Yuki buy clothes, meet with Sasaki

        (IC-5) Kyon & Tsuruya's Arranged marriage, omiai

Fri May 20:

        (IC-5) Aftermath: Tsuruya tells Haruhi

        (TL-1) Aftermath: Koizumi talks with Kyon

        (TL-1) Sasaki phoned Kyon, schedule meeting Mon May 30

        (TL-1) Mikuru, Yuki & Kyon go to see movie

        (TL-1) "Mikuru-chan", Mikuru kisses Kyon

        (TL-2) Haruhi explains plan to Mikuru

Weekend 6: Beach Episode

Sat May 21:

        (TL-2) Day at the beach

        (TL-2) Sasaki finds SOS Brigade at the beach

        (TL-2) Kanae is found, Kyon and Fujiwara get weapon

        (TL-3) Fight against spider machine thing, Koizumi ESPs

        (TL-3) Tsuruya interrogates Sasaki

        (TL-3) Kanae kisses Kyon in the (really) not-a-dream

        (TL-3) Kyon gets Laserblade

        (TL-4) Aftermath of fight, Kyon consoles distressed Yuki

        (TL-4) Tsuruya and Kyon talk on "relaxing" relationship

        (TL-4) Kanae decides to stay in this world

Sun May 22:

        (TL-4) Debriefing on sliders, fight, etc. at Tsuruya's

        (TL-5) Kyon and Kanae study at Yuki's

Mon May 23:

        (TL-5) Yuki wears gothic costume, serves suited Kyon tea

        (TL-5) Masao got name from Watanabe: Daitokuji Gendo

Tue May 24:

        (CBS-1) Kyon and Mikuru meet Fujiwara. Tricked Out Time talk

Wed May 25:

        (CBS-1) Nonoko mentions field trip to Gokoku-ji.

        (CBS-1) Kyon meets with Tsuruya-sama. Kyon decides meet Masao

Thu May 26:

        (CBS-1) Kyon meets with Masao, invited to Yamaguchi-gumi

        (CBS-2) Debriefing meeting with Masao, "Akasaka" name is mentioned

Fri May 27:

        (CBS-2) Debrief to Haruhi, Yuki blushes

        (CBS-2) Kyon, Tsuruya, Kanae, Nonoko and Miyoko: Trope-tan movie

Sat May 28:

        (CBS-2) Cleaning duty, Koizumi explains changes on ESP and mood reading

        (CBS-2) Mikuru finished police uniform costume.

        (CBS-2) Kyon calls "Yuki-rin", reaction similar to "Mikuru-chan"

Weekend 7: SOS Brigade Anniversary Party

Sun May 29:

        (CBS-2) Kyon's Bedmate Reveal (Kanae)

        (CBS-3) Aftermath Bedmate Reveal: Koizumi and Tsuruya

        (CBS-3) SOS Brigade Anniversary party, Hare Hare Yukai dance

Mon May 30:

        (CBS-3) Kyon talks with Kunikida and prepares to meeting

        (CBS-4) Sasaki meets Kyon, meeting interrupted by Takahashi

        (OB-2) Kyon waits for Fujiwara's order to protect Sasaki.

        (CBS-4) Kyon pursues Sasaki, interrupted by Wataru, meets Kuyou Suou

        (CBS-4) Sasaki is rescued from Takahashi by future!Kyon, she lets herself accept Kyon's help

        (OB-2) Kyon time travels to Mon Jun 6

        (CBS-5) Aftermath: Nonoko consoles Kyon, who feels guilty for ignoring the Brigade

Tue May 31:

        (CBS-5) SOS Brigade meeting: Kyon informs meeting with Sasaki, Wataru and Kuyou

        (CBS-5) Koizumi discusses about Sasaki with Kyon, "primal terror"

Wed Jun  1:

        (SB-1) Kyon meets Kimidori Emiri and Kuyou Suou on the way to school

        (SB-1) Yuki rescues Kyon from black hole, falling a dozen km

        (SB-1) Aftermath: Kyon tells Haruhi and Mikuru, Yuki's Hold Me

        (SB-1) Division of roles in the SOS Brigade, it's proposed to make Kuyou join.

        (SB-2) Aftermath: Yuki's video of free fall

        (SB-2) Haruhi and Tsuruya tell Kyon about Marry Them All plans

        (SB-2) Kyon uses Trigger Phrase on Haruhi. Both go to closed space

        (SB-2) In closed space, Haruhi convinces Kyon to give plan a chance, explains changes she made

        (SB-2) Kyon meets his uncle Keiichi at Tsuruya's. Learns about Rena's new book

Thu Jun  2:

        (SB-2) Aftermath: Kyon's new Bedmate Reveal: Yuki and Kanae

        (SB-2) Brigade reunion: plan for Rena's book release, Kyon's meeting with Tachibana

        (SB-4) Kyon waits playing chess against Achakura to complete Stable Time Loop

        (SB-3/IMR/AO-1) Asakura attacks Kyon, who is saved by his future self

        (SB-3) Yuki converts Asakura into data/augmented reality Achakura

        (SB-3) Kyon, Mikuru & Haruhi go watch a movie, Haruhi discovers, Mikuru's glomp, "Haruhi-chan"

        (SB-4) Yuki gives Kyon a modified cardboard box to contain Achakura

Fri Jun  3:

        (SB-4) Kyon time travels to Thu Jun 2.

        (SB-4) Mikuru realizes a possible meeting of Kyon with her older self

        (SB-4) Mikuru and Yuki make Brave Detective Sasha costume for Yuki (in the afternoon)

        (SB-4) SOS Brigade meets Rena for book signing: "I'm taking you home!" to Yuki, Hinamizawa Syndrome?

        (SB-4) Kanae and Yuki decide take turns sleeping with Kyon

        (OB-2) Kyon, Mikuru, Kuyou and Ryouko stay at Tsuruya-sama's safe house, taking The Slow Path to Mon Jun 6

        (OB-2) Mikuru manages Kuyou to bond better with Ryouko (playing video games) and herself (cooking)

        (OB-2) Kyon meets Tsuruya-sama, informing on movements next monday, and Keiichi

        (OB-2) Kyon meets Tsuruya, who immediately dubs "Michiru". Both go to sleep with Kyon

Sat Jun  4:

        (SB-4) Sasaki asks Kunikida a photo of Kyon

        (OB-2) Aftermath of memory system: Kuyou can observe better, cookies are Serious Business

        (OB-2) Kyon plans how to rescue Sasaki and safeguard Kyouko's family while going through The Slow Path

Weekend 8: Around the "It must be a trap" meeting with anti-SOS Brigade

Mon Jun  6:

        (SB-5) Miyuki and Mamoru coordinate visit to Hinamizawa

        (SB-5) Kyon meets Sasaki, went to cafe to meet Tachibana, Fujiwara and Kuyou. Closed space trap

        (SB-5) Kuyou: ally of SOS Brigade, rewritten by Yuki+Haruhi. Achakura can decipher Kuyou's speech

        (SB-5) Kyon and Yuki go rescue Sasaki. Yuki injured, Kyon's tools disabled

        (OB-1) Kyon fights sword Battle, teaming up with Yuki through Power Nullifier waiting for help

        (OB-1) Reveal: Kuyou doesn't have memory, except since Tanabata four years ago, Sasaki's Power Nullifier

        (OB-1) Koizumi gets to Kyon, disabling the Power Nullifier, Kyon and Yuki return to base

        (OB-1) Kyon, Mikuru, Kuyou and Ryouko time travel to Fri Jun 3

        (OB-1) Koizumi and Kasai rescue Kyouko; the latter is later attacked by Fujiwara

        (OB-2) Future!Fujiwara meets SlowPath!Kyon, talks him into go to Mon May 30 in exchange of Wataru's weapon

        (OB-2) Sasaki is rescued by Kyon, she starts to believe in Kyon more than in her own rationality

        (OB-3) Aftermath: Kasai and Mori discover about Kyon's Tenchi Solution and Tsuruya's agreement to it

        (OB-3) Aftermath: Sasaki, Kyouko and Kuyou patched things up

        (OB-3) Aftermath: Sasaki talks with Haruhi (both like Kyon) and Mikuru (about future self)

        (OB-3) Agreement of girls to share Bedmate Reveals

Tue Jun  7:

        (OB-4) Kyon leaves tools/coat/Achakura/pseudo Magical Girl upgrade with sick Nonoko

        (OB-4) Wataru very loudly challenges Kyon at North High. Resonance Cascade starts

        (OB-4) Combine!Kuyou tries to take over Kuyou, predetermined to fail because of newly acquired memories

        (OB-4) Haruhi covers Kyon, Yuki taking care of Kimidori, other members in clubroom

        (OB-4) Magical Radiant Nonoko goes to North High to help Kyon via Mega Neko, meets Haruhi

        (OB-5) Nonoko's "Test of trust", delivers weapons to Kyon, calls him "Nii-san"

        (OB-5) Kyon, Haruhi, Ryouko and Kuyou fight against Combine with Touhou Shout-Outs

        (OB-5) Kuyou unlocks speech and Chibi mode, uses it against AU!Kuyou: "Synchronize with that!"

        (OB-5) Aftermath: Ryouko's First Time Feeling guilt, Kyon ultimately doesn't hold it against her

        (OB-5) Aftermath: Kyon's Mother calls Kyon for missing Nonoko

        (OB-5) Aftermath: Tsuruya decides to frame Takahashi for kidnapping Nonoko

        (OB-5) Tsuruya-sama explains in detail Kyon's services to Tsuruya family's organization

        (OB-5) Sasaki receives Kyon's photo, turns down Kunikida

        (OB-7) Kunikida tells Sumiyoshi-rengo henchman Hiko about Kowa-Keigo Kyon's engagement with Tsuruya

        (OB-6) After planting evidence Haruhi receives Sasaki's call. Both agree to meet at hospital later

        (OB-6) Sasaki chat with Haruhi: friends by mutual unrequited love for Kyon? (according to Sasaki)

        (OB-6) Kyon stays the night with Nonoko at hospital. Parents say there's still a pending talk

        (OB-6) Debriefing and slumber party at Tsuruya's, so Nonoko can be protected while training

        (OB-6) Yuki and Kuyou tell details on Combine sliding: a week to send, weeks to Resonance Cascade

        (OB-6) Tsuruya & Haruhi invoke Cassandra Truth for Nonoko's testimony while reaffirming trust for her

Wed Jun  8:

        (OB-7) Kunikida asks Wham Line to Kyon on his engagement with Tsuruya at North High

        (OB-7) Yanagimoto & Sakanaka corner Haruhi to learn why she "lost" Kyon and how to help "recover" him

        (OB-7) Aftermath: rumors of Kanae liking Haruhi, Mikuru's "boyfriend" Shutaro

        (OB-7) Oh Crap! There Are Doujin Of Us... And written by Kanae with Rule 34 in full force

        (OB-7) Yuki and Kuyou explain about the Combine (Xen) and Kuyou (Calabi-Yau manifold = Chorus)

        (OB-7) Akane & Yuuto tell Kyon they accept he can make his life choices (They don't know half of it...)

        (----) Haruhi tells Yanagimoto and Sakanaka she's in a "Class-S" relationship with Kanae as cover

Thu Jun  9:

        (LL-1) Kanae publicly (2-5 classroom) confesses to Haruhi, brings her lunch

        (LL-1) Item Get! Haruhi gives Kanae smiley hairpin similar to canon!Yasumi

        (LL-1) Miyuki decides take a more hands-on (yet still discreet) investigation... on the SOS Brigade

        (LL-1) Martial Arts club president Oe Akito, today's Butt Monkey (aborted confession to Haruhi by Kanae)

        (LL-1) Yanagimoto and Sakanaka aren't convinced, Haruhi reveals Marry Them All plan at karaoke

        (LL-1) Kuyou joins Kyon and Yuki's dinner. Yuki acknowledges Kuyou as friend. Kuyou kissing Kyon? "Not yet"

Fri Jun 10:

        (LL-2) Haruhi and Yanagimoto talk about how rumor mill got to Kyon's engagement, got Hiko's business card

        (LL-2) Koizumi talks with Kyon about how he discovered Marry Them All scenario, and Kyouko's relationship

        (LL-2) Double date: Tsuruya and Kyon, Haruhi and Kanae... interrupted by Sasaki firing her dead-man switch

        (LL-2) Sasaki is kidnapped by Sumiyoshi-rengo again and very promptly rescued by Kyon, again

Sat Jun 11:

        (LL-2) Sasaki and Kyouko are to join tomorrow's flash mob. Mikuru is on a roll planning & making costumes

        (LL-2) Kyon, Tsuruya, Tsuruya-sama meet Tsuruya-sama's superior: Yamaguchi-gumi/Sumiyoshi-rengo war

        (LL-2) Kyon is ordered "Be the better man": defend allies but not retaliate or escalate enemies

        (LL-3) Haruhi a bit upset with Tsuruya for having solo time with Kyon after meeting, and not meeting Kyon

        (----) Miyuki and Mamoru Akasaka go in a week-long trip to Hinamizawa for Watanagashi festival

Weekend 9: Big Damn Dancing Touhou Flash-Mob

Sun Jun 12:

        (LL-3) Double Hare Hare Yukai: Original SOS Brigade; Sasaki, Tsuruya, Kanae, Kyouko & Kuyou; Nonoko was, too

        (LL-3) Double Hare Hare Yukai: seen by Sakanaka, Yanagimoto, Taniguchi, Kunikida and Maruyama Iyouji

        (LL-3) Aftermath: eleven people at usual cafe, Kimidori as waitress, Kyon recalls Photography Ring events

        (LL-3) Fujiwara apologizes to Sasaki. He says he doesn't intend nor can directly hurt Kyon and Mikuru

        (LL-3) Mikuru has a date with her boyfriend Kyon "Shutaro"; solves Brigade's transportation to Hinamizawa

        (LL-3) Haruhi's stress gets to critical levels on chat with Tsuruya. Kyon calls Haruhi to Closed Space

        (LL-4) Aftermath: Haruhi makes up with herself, later denies unnecessary apology from Tsuruya. Lots of kissing

Mon Jun 13:

        (LL-4) Yanagimoto and Sakanaka talk about Mikuru's boyfriend "Shutaro": he speaks, acts and sounds like Kyon

        (LL-4) Some Sumiyoshi-rengo follows Kyon, who puts more guards are organized around Kanae and Haruhi

        (LL-4) Sumiyoshi-rengo thug Tanaka Taro, today's Butt Monkey (was ordered to attack Kowa-Keigo Kyon)

Tue Jun 14:

        (LL-4) Ryouko and Kuyou, angel and devil costumes.Kuyou shows improving control on human scale: cookie plate

Wed Jun 15:

        (LL-4) Haruhi & Sasaki meet,track Kunikida's "uncle" Hiko, put themselves in Sumiyoshi-rengo improvised trap

        (LL-5) Kyon, Koizumi, Yuki, Kuyou & Ryouko wait for Wataru, trying to talk

        (LL-5) Koizumi's Mind Over Manners usage of his power discover a Mind-Control Device in Wataru. The latter tries to get around it by being angry

        (LL-5) Haruhi half rescues herself, Kyon and Tsuruya do the other half

        (LL-5) Haruhi proposes Kyon let Sasaki know about the supernatural and going to Hinamizawa with SOS Brigade

        (LL-6) Shinobu tells Haruhi her story: Tsuruya's aunt, Revenge by Proxy, becoming the Atoner

        (LL-6) Tsuruya and Sasaki apologize to each other for behavior during the day at the beach; "Saki-nyan."

        (LL-6) Sasaki asks to join SOS Brigade; it's suggested that Sasaki go with them in Watanagashi trip

Thu Jun 16:

        (LL-6) Lunch in clubroom: debriefing of Wataru's Mind Control; Yuki sits on Kyon's lap, Haruhi floats Kanae onto hers

        (LL-6) Yanagimoto realizes that she and Sakanaka are Those Two Girls for Haruhi and is fine with that, becomes even more determined to help Sakanaka with Kunikida

        (LL-6) Haruhi and Kyon pick up Sasaki from cram school, walks with her to Mikuru's place

        (LL-6) Haruhi, Kyon, Sasaki, Mikuru and Kanae have dinner at Mikuru's

        (LL-6) Tsuruya and Yuki travel to Osaka to meet the boss of the Sumiyoshi-rengo

        (Re-1) Tsuruya's meeting with Sumiyoshi-rengo… surprisingly calm; line plan to blame Family for Yakuza war

        (Re-1) Kuyou brings Kyon to Tsuruya's for Tsuruya's aftermath. Upon return, Kyon kisses Kuyou

Fri Jun 17:

        (Re-1) Taniguchi verbally Bright Slaps Kunikida into double date with Yanagimoto and Sakanaka

        (Re-2) Club Meeting: Koizumi & Kyouko now dating; Kuyou Suou officially joins the SOS Brigade/Big Damn Harem

        (Re-2) Mikuru carries the SOS Brigade and Nonoko "time"-traveling to Hinamizawa. Beware of Pit Traps

        (Re-2) Fujiwara delivers blindfolded Sasaki wearing Kitago uniform to Brigade; She claims it's Mon Jun 20

        (Re-2) Kyon's reputation scares Yakuza 'professional vendors' wanting better Watanagashi festival space

        (Re-2) First serious attempt to convince Sasaki of the supernatural (time travel in this case)

        (Re-3) Haruhi goes to training for the first time, at training Kyon learns how to drive

        (Re-3) Kuyou befriends Hanyuu by offering cookies

Sat Jun 18:

        (Re-3/Re-4) Rika and Kanae talk: experiences about living through many different realities (offscreen)

        (Re-3) Rena tells Haruhi and Tsuruya Akane and Yuuto's backstory: Kyon born on Watanagashi when Akane was 15

        (Re-3) Kanae tells Kyon/Ryuugu Ryo's fight. Rena goes berserk at the tale

        (Re-3) Koizumi and Kyouko officially become a couple

        (Re-4) Talk with Kyon about Marry Them All proof: aunts and uncle scenario. Sasaki becomes Kyon's girlfriend

        (Re-6) Kyon gets driving lessons from Yuuto. Sasaki gets kidnapped at the same time

        (Re-6) Aftermath: Yuuto decides to give Kyon advanced "efficient driving" lessons

Weekend 10: Kyon's Birthday and Watanagashi Festival

Sun Jun 19:

        (Re-4) Miyuki Akasaka meets Kyon, just after him being sighted in Nishinomiya. Conflict of interests?

        (Re-4) Rika tells Haruhi, Sasaki, Mikuru and Kanae story of Kyon's nickname

        (Re-4) Kyon's promise to self: affection always intentional, only with his girlfriends

        (Re-5) Kyon's birthday party. Gifts: scarf, guitar, cake, drawings, cake.

        (Re-5) Watanagashi Festival

        (Re-5) Combine attack: Miyuki sees Kyon fighting the Combine

        (Re-5) Hinamizawa adult cast discover parts of Kyon's supernatural secrets (Nonoko Cannot Keep A Secret)

        (Re-5) Aftermath: Mamoru tells Miyuki his supernatural tale. Miyuki becoming Kyon's Secret Secret Keeper?

        (Re-6) Sasaki in Hinamizawa gets teleported via time travel back to Tsuruya's house.

        (Re-6) SOS Brigade in Hinamizawa time travel back home to Friday June 17

Mon Jun 20:

        (Re-2) Fujiwara time carries Sasaki to Hinamizawa, Fri Jun 17 (Sasaki blindfolded, assured by Kuyou)

        (Re-6) Sasaki and Kyouko start attending Kitago. The latter goes to 2-5, Kyon's class.

        (Re-6) Sasaki realized she really traveled back in time a few days, is told about the paranormal

        (A&E1) Tsuruya, Sasaki, Yuki, Kyon meets with Sumiyoshi-rengo Ichiro for plan against Family

        (A&E1) Koizumi, Yuki formally enter Tsuruya family ranks

        (A&E1) Haruhi and Sasaki's talk: how hard it to wait for their turn, share and not be jealous

        (A&E1) Kyouko finally returns home from the hospital stay and travel to Hinamizawa

Tue Jun 21:

        (A&E1) Kuyou and Yuki changed Combine's point of entry (locked to people): from Kanae to Kyon

        (A&E1) In-universe Rule of Cute: cat Kuyou and Achakura too cute to trigger Sasaki's skepticism

Upcoming dates:

- Tue Jun 21: Koizumi has a date with Kyouko while there's a double date Mikuru/"Shutaro" Haruhi/Kanae

Upcoming events:

- Nonoko's 3-day field trip to Gokoku-ji with her mother

- Weeks after Tue Jun 7: next Resonance Cascade

Upcoming time travels (time loops open, by destination time):

- Wed May 11: Kyon rescues Miyoko, gives her slider's weapon.

- Tue Jun  7 or earlier: Sending information on Kuyou's synchronization predetermined to fail.

Kyon: Big Damn Hero by Brian Randall

Timeline by Filraen

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